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Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Optimistic Look at Getting to .500

The Mets are coming home 7 games under .500 - but fret not Mets faithful!!!

They're starting a 7 game homestand against the two worst teams in the league.  All they need to do is sweep the Rockies and Astros and they're back to mediocrity!

Wait - what happened when the Cubs came to town?

Cheap Yankees Red Sox Tickets

Gotta love the 8pm ESPN games if you're on the east coast.  Tickets can be had for less than $10 on Stubhub.  Granted, after fees you're paying face value - but still...

Upcoming Hats and Bobbleheads

Orioles - Sept 30 - JJ Hardy

Yankees - Sept 19 - Snoopy

Rays - Sept 23 - Matt Joyce

Blue Jays - Aug 19 - Ricky Romero

White Sox - Sept 7 - Green Hat

Tigers - Aug 21 - Prince Fielder

Royals - Sept 15 - Camo Hat

Rangers - Aug 25 - Ron Washington

Marlins - Aug 29 - Giancarlo Stanton
               Sept 19 - Jose Reyes

Mets - Aug 25 - Mike Piazza

Phillies - Aug 21 - Hunter Pence

Nationals - Sept 8 - Ryan Zimmerman

Cubs - Aug 24 - Truckers Cap
            Aug 27 - Runners Cap

Astros - Sept 1 - Jeff Kent
              Sept 2 - Milo Hamilton
              Sept 26 - JR Richard

Brewers - Sept 16 - Aramis Ramirez

Diamondbacks - Sept 15 - Matt Williams

Dodgers - Aug 12 - Fernando Valenzuela
                 Aug 30 - Vin Scully

Giants - Aug 26 - Pablo Sandoval

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trading Bad Contracts? Bay for Figgins?

I hate these stupid "how about this trade proposal" talks that will never happen, but how about this one...

The Mets have an albatross of a contract Jason Bay.  He's owed a little over $18 million for next season.

The Mariners have a bust in a contract in Chone Figgins.  He's also in the last year of his contract for next season and is owed $8.5 million.

Jason Bay has stunk up the joint and looks like he's washed up.

Chone Figgins hasn't crossed the Mendoza Line since 2010 and looks like he's washed up.

Why not swap two players who both look like they're washed up and need a change of scenery?  What's the worst that would happen?

Sure, Bay's contract is for $10 million more than Figgins.  How about trading Bay for Figgins with the Mets making up the $10 million difference in the contracts? 

If each team is just going to eat the respective contracts - why not trade bad contract for bad contract and see if one can catch a little lightning in a bottle?  Figgins can play in left, and if he can't - cut him.  

The Mariners aren't getting anything out of anyone in the lineup, so if they get anything out of Bay, it's an upgrade.  It's not like Figgins is even playing right now.  

It's not much of a risk for either team at this point. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why Bay is Playing

Jason Bay is not a major league player at this point.  We all know that.

So why is he playing?  Well, duh... it's his contract.

But let's delve just a little bit deeper...

The team is out of it this season.  Thus Bay is playing.

No one is picking him up this trade deadline.  He has no trade value.  The Mets have approximately 60 games to see if he can get anything back that would give him some kind of value this offseason.  Even is the Mets have to eat 90% of his contract next season to get someone to take him off their hands for the last season of his contract next year, that's still a 10% savings on what's already going to be out the door next season anyway.

And if he doesn't show anything over the next two months... he'll get released in Spring Training like Ollie P and Castillo did last season.

So since the season is lost anyway, try to recoup some of next years's losses by playing Bay now.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Eight National League Contenders

While the Mets aren't officially on the Dead List yet, they're toast in 2012.

So who are the contenders remaining in the National League?

There are 8 teams that are competing for the 5 playoff spots.


The Nationals, Reds, and Giants are the division leaders.
The Pirates and the Braves are leading the wildcard chase.

The Dodgers, Cardinals and Diamondbacks are the remaining contenders that are on the outside looking in.

The Dodgers are 1 game back in the West and 1.5 out of the wildcard.
The Cardinals are 6 games back in the Central and 2 out of the wildcard.
The Diamondbacks are 5 games back in the West and 5.5 out of the wildcard.

So there are 8 contenders.  The Diamondbacks are the closest to becoming irrelevant.  Good thing for them they're playing the Mets right now.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On the Verge of the DEAD LIST!!

It's almost official.  The Mets are 7 games out of a playoff spot.  One more game, and it's the Dead List for you!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taking on Water

Put a fork in it, Mets fans...  another loss and it's three games below sea level with Strasburg coming up tomorrow and the brutal 11 game west coast trip coming up.

They're 10.5 out of first place in the East.  The East is officially out of reach.  OBI Kenobi, their only hope is the wildcard... and they're 6 games out on that end.  Slide another two, and they're officially on the DEAD LIST.

But who are we kidding - they're toast.

Sure, Ike is playing.  Murphy is on a hot streak.  Tejada is proving he's a player.  David is being David plus one.

But then there's the outfield.  We have Bay in Left.  He of the Slider Bat Speed.  We have the platoon in center.  We have the platoon in right.  These days with the 7 to 8 man bullpens, a platoon is just another way of saying "We don't have one guy who's good enough for the full time job." Oh... and the platoons are better than the lone full-time guy.

The rotation is falling apart.

And let's not forget the brightest of bright spots... the bullpen.  Why is it a bright spot?  When you pour gasoline on a fire, it burns pretty bright...

All that being said, I'm still going to head back to the park multiple times this season - enough to drive my wife nuts....

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buyers? I Think Not

The Mets have slipped back to .500.  They should not be buyers at this time.  There will not be another Zambrano for Kazmir trade.

Back to .500

Panic time for Mets fans has set in.   Not like this comes as a surprise.

Now Johan is on the DL.  Dickey has come back to Earth.

We're back to where we were expecting.

Upcoming Hats and Bobbles in the Majors

For the rest of July and through August...

Orioles - July 27 - floppy hat

Yankees - August 4 - hat

Rays - July 22 - Matt Moore
           Aug 5 - DJ Kitty

Blue Jays - Aug 12 - hat
                   Aug 19 - Ricky Romero

White Sox - Aug 4 - Beer Vendor bobblehead

Indians - Aug 12 - Gaylord Perry

Tigers - Aug 21 - Prince Fielder

Royals - July 21 - Buck O'Neil
              Aug 18 - Eric Hosmer

Angels - July 24 - cadet hat

A's - Aug 18 - Scott Hatteberg

Mariners - July 28 - Randy Johnson & Dan Wilson

Texas Rangers - Aug 12 - Ian Kinsler
                           Aug 25 - Ron Washington

Braves - Aug 16 - Chipper Jones

Marlins - Aug 29 - Giancarlo Stanton

Mets - July 21 - Alfonso Soriano
           Aug 25 - Mike Piazza

Phillies - Aug 21 - Hunter Pence

Nationals - Aug 5 - Michael Morse
                 Aug 17 - Hat

Cubs - Aug 14 - hat
            Aug 24 - trucker hat
            Aug 27 - runner cap

Reds - Aug 4 - Johnny Cueto
           Aug 18 - hat

Astros - July 27 - hat
             July 28 - Chris Burke
             Aug 17 - hat
              Aug 18 - Jeff Bagwell

Brewers - July 26 - camo hat
                July 29 - Bob Uecker

Cardinals - Aug 3 - Bruce Sutter

Diamondbacks - July 21 - hat
                          July 28 - Justin Upton
                        Aug 11 - Gerardo Parra

Dodgers - July 31 - Kirk Gibson
                 Aug 5 - hat
                 Aug 7 - Sandy Koufax
                 Aug 21 - Fernando Valenzuela
                 Aug 30 - Vin Scully

Giants - Aug 26 - Pablo Sandoval

How Close are the Mets to the Dead List?

Now that we're in the 2nd half of the season and time is getting shorter... the Dead List candidates qualify from being 10 games out to 8.   8 games means you're more than 1 full week of games out.

So where do the Mets stand?

They're 4.5 out of the Wildcard and 7 out in the division.  They're 3.5 games from oblivion.   That's half a week potentially.

So who is on the Dead List?

American League:


National League:


The official list is 8.  The Brewers and Marlins are on the brink.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mets Got Chopped

It's that time of year again!  Pretty soon Craig Carton will be opening the Church of Mets Fans for Yankees.  He'll probably be talking about it on WFAN tomorrow.

But now they're only 3 over .500 - it's after the All-Star break.  Their next 9 games are against the Nationals and Dodgers.  3-6 over this stretch puts them right back at .500 before an 11 game western road trip.

I don't think they're going to be buyers.  We're going to see Bautista down the stretch and now that Schwinden was re-acquired, maybe we'll see him back on the 40 man roster and in the rotation in September.  If they're out of race, no reason to push Harvey this year (even though he'll probably be pitching on Saturday).

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Has the Swoon Begun?

After another terrible loss today - any Mets fan worth their salt is asking this question.... is this the beginning of the end?

They're now 6 games back in the division.  While even while they were playing well, the division was never really anything that was realistically in sight.  The thought was really the wonder if this team could be one of the two wildcards.

But now they're beginning to make a slide in the wildcard standings as well.  With today's loss, they're 2.5 out of the 2nd wildcard.  They're tied with St. Louis and still have San Francisco ahead of them.  The surprising Pirates hold one of the spots, and if they lose again to the Braves, they'll be further back of that one as well.

People may start giving away more tickets come the end of next month...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

AA Bobbles - Eastern League

Akron Aeros - Aug 19 - Don Plusquellic

Bowie Baysox - July 19 - Al Bumbry
                           August 15 - Matt Wieters

Harrisburg Senators - July 21 - Bryce Harper

New Hampshire Fisher Cats - Aug 19 - Carlton Fisk

Portland SeaDogs - July 2 - Dustin Pedroia

Reading Phillies - July 23 - Jimmie Rollins
                             Aug 27 - Harry Kalas

Richmond Flying Squirrels - July 31 - Justin Verlander

Trenton Thunder - July 6 - David Robertson
                              July 27 - Ivan Nova
                              Aug 17 - Robinson Cano
                              Aug 29 - Andy Pettitte
                              May 11 - Manny Banuelos
                              May 21 - Francisco Cervelli
                              May 22 - Jesus Montero
                              May 23 - Austin Romine

Phillies Make the Dead List

Happy Day Indeed!

The Phillies have become the 6th team on the Dead List.  Heading into the All-Star break, they are 10 games out of the closest playoff spot - making them part of the Walking Dead for the second half.

Will they stay?  Will they be like Jason and Freddie Kruger and keep on coming back?

But for now, they're on the List, which is good enough for me.

FU Philly!  Craig Carton will be proud.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dead List - July 7th Edition

Last weekend before the All-Star break.  Non-Waiver trading deadline later this month.  What teams are on the Dead List?

In the American League - there's only 1 - the Seattle Mariners.  (Although the Twins are knocking on Death's Door and are 9 games out of the Wildcard.  One more, and they can be back on the list).

In the National League - there are 4:

San Diego Padres
Colorado Rockies
Chicago Cubs
Houston Astros

The Philadelphia Phillies are close - they can be on the list shortly, just like the Twins.  They're also 9 out of the Wildcard.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Minor League Bobblehead Dates

Pacific Coast League

Albuquerque Isotopes - Aug 19th - Green Chile Pepper Bobblehead

Colorado Springs Sky Sox - July 21 - Jim Thome
                                             July 28 - Carlos Gonzalez
                                             Aug 11 - Charlie Manuel
                                             June 9 - Todd Helton

Fresno Grizzlies - Sept 1 - Brandon Belt

Iowa Cubs - Aug 18th - Andy Garman

Las Vegas 51s - July 21st - Cosmo

Memphis Redbirds - Aug 10th - Elvis

Nashville Sounds - July 24 - Corey Hart
                               July 19 - Richard Sterban

New Orleans Zephyrs - July 21st - Bobble TBD

Oklahoma City Redhawks - August 17 - Bobble TBD

Reno Aces - July 14 - Bobble TBD

Tucson Padres - Aug 10th - Trevor Hoffman

Friday, June 29, 2012

Minor League Bobblehead Dates

International League

Buffalo Bisons - Aug 23rd - Earl of Bud

Charlotte Knights - July 6 - Dayan Vicedio

Columbus Clippers - June 10 - Jack Hanna
                                 July 8 - James "Buster" Douglas
                                 July 29 - Jesse Owens
                                 Aug 12 - Woody Hayes

Lehigh Valley Ironpigs - June 26 - John Mayberry, Jr
                                       April 23 - Rich Thompson
                                       May 1 - Vance Worley
                                       May 15 - Jamie Moyer

Pawtucket Red Sox - July 28 - Daniel Bard

Toledo Mudhens - Aug 3 - Casey Stengel
                              Aug 10 - Jamie Farr

Monday, June 25, 2012

Upcoming Bobbleheads and Hats

Orioles - July 15 - hat
              July 27 - floppy hat

Yankees - July 13 - hat

Rays - July 1 - James Shields
           July 22 - Matt Moore

White Sox - July 7 - Alexi Ramirez

Indians - July 4 - Sandy Alomar, Jr.

Tigers - July 4 - Hat

Royals - July 21 - Buck O'Neil

Twins - July 15 - hat

Angels - July 24 - Hat

A's - July 4 - hat
         July 8 - hat

Mariners - July 28 - Randy Johnson & Dan Wilson

Marlins - June 27 - Josh Johnson

Mets - July 21 - Edgardo Alfonzo

Cubs - July 14 - Hat

Reds - July 18 - Jay Bruce

Astros - July 7 - Mike Scott
            July 27 - Orange retro hat
            July 28 - Chris Burke

Brewers - July 1 - Sausage Bobble
                July 26 - camo hat
               July 29 - Bob Eucker

Diamondbacks - July 21 - hat
                          July 28 - Justin Upton

Dodgers - June 28 - Eric Karros
                July 3 - Hat
                July 14 - Tommy Lasorda & Walter Alston
                July 31 - Kirk Gibson

Giants - June 30 - 1 of 5 random bobbleheads
              July 15 - Madison Bumbgarner

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Johan No-Hitter Reprint Replica Tickets

The Mets are doing a bad job by re-selling no-hitter reprint tickets.  What it really should be is a promotional giveaway for next June 1st on the anniversary of the game (provided the Mets are home that game next year).  Other teams have given replica tickets away as part of a promotion.  The Mets should, too.

They'll make more money from people buying tickets to the game to get a reprint ticket than they will from selling reprints themselves.  Would you buy a replica for $50/pop?  I wouldn't.  Would you buy a $50 ticket to a game so you can get that same replica ticket?  I bet there are more people that would do that instead.  And you get people in the park to buy other things along with it.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Next Gregg Jefferies?

Now I'm feeling old.  Gregg Jefferies son was drafted by the Nationals.  I remember when the elder Jefferies was in the minor leagues at the border crossing going into Canada.  He was in his electric blue Camaro that was being driven by his Dad and he had a license place with a NY Mets holder that said "4FOR4GJ".

We rolled down the window and asked him if he was Gregg Jefferies, and it was.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Good is Good. The Bad is Bad

As of today, 9 of the 14 American League teams are .500 or better
In the National League, 10 of 16 are.

19 of the 30 teams are at least .500.  That's nearly 2/3 of the teams.  That number should be between 14-16, statistically speaking.

That means that the bad teams are getting beat up.

That also means that there are a few pretenders that will fall by the wayside as they start playing better teams.

Will the Mets be one of those teams?

I sure hope not.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

ESPN Screwing Things Up Again

Not only did ESPN screw up the game time tonight, but they've robbed Mets fans from being able to see the Hall of Fame ceremony on TV.

A Celebratory Injury

I just heard that Ramon Hernandez hurt himself running in from the bullpen to celebrate Johan's no-hitter.

Looks like he'll end up on the DL.  That's almost as bad as ending up on the DL from sneezing.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lucas Duda's Statistics

I was just looking at Lucas Duda's career stat line.  This is his first full season in the bigs - so up until now, he's had only 555 at bats, or the equivalent of one full time season.

Here's his line:

.268  22 HR  93 RBI.  32 Doubles, .346 OBP.  .456 slugging.  555 at bats, 60 BB, 70 runs, 149 hits.

That's quite respectable.

He's been proving me wrong.  At this time last year, I didn't think he'd amount to much.  I think he's got a shot at having a good major league career and may even be a big time power guy as he matures.

Updated Dead List

Now there are three.


27 contenders left for 10 spots.

Missed Johan Santana's No Hitter

I was at work yesterday when I got a call at 5:50 offering me tickets to last night's Mets game.

I wanted to go - however, there was no way I'd be able to get to the park in any reasonable amount of time.  I was still at work, and if I had gotten the call about two hours earlier - I could have left work early and made it to the game.

Unfortunately, I had to pass.

By the time I got home from work, Johan had just gotten the third out in the top of the 8th - so I caught the end.  I've already watched the end of the game 4 times today.

Way to go Johan!

We're now 1/3 of the way through the season, and they're hanging tough.

May they end up surprising everyone?  We shall see.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Upcoming Hat Days and Bobbleheads

Rays - June 3 - Desmond Jennings
           June 15 - Joe Maddon

Blue Jays - June 3 - Yuniel Escobar

Braves - June 9 - Sid Bream Slide
              June 11 - Hat

Marlins - June 27 - Josh Johnson

Mets - June 3rd - Hat
           June 17 - Keith Hernandez

Phillies - June 3rd - Hat

Indians - June 3rd - Carlos Baerga
              June 18 - Asdrubal Cabrera

Royals - June 2nd - Hat

Cubs - May 29th - Jeff Samardzija
           June 12 - Hat

Reds - June 23 - Sean Casey

Astros - June 20 - Hat
             June 22nd - Craig Biggio

Brewers - June 6 - Hat
                June 10 - Nyjer Morgan

Pirates - June23 - Hat

Mariners - June 15 - Felix Hernandez
                 June 17 - Fishing Cap

Diamondbacks - June 23 - Ian Kennedy

Rockies - June 8 - Hat

Dodgers - May 29 - Cey, Russell, Lopes, Garvey
                 June 12 - Mike Scioscia
                 June 28 - Eric Karros

Giants - June 10 - Hat
             June 30 - one of 5 random bobbles

Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012 Dead List

At the moment, there are two teams on this year's official "Dead List".

This year, I'm starting the dead list at 10 games out of both the division and the wildcard.  Last year, Tampa Bay hit the list and came back from the dead.

Right now, we have two dead teams walking.

Minnesota Twins - 11 out in the wildcard, 13.5 division
Chicago Cubs - 10.5 wildcard, 12 division.

I don't think many people would argue that they're both toast.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Banner Day Details?

The Mets have given the times for registration... but they've never come out and said exactly when the festivities will begin.  Why not?

Monday, May 7, 2012

NY License Plate EPX 1576

This is the license plate of a jackass who should not be driving.

While driving home tonight, this moron got impatient because  I didn't feel like running over the pedestrian in the crosswalk.

If the driver of EPX 1576 recalls from his driver's exam, pedestrians have the right of way.  You can't run them over while they're legally crossing.

I'm sorry, but I don't feel like killing some old guy because you're leaning on your horn.

So EPX 1576 broke another traffic law after growing impatient.   He sped around me, crossing the line into the oncoming lane so he could speed past me, only to end up stopped at the red light ahead, where I ended up right behind him.

So Mr. EPX 1576, you broke two traffic laws and where did it get you?  There 5 seconds earlier.

So for those 5 seconds, you were willing to risk the life of an old guy in a crosswalk.

I hope the DMV looks at this and revokes your license.

Have a nice day.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jose Reyes a Yankee in 2014?

See my last post.  I think it's likely.

Marlins to Sell off after 2013?

So I'm looking through Cot's Baseball Contracts at the Marlins.   Could they be looking at another potential selloff after 2013 if their attendance doesn't quite live up to the expectations of the new ballpark?

The team has done it before.  They've even gotten rid of players once the larger salaries kicked in after the contracts started (remember Carlos Delgado?).

What happens after 2013?  The big contract Jose Reyes signed?  The salary jumps from $10 million to $16 million.  Mark Buehrle?  He goes from $7 million this year to $12 million in 2013 up to $19 million.

What also happens after 2013?  Josh Johnson's contract for $13.75 million is up.  Ricky Nolasco for $11.5 million is gone.  Even John Buck for $6.5 million is off the books.

People aren't coming after a two year experiment?   No problem.  You have three large contracts going away.  You have two other salary jumps for players you can potentially dump off to one of the big teams for just taking the contract off the books.  (Let's not forget - Jose Reyes loves New York and Derek Jeter will be age 40 in the 2014 season - who better to take that contract?)

It's not a stretch to say that Jose Reyes may be back in New York as a Yankee.

Friday, April 27, 2012

An 11 run disgrace thusfar

The Mets did have a lead when this inning started.  Then the Rockies scored 11 runs.  The Mets made 4 errors.  And there's still only 1 out.  Now the Mets are losing 13-6.

It's innings like this that really make me wonder why my Dad made me a Mets fan.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ike Got Pulled

And to illustrate my point - Ike Davis just got pulled for a pinch hitter against the lefty.  Justin Turner is hitting for him.

Injuries Are Piling Up - and Ike Needs to Stop Whining

The injury bug hit the Mets again.  Bay's out.  Pelfrey is out.  It's looking like Valley Fever is effecting Ike.

And Ike really needs to stop complaining when he strikes out or doesn't like pitches.  He's been doing this for awhile now.  When he doesn't like a call, he shows up the umps.  You know all the umps know it.  He's not going to get calls in his favor.  It happened last night.  It means he'll have chase bad pitches and you're seeing the end result.

Or it could be the Fever.

Either way, when you strike out - shut up and head  back to the dugout.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nieuwenhuis 10th in Hitting!

Kirk Nieuwenhuis is 10th in the majors in batting.  He's hitting .371. There is no way Torres can get his job back at this point when he comes off the DL.  He's still a few weeks off - but you can't send this kid to the minors.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Keep Nieuwenhuis as the Starting Center Fielder!

Mayday!  Mayday!  Terry Collins has said that Andres Torres will have the starting center field job once he comes back from the DL.


He's coming off a terrible season.  As I said before, he's clearly just a stopgap player.  Just a transitional player there to keep the spot warm while the future develops on the farm.  

The future is presently hitting .375 in the bigs with a .444 on base percentage.

Small sample size....yes.  But the kid is not overmatched.

Play the kid.  Bye, Torres.  Nothing personal.  I just don't anything invested in you.  It's just business.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time to Go to a 26 Man Roster

When the Mets won the World Series in 1986 - MLB rosters were down to 24 players.

It was also a different time.  Starting pitchers went deeper into games.  Relievers went longer, too.

A team could get away with 14 position players and 10 pitchers.

But that didn't last for long.  It was soon back to 25 players.

Since then, the role of the bullpen has changed.  Pitchers didn't go as deep into games.  There were the lefty one out guys.  Teams regularly hold 12 pitchers.  This leaves 13 position players.  Less than in 1986.  This leads to thinner benches.  It's led to guys who are purely pinch hitting specialists (like Rusty Staub) becoming a rarity.  There simply isn't a roster spot available for it.  If you're on the bench and can't play the field in more than one position, there's no use for you.  If you're not going to be a full time DH in the American League, there's no use for you.

With a 26 man roster - Vlad Guerrero would have been signed.  Hideki Matsui would have been signed. (Some may argue with that, but if there's an extra position player spot - why not take a flier?)

So here's my proposal.  Expand the rosters to 26 players.  Have the purpose be for extra bench depth.  And to make it "fair", designate a specific roster spot as the "26th Man" - which will be a player at the minimum league wage.  It will keep the owners happy by not jacking up payrolls more.  It will make the players union happy by adding another 30 full time MLB jobs (not to mention racking up service times to additional players).   A team could either add a veteran specialist looking to play for another year that isn't getting signed elsewhere, or they could give a young, versatile player an opportunity that wouldn't have otherwise had a chance to prove themselves and at the same time free up a spot for a veteran specialist.

Let's go to 26 men.

Torres Who? Nieuwenhuis Belongs

Small sample size, sure - but Nieuwenhuis is looking like he belongs in the bigs.  Torres may have lost his job before he ever got a grip on it.  If you're building the team for the future - why play the obvious stopgap player that's there while you're waiting for the future (Nieuwenhuis) to get ready for the show?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm Liking Tejada

No one will ever replace Reyes - but through the first week+ of the season, Tejada is looking good.  He's playing loose and better than anyone could have expected.  And he's only 22.  Still a kid.

Jason Bay Bops One

What do you know?  How'd that happen?  I thought Tejada would jack one out first.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter at Citifield

I went to the ballpark today, compliments of their free Twitter tickets.  The announced crowd was somewhere in the neighborhood of 27,000 - it looked less.  That figure probably included the number of people who got free tickets "just in case" they'd go and weren't sure if they'd show.

It was still cool to go.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hat Days Around the Majors

It's that time again..

Early Hat Days announced around MLB.  Teams often announce additional promos once the season gets underway.

Orioles - July 15th, July 27th (floppy hat)
Yankees - May 19th, June 25th, July 13th, Aug 4th
Blue Jays - Aug 12th
Braves - June 11th
Mets - May 25th, June 2nd (visor), June 3rd, June 22nd, June 23rd, June 24th
Phillies - May 14th, June 3rd, Sept 7th (knit hat)
Nationals - April 12th, May 19th, Aug 17th
White Sox - April 14th (knit hat), Sept 7th
Tigers - July 2nd (floppy hat), July 4th
Royals - June 2nd, Sept 15th
Twins - May 12th, July 15th, Sept 14th
Cubs - April 9th (winter hat), June 12th, July 14th, Aug 14th, Aug 24th,
Reds - Aug 18th
Astros - April 10th, May 5th, June 20th,
Brewers - July 26th
Pirates - June 23rd,
Cardinals - April 28th, May 26th
Angels - April 21st, July 24th,
A's - July 4th, July 8th,
Rangers - May 12th,
Diamondbacks - July 21st
Rockies - June 8th
Dodgers - July 3rd, August 5th,
Padres - April 21st,
Giants - April 27th (knit hat), June 10th,

The Mets Killed the Secondary Market for Tomorrow

If you're looking to sell tickets to tomorrow's Met game on the secondary market - the Mets's screwed you.

Great for Mets fans.  They're giving away free tickets.  All you have to do is get one from a twitter link.

So why would you buy a discounted ticket on the secondary market when you can get one for the deepest discount of all?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

David Wright's Ribs

I didn't think much of it when it was first announced that David Wright was going to miss the intrasquad games last week with rib soreness.  It's early spring.  A star will be kept out of the game if he didn't get a good night's sleep.

Then David missed a few more games.  Okay.....

Now he's going back to New York and is going to miss the next week...

Do we have a problem, Houston?

And didn't we hear something similar with Ike last year?

Then again, we are talking about the Mets and their medical staff.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mets Dynamic Pricing is Stupid

The Mets are going to shoot themselves in the foot with this dynamic pricing.  Isn't the idea to GET people to the ballgames?  Prices will fluctuate depending on market conditions, including the weather.  Which means that they're going to gouge you if it's a nice summer weekend - aka the perfect day to get to the ballpark.  if the weather sucks, ticket prices will drop.  
You'll have fans that will pay in advance for a weekend game in the summer that will end up paying more now because they want to lock in that game and not try to "time" the market  Then they'll get really pissed off if the weather is so-so, but not bad enough to call the game.  That ticket they paid $40 for in advance (like the price you'll have to pay for now at banner day in the promenade reserved) you may be able to get for $12 in the promenade outfield (because you can get a full season ticket in that section for that amount) and just move to a different section.   
This is not the time to alienate the fan base.  Note to the Wilpons - you're not the Yankees.  This is coming across like you're trying to squeeze every nickel you can get.  Don't make buying tickets to your favorite team a hassle where you feel resentment that you're getting cheated.  They'll stop coming.  It's been happening the last few years at Citi.  Let's not forget the past ghost towns at Shea.  The airlines use dynamic pricing, but that's also a mode of transportation to GET from point A to point B when your only other option is to get there slower. 
The Yankees keep their ticket prices steady.  Unless it's one of their discount ticket nights (which frankly, they offer at lower prices than the Mets do for their "value" games), you're paying the same for games against the Sox as you will against the Mariners.  So what happens?  The fans will buy tickets to two or three games instead of just that one you're gouging them for.  They'll buy Yankees hats.  Their kids will grow up Yankees fans and where will your fan base go then?  We've already lost a generation of young Mets fans in this what will be the 17th Full Year of the Jeter Era.  
Set the ticket prices.  Price them fairly.  Take the guessing game out of it.  Stop treating the ticket market like the stock market (leave that to the secondary market).  Stop pissing off the fan base - because that's what you're doing.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I've Discovered Jack Vale

Along with about a million other people, give or take.

Yeah, yeah... I'm a middle aged guy.  But fart jokes still rock.

Check him out on youtube.

Manny to the A's?

It looks like it's getting close - Manny may be signing with the A's for just over the MLB minimum.

How's that for Manny being Manny?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The New Mets Packs

I said it on here yesterday - the Mets just put on their site that new 6-packs go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mets Will be Offering 6-Packs

They haven't announced it on yet, but the Mets will be offering 6 pack ticket plans.  The plans will consist of 1 Marquee game and 5 other games of your choice.

The price range will depend on what games you pick.  If you pick value games, it will cost less.  If you want to go on weekends, it's going to cost you more.

You already know my feelings on that.  The Mets need to do their pricing that is more on par with the Yankees.

The Problem with Mets Pricing - Perception is Reality

There's something that is majorly broken with the Mets pricing structure for tickets.  It's called the Yankees.

Yes, Yankee Stadium has a greater seating capacity than Citifield - but when it comes to the public, perception is reality.   If you were to get a 16 day weekend plan (consisting of 13 weekend dates + 3 other non-weekend dates), ticket prices start at $320/seat plus fees.  That's $20/ticket.  Advance purchase prices for tickets are $22.  Game day tickets (if there are any left) start at $23 for non-obstructed view seats ($15 for obstructed view).

Let's compare that to the Mets, who have different price structures for their games.  Yeah, yeah - they're doing the "dynamic pricing" where ticket prices either go up or down depending on demand (which tells you something right there).  Starting game day prices range anywhere from $12 to $36, depending on the "category" - Marquee, Premium, Classic & Value.

So on the surface, you have some games that are less than what the Yankees would charge, some that are more.

But let's look at this further...

When are the highest in-demand games?  The weekend.

How much do the Yankees charge for low end, non-obstructed view tickets on the weekends? $20-23.  That includes the Red Sox, the Mets, Opening Day, and Old Timer's Day.  Those are the Marquee games.   How much are the Mets charging for their Marquee games?  $36.  All the other weekend games are either Premium or Classic games.  That's $28/ticket for a Saturday or Sunday game except for the April and the first series in May when it's $20/ticket.

In other words, it's cheaper to see the Yankees (which frankly is the better product) than it is to see the Mets if you want to take your kids on the weekend.

Okay, Okay... so they Mets have those $12 value game tickets.   When are they?  Mid-week before schools get out and after schools are back in.  That's less than the Yankees, right?  Uh.... the Yankees also have ticket specials for games (they haven't announced those dates yet) for $5 for some mid-week games.  So yet again, the Yankees give you the better value for the better product.

And if you want to get a weekend ticket plan to the Mets?  It's going to cost you more than a weekend plan for the Yankees.

In other words, you have the Yankees, who have put a winning tradition on the field for nearly 20 straight seasons, lets you see their product live for a better value (which will in turn solidify your fan base for future revenues) than the Mets do.  The Mets are struggling on the field, struggling on the balance sheet, and struggling to get fans into the ballpark.

With the product on the field, the Yankees could afford to do a pricing structure the way the Mets do, but they don't.  The Mets can't afford but to do a pricing structure the way the Yankees do, but they don't.

If I weren't already a Mets fan, I'd be more apt to take my kid to a Yankee game.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Verlander wins the Super Sage Award

He picked the Super Bowl winner and the correct score.  Now he has something in common with the San Diego Chicken and Penn and Teller.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update on Banner Packs Flying Like Hotcakes...

Since yesterday, it looks like the Mets have sold 4 tickets in the Upper Deck for the Banner Day pack.  When I checked a couple of times yesterday - you could purchase seats 8 & 9 in row 12 of section 531.  Now you'd get seats 12 & 13.  My math says that 8, 9, 10, & 11 aren't available - meaning they've sold 4 tickets in this grouping.  

Down to $1,274!!!

It's looking like the stock market in 2008...

$1,295 and falling!!!

They're doing the limbo!  How low will it go?

$1,343 and falling....

I'm thinking a few people are regretting they overpriced them earlier...

The Prices are Dropping Like Stones

As we're eight and a half hours to kickoff, prices have dropped to $1,373 on Stub Hub.  People looking to sell them are going to have to sell them fast.  Ticket holders are urged to arrive hours before kickoff - so the regular 2 hour cutoff of selling tickets on Stub Hub is almost moot.  Time is running out.  I wonder if you'll be able to get them near face value as we approach noon?

And they fall, and they fall, and they fall....

Super Bowl tickets are down to $1,440 on Stub Hub.

Batchagaloop Jones would be proud.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

$1,465 for Super Bowl Tickets!

They keep on getting cheaper.

Dropping More!!

Super Bowl Tickets for $1,500!

The Sky is Falling!

In the last 20 minutes, Super Bowl tickets continue to drop - snatch 'em up for $1,592!!!

The fans of the Giants and Patriots have likely already traveled out there and have tickets in hand.  If you're still selling tickets for the game, your market is likely the locals.  If Indy was in the game, I'm sure the prices would be higher - but you're no longer going to get a major premium from the people who are in the market to be buying.

Manny fielding offers?

It's being reported online that the A's, Orioles and Blue Jays are interested in Manny...

Where should he go?  At 40 and facing a ban for life if he tests positive again, why should anyone even take a chance?

First of all - he should come cheap.  He'll have to go on the team's terms - if Manny doesn't like it, he can go away.  Baseball survived last year without him.  

He's going to be sitting out 50 games.  The A's and the Orioles aren't going anywhere this year.  By the time 50 games are over, they'll be out of the race.  Why would they have any interest in him and why would Manny even consider either one?  Because they'll be out of the race.  Both teams will be looking to put some butts in the seats, so why not have Manny as an attraction.  If Manny also wants to have any chance of playing on a contender, he'll need to put in his at-bats with one of those two teams and hope he gets traded at the deadline.

The Blue Jays will be the best team this year of the three.  Which is reason to not sign with either one.  They'll be just good enough where Manny man not get as many plate appearances as he wants.  If a second wild card gets added, the Jays may think they'd have a very, very outside chance - hense the desire to sign him, but if they're in any kind of contention, he may be regulated to the bench at a hint of struggle where the Orioles and A's may let him play through.

My guess - he'll end up in Oakland or Baltimore and if he shows any signs of anything, he'll get traded to a contender such as the Yankees for a mid-level prospect at the deadline.

Or I may be entirely wrong.

Super Bowl Tickets Dropping More!

With the household being sick today, I'm cooped up, playing caretaker today and obviously have a lot of time on my hands today.

Super Bowl tickets on Stub Hub continue to plummet!  A pair can now be had for $1,650!!!

I'm Starved for Baseball

I have no idea what they're saying as I don't speak Spanish - but I'm watching the Caribbean World Series on ESPN Deportes.

Super Bowl Prices Continue to Drop!

In the last hour, the cheapest ticket prices on Stub Hub have dipped to $1,697

Mets Banner Day Packs Going Like Hotcakes!

Yeah, right.

Just for the heck of it, I did a mock purchase off the website just to see how the tickets are moving.  The exact same seats that I was able to get hours ago were the exact same seats I was able to just get.

Which tells me that they're not selling.

Not even for banner day.

Super Bowl ticket prices dropping

Last week, you couldn't get a pair for less than two grand.  You can now get them on Stub Hub starting for $1,702 per ticket.

Still expensive, but they're dropping.  What will they be before gametime?  Stub Hub cuts off selling 2 hours before kickoff - but it will take longer than that to get into the game.

I wonder if someone would be able to score seats for next to nothing?

Batchagaloop Jones denies Kim Kardashian Mark Sanchez Threesome

This also just in - after getting caught committing a lewd act with a giant rubber chicken, New York Giants offensive lineman Batchagaloop Jones denies the circulating rumors that he was involved in a threesome with Kim Kardashian and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

"I've had a rough and embarrassing night.  I wan't to put Chickengate behind me.  The rumor of my involvement with Kim and Mark is absolutely not true.  My heart belongs to Camilla.  Kim, I'll tweet you later."

Batchagaloop Jones Caught in Obscene Act With Rubber Chicken

This just in.  Batchagaloop Jones was caught late last night in Indianapolis committing a lewd act at 4am with a giant rubber chicken.  When police responded to the call of a large man moaning, "Camilla!  Camilla!" and making strange rooster noises, the large lineman was found with his pants down, wearing a makeshift set of wings, and a feather pillow on his head.

When asked for comment this morning, Tom Coughlin said, "The stress of a Super Bowl gets to different players in different ways.  At least it wasn't a real chicken."

No word yet if KFC will cancel their pending endorsement deal.

Does the Susan Koeman Foundation like the Mets?

Just asking.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Even SI is saying Damon is a best fit for the Mets

From the article today - Damon had to wait before finding one-year deals the past two off-seasons -- in 2010 he didn't become a Tiger until Feb. 22 -- and this year will be no different. It's partially a result of the fact that Damon's significant defensive shortcomings have come to severely limit the number of clubs with a spot for him. But the Mets should have one, for a number reasons. One, he can still provide offense, as his numbers from last year demonstrate, to a club that will likely be starved for the stuff. And two, his consistently sunny demeanor and range of experience would be valuable in a young clubhouse in which things might, this season, be consistently bleak.

Read more:

Sign him, Mets.  You just got some people to infuse some cash today. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Johnny Damon is still out of work

Damon is still looking for work.

Now I know that this isn't going to happen, but I happen to like the guy.  Why don't the Mets sign him, put him in right field - shift Bay to center and put Duda in right?

Yeah, I know.  You're looking at a lot of balls falling for hits.

But seeing Damon in the pursuit of 3,000 hits is more interesting that seeing Sheffield go for 500 home runs.   If it sells a few tickets, why not?   The Mets will finish in dead last either way.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not only is the Tradition Back

The Mets no longer have the 9 different anniversary packs up on their website - the only 5 pack they have up now is the "Banner Day Pack" - previously known as the Center Field pack.

Banner Day - Sunday the 27th

The mystery surrounding which day is going to be Banner Day has been revealed.  It will be against the Padres on Sunday, May 27th.

The tradition is back.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great Article on Derrick Hall by Steve Henson on Yahoo Sports

The article is entitled, "Arizona Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall won't let his cancer change the best workplace in sports".  Google it - it's very much worth the read.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Astros will remain the Astros

Jim Crane's not changing the name.  They're changing leagues, but they're going to stay the Astros.

Lions and Tigers and... Bears? Oh my, Oberkfell.

Ken Oberkfell has gone from being the bench coach of the Mets to the Newark Bears.  

I know everybody has to work, but that's quite a fall.  He's in the Can-Am league.  With the Bears.  The Newark Bears.  A team that drew an average of 997 last year (I've seen the Bears before.  I've been in other Can-Am stadiums - I doubt that's actual fannies in the seats.  I've been at games where I could count the actual number of people in the stadium and the announced attendance was much higher, albeit still next to nobody). 

The Bears barely drew in the Atlantic League before changing to the Can-Am last year.  They went through a bankruptcy, and multiple owners.  I was mildly surprised that they didn't fold up for good this year.

Good luck Ken.  

I'm Pulling for Bucholz

Taylor Bucholz is going to be skipping 2012 to deal with anxiety and depression.

Get well soon, Taylor.  Take care of yourself first, then come back to the game.  It takes a lot of courage to have come forward and state that's why you were out last year.  It's nothing to be ashamed of.  There are a lot of people out there in your own position.

Skip Schumaker gets a Rally Squirrel Card

This is awesome - the Rally Squirrel is getting his own baseball card in Topps this year.  It's actually Skip Schumaker's card, but since he was at bat when the squirrel made his appearance, he's getting upstaged.

That rocks.  That's even better than the old Billy Ripken card.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting Tired of the Hot Stove

Let's get Spring Training started already.

What is the Best 5-Game Mets Pack?

The Mets are offering 9 different 5 game packs.  Which one do you think is the best?

Degrees of Bill Buckner.

This is a very pointless exercise, but I'm doing it nonetheless.

We all know about the Kevin Bacon game.  Lets's do it with David Wright and show how he's tied to Bill Buckner.

I'll also keep it to starting position players.

In 2011, David Wright was a teammate of Jason Bay.
In 2010, Jason Bay was a teammate of Jeff Francouer.
In 2009, Jason Francouer was a teammate of Chipper Jones
In 2008, Chipper Jones was a teammate of Mark Teixeiria.
In 2007, Mark Teixeiria was a teammate of Michael Young.
In 2006, Michael Young was a teammate of Mark DeRosa.
In 2005, Mark DeRosa was a teammate of Alfonso Soriano.
In 2004, Alfonso Soriano was a teammate of Hank Blalock.
In 2003, Hank Blalock was a teammate of Alex Rodriguez.
in 2002, Alex Rodriguez was a teammate of Rafael Palmeiro.
in 2001, Rafael Palmeiro was a teammate of Ivan Rodriguez.
in 2000, Ivan Rodriguez was a teammate of Royce Clayton.
In 1999, Royce Clayton was a teammate of Todd Zeile.
In 1998, Todd Zeile was a teammate of Eric Karros.
In 1997, Eric Karros was a teammate of Mike Piazza.
In 1996, Mike Piazza was a teammate of Delino DeShields.
In 1995, Delino DeShields was a teammate of Roberto Kelly.
In 1994, Roberto Kelly was a teammate of Barry Larkin.
In 1993, Barry Larkin was a teammate of Chris Sabo.
In 1992, Chris Sabo was a teammate of Paul O'Neill.
In 1991, Paul O'Neill was a teammate of Billy Hatcher.
In 1990, Billy Hatcher was a teammate of Eric Davis.
In 1989, Eric Davis was a teammate of Todd Benzinger.
In 1988, Todd Benzinger was a teammate of Wade Boggs.
In 1987, Wade Boggs was a teammate of Jim Rice.
In 1986, Jim Rice was a teammate of Bill Buckner.

How Did I End Up Playing Cinderella Yahtzee?

Yesterday, my wife was hearing dice roll and me asking my stepdaughter to pick her "magic princess" for this round.

She had to ask me if I ever could have envision myself spending my saturday afternoon playing Disney Yahtzee.

Funny the directions that life takes you, isn't it?

I'm not complaining whatsoever.  It was fun.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hurry Up for Your Pro Bowl Tickets

If you will happen to be in Hawaii in the next few hours and feel like going to the Pro Bowl (does anyone even remember that it's tomorrow?), you'd better hurry up if you want to get a ticket on StubHub.  There are only 23 seats left, starting at $199.

Matt Tuiasosopo signed to the minors?

Never heard of the guy.  Probably won't hear much of him later, either.   He hit .226 in the minor last year. He's hit .176 in 193 major league at-bats over 71 games with the Mariners the last three years.

Looks like his Dad and his brother both played in the NFL for 8 years.  His brother was the 3rd string QB for the Jets in 2007 behind Kellen Clemens and Chad Pennington and once finished 8th in the Heisman Voting.

Looks like he'll be filling out the AAA roster.  I hear Buffalo is nice in the summer.

Bartolo Colon - $2MM with the A's. That's a lot of hot dogs.

Bartolo will be pitching for the A's this year.  That $2 million contract will buy him a whole lot of hot dogs this year.

No word yet if MLB will have another hot dog eating contest this year.  They had to cancel the finals last year after Bartolo's participation last year.

John Maine getting another shot

He's going to try making another comeback.  He's signed a minor league deal with the Red Sox.  He didn't make the Rockies out of spring training last year, and it looked like he was hanging it up.

Good luck, John.  

John Franco and the Mets HOF

The Mets are having another HOF ceremony this year.  The last time they had one in 2010, it was Doc, Darryl, Davey, and Frank Cashen.

This time it's going to be John Franco.

Congrats John!

I'm Rooting for Batchagaloop Jones!!!

Here's my Super Bowl prediction.  Batchagaloop Jones is going to win the MVP, becoming the first offensive lineman to win the award.  His stellar line play is going to allow Eli Manning to set an all time passing record for the Big Game.

Batchagaloop!  Batchagaloop!  Batchagaloop!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey Batchagaloop Jones - send me Mets tickets!!!

Hey Batchagaloop Jones - if you happen to be reading this, how about sending me some Mets tickets?

By the way, some guy named Diehl was seen wearing your jersey.

Can you Really Blame Fausto Carmona?

I may not be in the majority here, but I'm not going to beat up Fausto Carmona for faking his identity and shaving three years off his age in order to sign a contract with the Indians.

Was it illegal?  Yes.  But so is stealing a loaf of bread to feed your family when you're hungry.

If I were in his shoes and had the choice between bone crushing poverty or saying my name was Batchagaloop Jones so that I had a chance to escape that life and help my family out along the way, I'd sign in a heartbeat.  You would too.

There's the old adage that players don't walk their way off the island.  Jose Reyes was a free swinger.  Vladimir Guerrero still doesn't see a pitch he won't swing at (he also lied about his age).  17 year old pitchers that can throw like 20 year olds will get a longer look before getting cut loose.  If it took taking someone else's name to chase his one chance, I really can't blame the guy.

I'm not going to cast stones.  He did what he had to do.

Hope to see you in Cleveland this season, Fausto (or Roberto Hernandez Heredia).  I'm not mad at you.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jamie Moyer and the Rockies

Jamie Moyer has a minor league contract with the Rockies with an invite to spring training.  Even though the guy was a Philly for the last couple of years, I'm rooting for the guy.  How can you not pull for a 49 year old guy to make it?  Of course it's a long shot, but he's only 33 wins from #300.  That's still two seasons away if your last name is Linsecum, never mind a guy who's hoping to catch on as a #5 starter.

Still, it would be great to see him get as close to that magic number as possible.  Then let the debate ensue if a guy with a +4.00 ERA deserves in the hall.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spring Training Next Month

I've been driving my wife nuts for the last month.  I've been trying to figure out how to get Mets tickets for the upcoming season to take my stepdaughter as tickets aren't in the budget this year.  I think I'm making progress in my quest - we'll see when the season starts.

While the Mets will probably finish dead last this year, I'm still looking forward to the season.  My wife is also looking forward to the season as well.  As she's noted, I'm in a much better mood during the baseball season and football, while I like it, doesn't even come close to taking the cake.  She wants to call Bud Selig to get him to have MLB year round.