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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mets Holiday Packs

Hey everybody,

If there's anyone who wants to buy me a Mets Holiday Pack, feel free to do so.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Open Letter to Sandy Alderson

That's the question that I'm sure a lot of the front office is wondering.  The team is a mess.  The payroll is being cut.  The team is bleeding green.  The Madoff clawback trial is still looming.

There are going to be a lot of empty seats this season.  The most exciting player is gone (and I can't blame Jose for going - heck, they didn't even make him an offer).  With people not willing to pay to go to the park, they may be giving away a lot of tickets just to get people into the stadium just so that they'll spend money while they're there.

So Mets, I toss this out to you - send me tickets and I'll spend money at the park.

I'm serious.  Send me season tickets.  I'll go to as many games as possible.  I'll take my kid.  We'll have a good time.  When the kids come, they don't care if you're in dead last.  They love seeing Mr. Met and the apple go up.  Hook them while they're young and they'll keep on going later on in life.  The city has a whole generation of young Yankees fans - the Mets need a new young legion to be grown.

Send me some tickets and I'll take a kid to the park.  This will work to your advantage.  You'll get a couple of butts in otherwise empty seats.  You'll generate revenue where you wouldn't have otherwise.  You'll help me breed a young Mets fan that will keep on coming back to the park as an adult and will put money in your pockets later on.

There are plenty of cheap tickets that will be available in the promenade outfield.  Send me a pair and I'll use them.  Even feel free to leave out the Subway Series tickets, because you'll be able to sell those.  But send me a pair of the cheap seats for the other 78 games and they'll be put to good use.  Set the stipulation they're not valid for re-sale.  It doesn't matter.  Like I said, I'll take my kid.

Yes, Sandy Alderson.  I'm talking to you.  Send me some tickets.
Dave Howard, I'm talking to you as well.
David Newman, Craig Marino, Jay Horowitz, Leigh Castergine, J.P. Riccardi, I'm speaking to all of you.

Hey Partners - Fred Wilpon, Saul Katz, Jeff Wilpon, Richard Wilpon, Michael Katz, David Katz, Tom Osterman, Arthur Friedman, and Marvin Tepper - you own the team.  I'm sure you have the authority to say, "Hey, this guy is right - send him a pair of tickets."

I'm serious.  Send me some tickets.