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Friday, April 27, 2012

An 11 run disgrace thusfar

The Mets did have a lead when this inning started.  Then the Rockies scored 11 runs.  The Mets made 4 errors.  And there's still only 1 out.  Now the Mets are losing 13-6.

It's innings like this that really make me wonder why my Dad made me a Mets fan.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ike Got Pulled

And to illustrate my point - Ike Davis just got pulled for a pinch hitter against the lefty.  Justin Turner is hitting for him.

Injuries Are Piling Up - and Ike Needs to Stop Whining

The injury bug hit the Mets again.  Bay's out.  Pelfrey is out.  It's looking like Valley Fever is effecting Ike.

And Ike really needs to stop complaining when he strikes out or doesn't like pitches.  He's been doing this for awhile now.  When he doesn't like a call, he shows up the umps.  You know all the umps know it.  He's not going to get calls in his favor.  It happened last night.  It means he'll have chase bad pitches and you're seeing the end result.

Or it could be the Fever.

Either way, when you strike out - shut up and head  back to the dugout.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nieuwenhuis 10th in Hitting!

Kirk Nieuwenhuis is 10th in the majors in batting.  He's hitting .371. There is no way Torres can get his job back at this point when he comes off the DL.  He's still a few weeks off - but you can't send this kid to the minors.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Keep Nieuwenhuis as the Starting Center Fielder!

Mayday!  Mayday!  Terry Collins has said that Andres Torres will have the starting center field job once he comes back from the DL.


He's coming off a terrible season.  As I said before, he's clearly just a stopgap player.  Just a transitional player there to keep the spot warm while the future develops on the farm.  

The future is presently hitting .375 in the bigs with a .444 on base percentage.

Small sample size....yes.  But the kid is not overmatched.

Play the kid.  Bye, Torres.  Nothing personal.  I just don't anything invested in you.  It's just business.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time to Go to a 26 Man Roster

When the Mets won the World Series in 1986 - MLB rosters were down to 24 players.

It was also a different time.  Starting pitchers went deeper into games.  Relievers went longer, too.

A team could get away with 14 position players and 10 pitchers.

But that didn't last for long.  It was soon back to 25 players.

Since then, the role of the bullpen has changed.  Pitchers didn't go as deep into games.  There were the lefty one out guys.  Teams regularly hold 12 pitchers.  This leaves 13 position players.  Less than in 1986.  This leads to thinner benches.  It's led to guys who are purely pinch hitting specialists (like Rusty Staub) becoming a rarity.  There simply isn't a roster spot available for it.  If you're on the bench and can't play the field in more than one position, there's no use for you.  If you're not going to be a full time DH in the American League, there's no use for you.

With a 26 man roster - Vlad Guerrero would have been signed.  Hideki Matsui would have been signed. (Some may argue with that, but if there's an extra position player spot - why not take a flier?)

So here's my proposal.  Expand the rosters to 26 players.  Have the purpose be for extra bench depth.  And to make it "fair", designate a specific roster spot as the "26th Man" - which will be a player at the minimum league wage.  It will keep the owners happy by not jacking up payrolls more.  It will make the players union happy by adding another 30 full time MLB jobs (not to mention racking up service times to additional players).   A team could either add a veteran specialist looking to play for another year that isn't getting signed elsewhere, or they could give a young, versatile player an opportunity that wouldn't have otherwise had a chance to prove themselves and at the same time free up a spot for a veteran specialist.

Let's go to 26 men.

Torres Who? Nieuwenhuis Belongs

Small sample size, sure - but Nieuwenhuis is looking like he belongs in the bigs.  Torres may have lost his job before he ever got a grip on it.  If you're building the team for the future - why play the obvious stopgap player that's there while you're waiting for the future (Nieuwenhuis) to get ready for the show?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm Liking Tejada

No one will ever replace Reyes - but through the first week+ of the season, Tejada is looking good.  He's playing loose and better than anyone could have expected.  And he's only 22.  Still a kid.

Jason Bay Bops One

What do you know?  How'd that happen?  I thought Tejada would jack one out first.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter at Citifield

I went to the ballpark today, compliments of their free Twitter tickets.  The announced crowd was somewhere in the neighborhood of 27,000 - it looked less.  That figure probably included the number of people who got free tickets "just in case" they'd go and weren't sure if they'd show.

It was still cool to go.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hat Days Around the Majors

It's that time again..

Early Hat Days announced around MLB.  Teams often announce additional promos once the season gets underway.

Orioles - July 15th, July 27th (floppy hat)
Yankees - May 19th, June 25th, July 13th, Aug 4th
Blue Jays - Aug 12th
Braves - June 11th
Mets - May 25th, June 2nd (visor), June 3rd, June 22nd, June 23rd, June 24th
Phillies - May 14th, June 3rd, Sept 7th (knit hat)
Nationals - April 12th, May 19th, Aug 17th
White Sox - April 14th (knit hat), Sept 7th
Tigers - July 2nd (floppy hat), July 4th
Royals - June 2nd, Sept 15th
Twins - May 12th, July 15th, Sept 14th
Cubs - April 9th (winter hat), June 12th, July 14th, Aug 14th, Aug 24th,
Reds - Aug 18th
Astros - April 10th, May 5th, June 20th,
Brewers - July 26th
Pirates - June 23rd,
Cardinals - April 28th, May 26th
Angels - April 21st, July 24th,
A's - July 4th, July 8th,
Rangers - May 12th,
Diamondbacks - July 21st
Rockies - June 8th
Dodgers - July 3rd, August 5th,
Padres - April 21st,
Giants - April 27th (knit hat), June 10th,

The Mets Killed the Secondary Market for Tomorrow

If you're looking to sell tickets to tomorrow's Met game on the secondary market - the Mets's screwed you.

Great for Mets fans.  They're giving away free tickets.  All you have to do is get one from a twitter link.

So why would you buy a discounted ticket on the secondary market when you can get one for the deepest discount of all?