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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mets Holiday Packs

Hey everybody,

If there's anyone who wants to buy me a Mets Holiday Pack, feel free to do so.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Open Letter to Sandy Alderson

That's the question that I'm sure a lot of the front office is wondering.  The team is a mess.  The payroll is being cut.  The team is bleeding green.  The Madoff clawback trial is still looming.

There are going to be a lot of empty seats this season.  The most exciting player is gone (and I can't blame Jose for going - heck, they didn't even make him an offer).  With people not willing to pay to go to the park, they may be giving away a lot of tickets just to get people into the stadium just so that they'll spend money while they're there.

So Mets, I toss this out to you - send me tickets and I'll spend money at the park.

I'm serious.  Send me season tickets.  I'll go to as many games as possible.  I'll take my kid.  We'll have a good time.  When the kids come, they don't care if you're in dead last.  They love seeing Mr. Met and the apple go up.  Hook them while they're young and they'll keep on going later on in life.  The city has a whole generation of young Yankees fans - the Mets need a new young legion to be grown.

Send me some tickets and I'll take a kid to the park.  This will work to your advantage.  You'll get a couple of butts in otherwise empty seats.  You'll generate revenue where you wouldn't have otherwise.  You'll help me breed a young Mets fan that will keep on coming back to the park as an adult and will put money in your pockets later on.

There are plenty of cheap tickets that will be available in the promenade outfield.  Send me a pair and I'll use them.  Even feel free to leave out the Subway Series tickets, because you'll be able to sell those.  But send me a pair of the cheap seats for the other 78 games and they'll be put to good use.  Set the stipulation they're not valid for re-sale.  It doesn't matter.  Like I said, I'll take my kid.

Yes, Sandy Alderson.  I'm talking to you.  Send me some tickets.
Dave Howard, I'm talking to you as well.
David Newman, Craig Marino, Jay Horowitz, Leigh Castergine, J.P. Riccardi, I'm speaking to all of you.

Hey Partners - Fred Wilpon, Saul Katz, Jeff Wilpon, Richard Wilpon, Michael Katz, David Katz, Tom Osterman, Arthur Friedman, and Marvin Tepper - you own the team.  I'm sure you have the authority to say, "Hey, this guy is right - send him a pair of tickets."

I'm serious.  Send me some tickets.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mets Draft Picks and the Majors

So how have the Mets fared in the draft?

Since 2000, the following draft picks have made it to the majors:

Billy Traber - 1
Bob Keppel - 1
Chris Basak - 6
Jeff Duncan - 7
Greg Burke - 42

Aaron Heilman - 1
David Wright - 1
Lenny DiNardo - 3
Danny Garcia - 5
Randy Wells - 44

Scott Kazmir - 1
Matt Lindstrom - 10

Lastings Milledge - 1
Brian Bannister - 7
Carlos Muniz - 13
Evan MacLane - 25

Philip Humber - 1
Nick Evans - 5
Mike Carp - 9

Mike Pelfrey -1
Drew Butera - 5
Jon Niese - 7
Bobby Parnell -9
Josh Thole - 13

Kevin Mulvey -2
Joe Smith - 3
Daniel Murphy - 13
Tobi Stoner - 16
Josh Stinson - 37

Eddie Kunz - 1
Lucas Duda - 7
Dillon Gee - 21

Ike Davis - 1
Josh Satin - 6
Chris Schwinden - 22

Nobody drafted after 2008 has yet to appear in a single MLB game.

So that's it.  The Mets have drafted 35 players in the last 11 years that have appeared in a single game in the majors.  That number will increase as players from the last couple of drafts are still fertilizing in the minors, but really?  There are a couple of good players in there, but really?  That's it?  588 players drafted.  That's only 6% of players drafted in the last 11 years ever saw any major league action.  Sure, there were other players that were taken internationally that weren't subject to the draft, but only 6% and 35 total players?

Since 2000, how have other teams fared in the draft?

Diamondbacks - 53 players
Braves - 42
Orioles - 33
Red Sox - 36
Cubs - 47
White Sox - 41
Reds - 34
Indians - 37
Rockies - 42
Tigers - 50
Marlins - 43
Astros - 33
Royals - 35

Ok - you get the idea - the Mets are near the bottom.

And how many major leaguers did the Yankees draft since 2000?  More than the Mets.  They had 40.   They drafted 602 players.  That's 6.6%.  Slightly higher. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Hat Roll Call

The regular season is over - the question is:  How many different hats have I collected?

AL East - Orioles, Yankees, Red Sox
AL Central - Tigers
AL West - I drew a goose egg on this one

NL East - Phillies, Marlins
NL Central - Brewers, Reds, Cubs (2), Astros (2)
NL West - Dodgers, Rockies (2)

That's 12 different major league teams that have sent me hats this season (not including the Mets). 

It works for other sports, too.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New York MLB baseball in 2012

If one were to go entirely crazy and were to attend at many home games in New York City in 2012, the only off days between April 5th and October 3rd would be:

Friday, April 6th
Thursday, April 12th
Thursday, May 3rd
Monday, May 7th
Thursday, May 31st
Monday-Thursday, June 11th-14th
Thusday, June 21st
Monday, July 2nd
Monday-Thursday, July 9th-12th
Thursday, July 19th
Thursday, July 26th
Thursday, Aug 2nd
Monday, Aug 6th
Thursday, Aug 30th
Monday-Thursday, Sept 3rd-6th
Thursday, Sept 13th
Friday-Sunday, Sept 28th-Sept 30th

The scheduled times haven't come out yet, but the Mets and Yankees are both playing at home on the same dates:

Mets vs. Orioles / Yankees vs. Braves - Mon-Wed, June 18th-20th
Mets vs. Phillies / Yankees vs. Blue Jays - Tues-Wed, Sept 18th-19th
Mets vs. Marlins / Yankees vs. A's - Friday-Sunday, Sept 21st-23rd

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Attention A's Fans - Place a Ticket Deposit, Get a Jersey

The A's are running a promotion right now - put a deposit on a full or partial plan for 2012, you get a free authentic gold jersey with the player of your choice.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Add the Cubs to the List

I now have a brand new Cubs hat.  This one didn't come from the Cubs, it came from WGN radio in Chicago.  It was a non-sponsored, officially licensed MLB adjustable Cubs home hat.  Totally cool of them. 

Just goes to show, it never hurts to ask.

My wife thinks I am nuts.  It's a good thing that hats don't take up a lot of space.

Kids Go Free Again at Citifield

The Mets are doing it again.  Kids are going free through September 1st.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Have a Logan Morrison Hat

The Marlins also came through.  I have a Logan Morrison #20 Florida Marlins giveaway hat from last Saturday's game.  My collection grows.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Great Comeback Batman!

One thing that you have to love about this year's team - they don't give up.  They're fun to watch.  They may be a .500 team, but they're a fun .500 team.

Red Sox Came Through Big

And this isn't for beating the Yankees.  The Red Sox sent me a hat.

They didn't even have a giveaway day this year, yet they sent me one anyway.  It's not a crappy hat either.  The exact opposite.  They sent me one of the best ones yet - an authentic MLB licensed Fenway Park Collection Boston Red Sox hat.

That was totally cool of them.

Thank you Sawx.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Murphy Out for the Year

He tore his knee.  Not the knee he tore last year.  This time he tore the other knee.

Poor guy.  I wonder if his future may be as a DH in the AL - a-la Edgar Martinez?

Billy Ripken Fuck Face Card

Gotta love that old school 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken fuck face card.  During his playing career, that was one of two things he was remembered for other than being Cal's little brother.

Bud Selig and the Ban

During his reign, Bud Selig has only banned one person - Marge Schott in 1996.  She was later reinstated in 1998 and was the last person that was banned by Major League Baseball.

Prior to Marge Schott, the most recent ban was attributed to Steve Howe in 1992 by Fay Vincent.   His ban was later reinstated by an arbitrator.

First Reyes, now Murphy

That didn't look good on Murphy's knee.  The top two sticks went down in the same game.

Jose Reyes Hurt Again

Stiffness in the hamstring.  Turner's playing second.

How long will he be out this time?

The Dead List Expands

There are now 17 dead teams.

Rays, Jays, Orioles, Twins, Royals, Athletics, Mariners - 7 in the American League
Mets, Marlins, Nationals, Pirates, Reds, Cubs, Astros, Rockies, Dodgers, Padres - 10 in the NL

Only 13 teams are left in the race.  Eight of them are in playoff positions.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dan Uggla's Hitting Streak

How about having a 26 game hitting streak to raise your batting average to .215?

Two More Teams Come Through

The Astros and Dodgers have now sent me promo hats.  The Astros from their July 20th game and the Dodgers from their July 24th game. 

The National League is far outpacing the American League and putting them to shame.

The tally to date - Yankees, Reds, Phillies, Brewers, Rockies, Dodgers and Astros. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two Days Without a Loss!!!

Well, it's because of a rainout and a day off tomorrow.  They'll be back to their losing ways on Friday.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Will Duda Do It Again?

Duda is leading off the bottom of the 9th.  Will the Mets hit a home run in the 9th to tie the game and send it to extra innings, only to lose it in the 10th for a third straight day?

I wonder what the Magic 8 Ball would say about that one?



Why did my Dad make me a Mets fan?

0-9 in Homestand Openers

I heard on the FAN tonight that the Mets are 0-9 in the opener of homestands this year.  That's zero for nine.  Do that and you're going to be under .500 at home.  Even just a paltry 4-5 in homestand openers would have them only 3.5 back and within breathing distance before this weekend's series with the Braves. 

Glad I Went to Bed in the 9th Last Night

I was beat last night and went to bed when the Mets were down 3-1 in the top of the 9th.  I didn't know they lost in in the 10th until I was listening to Boomer and Carton on my way to work this morning.

I'm glad I didn't see the comeback and subsequent blowing of the game.  Then I would have had heartburn while trying to sleep.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Or Is He?

Or did he talk his way back into the game?  We shall see.

Vasquez is Being Removed

He's been cruising for the Marlins tonight and is getting pulled after 87 pitches after 6 innings with a 3-1 lead.  Will this give the Mets a shot to get back in the game?

Rockies T-Shirt Night - August 19th

This was still listed as Uboldo Jimenez T-shirt night as of yesterday.  They even had a picture of the shirt being given away. It has now been changed to:

"Rockies Player T-Shirt Night"

I wonder if they printed 10,000 Jimenez shirts?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reyes Survived the Trade Deadline

Jose is staying put.  So is Irsinghausen.

And a couple of clutch moments by Hairston went by the wayside today. 

Yankees Tickets for $7.99 on Stubhub

It's not as hot as it was last weekend, so Yankee tickets aren't as cheap as they were last weekend - but you can still get a pair of upper deck seats for $7.99 for today's game - that's less than half of face value. 

Woman Kicked out of Wal-Mart for Wearing a String Bikini

I don't know if you saw the article about the woman that was kicked out of a Wal-Mart for shopping in a string bikini.  But if you didn't, she shouldn't have been wearing one.  It was not an attractive sight.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hat Days in August and September

I'm still waiting on my Astros hat.  They said they'd send me one, but it hasn't arrived yet.

Yankees - Aug 10th, Aug 12th
White Sox - Sept 9th, Sept 25th (knit hat)
Tigers - Sept 3rd
Royals - Sept 17th
Twins - Sept 27th (knit hat)
Angels - Aug 4th
Athletics - Aug 14th
Rangers - Aug 22nd, Sept 11th
Marlins - Aug 6th
Phillies - Sept 16th (knit hat)
Cubs - Aug 8th, Aug 23rd, Sept 7th, Sept 20th (floppy hat)
Astros - Sept 23rd
Rockies - Aug 6th
Dodgers - Sept 15th, Sept 20th

Will They Tempt Us Again?

They're 6.5 back.  Officially off the Dead List on a temporary basis.  Now if they can somehow gain a game and a half before next Friday, they'll be 5 games behind the Braves heading into the weekend series.  Will they be that Girl From High School again?

I don't expect it.  Even with this 5 game winning streak they're on, I don't expect it or believe they'll make a run.

But that's okay.  They're a fun team to watch.  Unlike the last couple of years, when they've been out of it, they've been unwatchable.  This year, they're a scrappy, fun bunch.

Attack of the Bad Subway Poetry

I was on the train this morning and this guy with hobbit feet was writing some really bad poetry.

The first time that I saw you (that I can recall)
You were brushing your hair
I was hungover
You were wearing white leggings
Your eyes seemed to glow.

It was too funny. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Add the Rays to the Dead List

They're now 8 out of the chase.  Chalk them up to Dead.  Or chalk up that outline.  The AL wildcard is a two team race between the Yankees and the Angels. 

Extra Extra - Mets Sweep Reds

With the four game sweep of the Reds, the Mets are now 3 games over .500 and at the moment, 7 games behind the Braves in the Wildcard chase.  So technically, they've gotten off the Dead List.  But let's not fool ourselves.  They're still dead.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Who is Zack Wheeler?

He's in his 2nd year of pro ball, after being the Giants first round pick and #6 overall in the 2009 draft.

Last year in A ball - he had a record of 3-3 with a 3.99 ERA in 21 games (13 starts) striking out 70, walking 38 in 58.2 innings.

This year, for the San Jose Giants (high A) he's gone 7-5 with a 3.99 ERA in 16 games (16 starts) striking out 98 and walking 47 in 88 innings.

He was the number two prospect in the Giant organization, right behind Brandon Belt.  He was also the 33rd ranked MLB prospect, according to

I'm glad the Mets are making the trade.  They're out of it.  Give Beltran another shot at the postseason.  Call him whatever you want, but he's been nothing but a good citizen in New York.  If they let him walk, they weren't going to get anything for him.  Now you've got a top pitching prospect that will either pan out or won't. 

Kids Go Free Promo

Wow.... the Mets are dying to get people to the park next week.  First the $5 tickets for August 1-3.  Now it's the kids go free tickets for Aug 1-7.  Buy one ticket, get three free for kids 12 and under.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Will the Mets Giveaway be on August 20th?

It's the only weekend game yet without a giveaway.   It's against the Brewers.  A Francisco Rodriguez boxing glove perhaps?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summing up the Mets in Haiku

Under .500
Hopes of the season are gone
Where will Beltran land?

Stanton Crushed One into the Empty Seats

Where are all the Marlins fans?  Do they even exist?

MLB's Rookie Leaders

100 games into the season - who are the top rookies? 

The Mets have two rookies who have had an impact on the team this year - Dillon Gee and Justin Turner.  How do they shape up?  And why isn't Justin Turner on's top rookie tracker?  He's a rookie.  He won rookie of the month this year.  So MLB - what gives?

Jason Pridie is on the rookie tracker list.

So the glaring Justin Turner omission notwithstanding - top rookies by major categories:

Runs scored:

1) Danny Espinosa - Nationals - 48
2) Freddy Freeman - Braves - 45
3) Darwin Barney - Cubs - 42
4) Mark Trumbo - Angels - 38
5) J.P. Arencebia - Blue Jays - 32

 Justin Turner - Mets - 30


1) Freddy Freeman - 98
2) Darwin Barney - 95
3) Danny Espinosa - 86
4) Mark Trumbo - 83
5) Eric Hosmer - Royals - 76

Justin Turner - 73

Home Runs:

1) Mark Trumbo - 18
2) Danny Espinosa - 17
3) J.P. Arencebia - 15
3) Freddy Freeman - 15
5) Eric Hosmer - 9
5) Wilson Ramos - 9


1) Danny Espinosa - 55
2) Freddy Freeman - 51
3) Mark Trumbo - 44
4) J.P. Arencebia - 42
5) Eric Hosmer - 40

Justin Turner - 37

Batting Average:

1) Darwin Barney - .297
2) Freddy Freeman - .279
3) Eric Hosmer - .277
4) Justin Turner - .274
5) Daniel Descalso - .266


1) Jeremy Hellickson - Rays - 9
1) Dillon Gee - Mets - 9
3) Ivan Nova - Yankees - 8
3) Michael Pineda - Mariners - 8
5) Zach Britton - Orioles - 6

ERA (among starters)

1) Jeremy Hellickson - 3.17
2) Michael Pineda - 3.24
3) Dillon Gee - 3.67
4) Tyler Chatwood - Angels - 3.71
5) Brandon Beachy - Braves - 3.75

Games pitched:

1) Craig Kimbrel - Braves - 51
2) Tim Collins - Royals - 43
3) Jordan Walden - Angels - 42
4) Vinnie Pestano - Indians - 41
5) Aaron Crow - Royals - 40


1) Craig Kimbrel - 31
2) Jordan Walden - 23

Craig Kimbrel will probably get the NL rookie of the year.  AL ROY looks to be between Jordan Walden and Jeremy Hellickson at this point.

Two Fools Bought the $80 Hot Dog

I can think of a few better things than spending $80 on a hot dog.  The Brockton Rox sold two of them last night.  Louis Glanz, I hope you enjoyed your fish egged topped dog. 

Now the big question - did he eat it or did he just buy it to get into the Guiness Book?

Tickets from $1.98

Yankee tickets can now be had for as low as $1.98 with a bunch of seats for less than $2.50.

Yankees tickets for $2.49

If I wanted to, I could get a pair of Yankees tickets for this afternoon's game for $2.49 each on stubhub.  Toss in fees, a pair could be had for less than $20.


Updating the Dead Team Roll Call

Who's Dead by Division?

AL East -
   Blue Jays - 9.5  from WC
   Orioles - 17.5 from WC

AL Central -
   Royals - 11 from division

AL West -
   Athletics - 13.5 from division
   Mariners - 14.5 from division

NL East -
   Mets - 8.5 from WC
   Nationals - 9.5 from WC
   Marlins - 11 from WC

NL Central -
   Cubs - 12.5 from division
   Astros - 20 from division

NL West -
   Rockies - 10 from division
   Dodgers - 13.5 from division
   Padres - 14 from division

We are still at 13 dead teams

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brockton Rox Hot Dogs

The Brockton Rox are selling hot dogs for $80 tonight, complete with caviar and fresh roe. 

That really doesn't sound too appealing. 

The Rox are averaging 1,557 fans per game.  Attendance was over 3,000 because it was fireworks night.  Tonight, they were giving away vouchers for a free hot dog (not the $80 eech-gourmet dogs) to the first 1,000 fans. 

How many of those dogs do you really think they're going to sell?  One to some plant pretending to be a fan?

I like hot dogs - but I really don't want to eat one after you squeezed a fish over it. 

Gaby Sanchez Crushed One

There was no doubt when that one was hit.  The Fish now have the lead.

David Comes Through Yet Again

Big hit to drive in two.  Another big hit in his comeback.

Sweltering at the Stadium

Months ago, I was pondering getting tickets to today's Yankee game.  The Mets were on the road, so why not, right?  But I looked at the calendar, looked at the time of the game, and thought it would be miserable to sit in the bleachers today.

I would have been right.

As of this morning, tickets for today's Yankee game could have been had for $4.  That's right.  Four bucks.  There were a lot of other people who must have been thinking the same thing.   It's just too damn hot to be at a day game today. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

David Came Through Again

In a back and forth game, David Wright just came up with another big hit and drove in a run with a double to take re-take the lead.

David Wright is Back

Which puts Daniel Murphy back at first base and maybe the big Duda on the bench.  Nick Evans is back in the minors and Jose Reyes still doesn't have a backup at shortshop.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank You Colorado Rockies

The Rockies were the latest team to come through.  They had a cap day this past Sunday against the Brewers.  I am now wearing my Colorado Rockies hat.

This is a good hat, too.  It may not have the embroidery work of the Brewers hat, but the Rockies hat (along with the Yankee hat) is damn comfortable and certainly worthy in my eyes of being a regular wear hat.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Will the Rockies Trade Ubaldo?

If they did, it would make for an awkward promotional date on August 19th - It's Ubaldo t-shirt night. 

Where Will Carlos Go?

Reports have the Phillies as the favorite.  I say trade him.  If we can get Domonic Brown in the trade, do it.  Brown hasn't proven himself at the major league level, but I like the idea of giving him first crack at the full time job over Duda or F-Mart.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Top 10 Teams in the Majors

So who are the top 10? 

1) Philadelphia Phillies - 58-35 - .624 winning percentage - NL East Leader
2) Boston Red Sox - 56-36 - .609 percentage - AL East Leader
3) New York Yankees - 54-37 - .593 percentage - AL Wildcard Leader
4) Atlanta Braves - 55-39 - .585 percentage - NL Wildcard Leader
5) Texas Rangers - 54-41 - .568 percentage - AL West Leader
5) San Francisco Giants - 54-41 - .568 percentage - NL West Leader
7) Tampa Bay Rays - 50-42 - .543 percentage
8) Los Angeles Angels - 51-44 - .537 percentage
9) Cleveland Indians - 49-43 - .533 percentage - AL Central Leader
10) St. Louis Cardinals - 50-44 - .532 percentage - NL Central Leader
10) Arizona Diamondbacks - 50-44 - .532 percentage

All the playoff teams are 10 ten teams in the majors.  But the top 8 teams aren't in the playoffs.   Only three of the top 8 are in National League - and they're the three teams with pitching staffs to fear.

So does being a top 10 team translate into top 10 attendance?

1) Phillies - #1 in attendance
2) Red Sox - #7 in attendance
3) Yankees - #2 in attendance
4) Braves - #15 in attendance
5) Rangers - #8 in attendance
5) Giants - #5 in attendance
7) Rays - #28 in attendance
8) Angels - #5 in attendance
9) Indians - #26 in attendance
10) Cardinals - #6 in attendance
10) Diamondbacks - #20 in attendance

Looks like the Braves, Rays, Indians and Diamondbacks fans need to step it up. 

10 Worst Teams in the Majors

There are 30 teams in the Majors.  Divided in thirds, you have the Top Ten, the Muddling Middle and Bottom Feeders.

The worst 10 teams in the majors:

1) Houston Astros - 31-63 - .330 winning percentage.  DEAD LIST
2) Chicago Cubs - 38-57 - .404 percentage.  DEAD LIST
3) Kansas City Royals - 38-56 - .404 percentage.  DEAD LIST
4) Baltimore Orioles - 37-54 - .407 percentage.  DEAD LIST
5) Oakland Athletics - 41-54 - .432 percentage.  DEAD LIST
5) San Diego Padres - 41-54 - .432 percentage.  DEAD LIST
7) Los Angeles Dodgers - 42-52 - .447 percentage.  DEAD LIST
8) Seattle Mariners - 43-51 - .457 percentage.  DEAD LIST
9) Minnesota Twins - 43-49 - .467 percentage.
10) Florida Marlins - 45-49 - .479 percentage.  DEAD LIST
10) Colorado Rockies - 45-49 - .479 percentage. DEAD LIST

Okay... so there are 11 teams because of a tie at #10.  But the only team in the bottom tier that's not on the dead list is the Twins.  And they were on the list earlier this week.

So does being a Bottom Feeder translate to empty stadiums?

1) Astros - #17 in attendance
2) Cubs - #9 in attendance
3) Royals - #27 in attendance
4) Orioles - #25 in attendance
5) Athletics - #29 in attendance
5) Padres - #18 in attendance
7) Dodgers - #10 in attendance
8) Mariners - #23 in attendance
9) Twins - #4 in attendance
10) Marlins - #30 in attendance
10) Rockies - #11 in attendance

Fans in Chicago, Los Angeles, Minnesota and Colorado are supporting bad teams more than they deserve.  Fans in Houston and San Diego are as well, but to a lesser extent.

Manufacturers Hanover Batting Helmet

At the game yesterday, I saw a guy in my section wearing a white Manufacturers Hanover batting helmet with "Mets" in script on the front as the logo.

Now that's going old school.  I don't know what year that helmet was from, but Manufacturers Hanover ceased to exist in 1991. 

Ranking the Mets Hat Days in 2011

The Mets have had the following Hat Days this season...

April 9th (Ski Hat)
May 7th (Black Hat)
June 4th (Orange and Blue Hat)
June 5th (Batting Helmet)
June 18th (Blue Cap)
July 1-3 (Blue Stars and Stripes Hat)
July 16th (Blue 25th Anniversary 1986 Hat)

I don't personally have the batting helmet, so I won't take that into account in the rankings - but here are my personal rankings for this season among the six I can personally account for:

1)  Blue Cap - June 18th.  The classic Met and the best
2)  Blue Stars & Stripes Hat - Classic with a twist
3)  Blue 25th Anniversary 1986 Hat
4)  Black Hat
5)  Ski Hat
6)  Orange and Blue Hat

I know I said the Orange and Blue hats were originally fugly and that I didn't mind them when I saw it in person, which is true.  But in terms of what hat I'm putting on when I'm going outside or what hat I'm wearing when I'm watching the Mets at home, that one has been the one that has finished in last.  Sorry, Nathans. 

They Kicked Philly Ass - Now What?

They blew out Philly yesterday 11-2 in a laugher that kept them in the margins of the race and brought them to 7.5 out of the wildcard, and thus removed them from the Dead Team Roll Call for the time being. 

There were a lot of Philly fans at yesterday's game, which should come as no surprise.  There were busloads of people that came in.  There was one obnoxious Philly fan in particular in my section that was stomping and spitting on the giveaway Mets hat that I'm surprised wasn't thrown out of the stadium after he slapped a Mets hat off the head of another fan, which in turn sent the guy's glasses flying three rows down.  

These rivalry games are fun, but there are a lot of yo-yos in the stands. 

But on the bright side, I really liked the 25th Anniversary Hats.  They looked better in person than they did on the website.  Personally, I do think they may have looked a little better in grey (maybe just because the last two hat giveaways - the classic blue and the stars and stripes blue - were both blue hats), but it was a good giveaway hat and a keeper.

So where do the Mets go from here?  They're still relevant, which is all we can ask for.  I'm not expecting the playoffs.  I never have.  But they're entertaining and fun to watch.  Especially since you've got a bunch of scrappy guys who are giving it their all because they know they're fighting for their Major League lives.  I'll take young and scrappy and playing hard any day of the week as opposed to middling veterans who aren't going to improve.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Latest Dead Team Roll Call

In no particular order...  the list has grown to 13 teams

Blue Jays

That's 8 in the National League and 5 in the American League.  Half of the National League has been eliminated.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mets Dropping Ticket Prices for Sunday

I just saw this now and didn't see this a couple of hours ago on the site (but that doesn't mean it wasn't there), but the Mets have dropped ticket prices to $10 for all promenade seats for Sunday's game against the Phillies.  Ticket sales for that game must really be way off.  

I don't have tickets for Sunday, but I'm glad I got a good price for my extra ticket for tomorrow before word of that got around.  Someone may have just decided to go to that game instead.  I was actually surprised that someone paid what they did for my ticket, given that there were other cheaper options out there for comparable single seats, including a walk up at the gate before the game.  I'm not complaining, though.

But Sunday is what is surprising me.  $10 tickets.  This is a premium category game.  Tickets were this game originally started at $28 for the promenade reserved.

Just for S&G's, I checked the website to see where tickets were if I were to try to purchase one at the discounted price and it gave me section 533.  Which means there are 6 sections of the park they've opened for $10 a pop.  Sales are gangbusters, aren't they?

And if you were to order a single $10 ticket online, they'll charge you a $3 ticket fee, a $5 order charge and an additional $2.50 if you want to print the ticket at home.  So a single $10 ticket can cost you $20.50.  Go to the park and walk up.  There will still be tickets.

Watch Sunday's Stubhub prices tank as soon as word of this gets around.  The cheapest tickets for Sunday are currently listed at $23.50 apiece.  The 2nd cheapest is $25.50.  There are only 60 tickets listed for less than $30 - and they're all in the sections that the Mets have just released for $10.

The prices are about to tank.

But think of it - it's Metrocard day.  A lot of people may show up at the park, get a $10 ticket.  I don't know how much the metrocard is for, but maybe $10?  I'm sure there are a few people who don't live in the city that have no use for the metrocard that may hand them to someone who would use it.  Someone can go to the game for $10, which would be the price of the metrocard, then get extra free metrocards.

Not a bad deal.  Somehow I doubt I'll convince my wife it will be worth having me go to another game on Sunday.

The Mets are on the Dead List

They lost tonight to the Phillies.  Atlanta is up 11-1 in the bottom of the 8th.

Barring a miracle by Washington to rally for 10 in the top of the 9th, the Mets will in a few minutes be 8.5 games out of the wildcard and thus officially on the Dead List.

The Carlos Countdown is on.

Mets Hat Tomorrow

It's been a very long week.  I'm looking very forward to heading off the the ballpark tomorrow, catching the Mets and getting my hands on that 25th Anniversary Hat.

Woo Hoo!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back from the All Star Break

The Mets open up their second half tomorrow night against the Phillies.  The season is running short as it's looking like the Braves belong among the top squads.

But on the bright side, dumping K-Rod to the Brewers gives us a better shot at keeping Reyes.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

They Played in the Futures Game

The Futures Game has been played since 1999.  Who are some notable alumni who have participated in those first two games?

Rick Ankiel, Lance Berkman, Russell Branyan, A.J. Burnett, Francisco Cordero, Rafael Furcal, Nick Johnson, Adam Kennedy, Mark Mulder, Tomo Ohka, Corey Patterson, Brad Penny, Aramis Ramirez, Alex Rios, J.C. Romero and Vernon Wells.

Danys Baez, Josh Beckett, Mark Buehrle, Ramon Castro, Josh Hamilton, Brandon Inge, Miguel Olivio, Carlos Pena, CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets, Carlos Silva, Brad Wilkerson and Barry Zito.

Broken Bat Home Run

Caught this clip online.  Minor league 410 foot home run.  With a broken bat.

Glad the Mets will be Back on the East Coast

I haven't caught much Mets baseball this week.  With the games starting late on the west coast, I'm toast by the time the games have been starting - even on the weekends.  But starting this Friday against the Phillies after the all star break, I can catch the Mets instead of settling for the Yankees.

Tonight's game is on ESPN and starts at 8.  With the game likely ending after 11, that's pushing it for me these days.

The Wife isn't Digging my Brewers Hat

She doesn't like that it's a camo baseball hat.  That's ok.  I like it.

I think this one I don't have to worry about her taking.

Upcoming Hat Days in August around the Majors

Teams may be adding more dates - just like we've seen with the Cubs - but here are the scheduled hat days coming up in August.

Yankees - Aug 10, Aug 12
Marlins - Aug 6
Cubs - Aug 8, Aug 23
Angels - Aug 4 (plaid skater hat)
Rangers - Aug 22
Rockies - Aug 6
A's - Aug 14

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saddam Hussein got a Key to the City of Detroit?

Mike Illitch, owner of the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Red Wings and Little Caesars once got a key to the City of Detroit.  Apparently, this has only happened to five individuals - according to Illitch's Wikipedia page.  Saddam Hussein was another.  I verified this online through the Associated Press.

Strange, huh?

Mets are the Number Two Attendance Draw

Now this is a surprise...

The Yankees are the top drawing road team in the majors.  Their average road game has seen 35,131 people come through the gates this year.

The Mets are the second highest drawing road team this season.  They're ahead of #3 Cincinnati (which is also a surprise), #4 Boston and #5 San Francisco.

Now Back to the Mets

They have to face Lincecum tonight.

This also means that there is the distasteful choice of having to root for the Phillies over the Braves.   That's like kissing your sister.

Craig Biggio is 20th on the Career Hit List.

Jeter made it to the 3,000 hit club today.  It's not unreasonable to say he'll make it into the top 20 all time by the end of this year.  He's standing at 3,003 hits.  57 more hits will tie him with Biggio for 20th all time with 3,060.  58 hits will put him into the top 20 all by himself.  

By the end of next year, he could pass Cal Ripken, Jr. for 14th all time. 

Prices on Stubhub have tanked for Tomorrow

When I checked a couple of days ago, the cheapest tickets available for Sunday's game on Stubhub were $65.

Now that Jeter has hit number 3,000 - tickets can be had for as little as $11.

Christian Lopez Gave the Ball Back

The guy who caught the ball, Christian Lopez, gave the ball back to Derek Jeter and didn't ask for anything.  The Yankees gave him primo seats for the rest of the season, which was a nice gesture.

I'll be honest, I would have sold the ball.  

I Almost Had Tickets For Today

Many months ago, I almost bought tickets to today's Yankee game.  I had two bleacher seats in the checkout cart on and decided to let them go.  I was thinking I'd take my stepdaughter to see the Yankees today.  Then I thought about it being July.  Then I thought about being in the direct sun for three plus hours.  There weren't any upper deck tickets where I could get some shade.  I looked at the schedule and figured that Jeter would have long had his 3,000th by then.

So I released the tickets and didn't think anything else of it.  Until this week.  And especially today.  

Will Johnny Damon make it to 3,000?

A-Rod will make it to 3,000.  But will Johnny Damon?  And if he does, will that make him a hall of famer?

Damon's a nice player.  If you were to go through all the major leaguers that have ever come and gone he's in the top 1% that has ever played the game.  But is he really a hall of famer?  Does he pass the sniff test?

I don't think so.

Now saying that Damon's not a hall of famer, that's not a knock against him at all.  A hall of famer is elite air.  Damon's an elite player, but not a hall of famer.

This is his 17th year in the bigs.  Coming into today's play, he's compiled 2,662 hits.  He's hit at a .287 career clip.  He's hit 224 home runs.  He's driven in 1,088 runs.  He's scored 1,605 times.  He's stolen 392 bases.  He's been a repeat World Series Champion.  He's made over $100 million dollars in his career.

There isn't a ballplayer alive that would turn that career down.

That doesn't make him a hall of famer.

But if he hangs around long enough to get another 338 hits?  Does an aging player sticking around past his prime to compile a few more hits when he's not a hall of famer make him one?

Probably.  Then again, 338 hits is more of a major league career than a lot of guys who ever made it to the bigs.

That doesn't make them hall of famers either.

Jeter Launched Number 3,000

Number 3,000 was a shot.  No doubt about it when it was hit.  Grown men scrambled to get the ball and the guy who caught it just got himself a nice chunk of change.

Good job Jeet.

The Mets are Still Alive

I can't believe they've hung in this long.  This stretch was supposed to be their death knell.  They played well on the road against the Rangers and Tigers.  They took 3 of 4 from the Dodgers out west.  Now they've won the first against the Giants.

They're now standing at three games over .500 and are assured of a winning record at the All Star Break.

They're still 6.5 out of the wildcard, but they're still in the hunt... for now.

The Brew Crew Came Through

What happened on June 26th in Wisconsin?  The Milwaukee Brewers were hosting the Minnesota Twins in interleague play.  The Brewers won that day by the score of 6-2.  Chris Narveson won to even his record to 5-5.  Carl Pavano took the loss to drop to 5-6.

Why do I care?  I wasn't there.

It was hat day for the Brewers.

I now have, courtesy of the Milwaukee Brewers, a leftover promotional hat from that game.  It's a camo Brewers hat with the "M" logo on the front and the Miller High Life logo on the back.   It's a high quality promo hat and it was totally cool of the club to send one to me.

Thank you Brewers.  You've joined the ranks of the Yankees, Reds and Phillies.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Cubs Have Added Additional Hat Days

Is attendance lagging at Wrigley?

They've added hat days for July 16, July 19.  They also have hat days on Aug 8, Aug 23 and added Sept 7 and a floppy had on Sept 20.

Other teams have added additional hat days - here are other hat days around the majors coming up for the remainder of July.

Orioles - July 22 (floppy hat)
Mets - July 16
Tigers - July 16
Royals - July 23 (ladies cap)
Twins - July 23
Astros - July 20
Diamondbacks - July 23
Rockies - July 17
Dodgers - July 24
Giants - July 24 (fedora)

The Dead Team Roll Call Grows

As we're getting deeper into July, the Dead Team Roll Call has increased to 12 teams as of the end of last night's play.  The Mets aren't quite on the list yet - but at 7.5 games out of the wildcard chase, they're on life support and are getting pretty close to being team number 13 on the list.

The Roll Call - beginning with the Most Dead and Buried at the top:

Astros - 17
Orioles - 14.5
Marlins - 12.5
Royals - 12
Dodgers - 12
Cubs - 11
Blue Jays - 10.5
Padres - 10
Athletics - 9
Rockies - 8.5
Twins - 8
Nationals - 8

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nick Evans is Back

I guess we haven't seen the last of Nick Evans.  He's back on board with Jose Reyes landing on the disabled list.

The question I'm wondering is... who will be the backup shortstop?  Turner?  Murphy?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 25th Anniversary Mets Cap Has Been Revealed now has a picture of the promo cap for the July 16th giveaway. 

This one is looking a little bit cheesy.  It's blue.  That's cool.  But it almost looks TOO blue.  It has a patch on it very much like the 25th anniversary logo used during the 1986 season except the years are 1986 and 2011 on the sides.

I'll render my final verdict when I get my hands on one, but I think it may have looked a little better in grey with the logo on it, which would have really made the logo stand out.   Instead, it's looking like a hat that's screaming "LOOK AT MY BLUE HAT!!!" that has a patch on it that you have to look closely to see what it is.

Again, I reserve final judgment for the 16th. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pujols Coming Back Already?

Albert Pujols broke his wrist on June 19th.   Now there's talk he may be coming off the DL on Tuesday?

If that happens, that dude is tough. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Real Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - Tomorrow, July 4th

Since Bartolo Colon won't be participating, everyone will need to show up to Coney Island to determine this year's winner.

In the qualifiers, Tim Janus at 45 dogs as the top dog.  He did it right out of Queens, in front of me at Citifield.

On the ladies side, Juliet Lee ate 28 dogs to take the top women's spot.  I think NYC's own Laura Leu may have a little bit of a hard time keeping up with her and the other three women qualifiers that downed more than 20 dogs.  Laura may have to get Boba Fett to put down his accordion and collect a bounty to come home with the mustard belt.

I'm Rooting for the Pirates... Aargh!!!

That is, if the Mets fall out of the race for good.  The team has been so futile for so long, it'd be good to see the once proud franchise stop being a joke. 

And they're giving away floppy Chuck Tanner hats tomorrow.  I'll have to see if I can get my hands on one of those.

Now the Royals, they're still a joke.  

A Comeback against the Mighty Rivera

With Jason Bay's clutch hit with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 10th, the Mets get a walk off win go get back to .500 before heading off to the west coast before the all star break.

I will continue to be a Mets fan.  This is why they will collapse on this trip.  

I'll Have to Use Reverse Psychology

The Mets lost while I wore a Mets hat while watching the game on Friday. 
The Mets lost while I wore a Mets hat while at the game yesterday.

So I'm going to put on the promo Yankee hat they sent in the mail while watching the game today to try to help out Dickey and the Mets.

I'm not jumping ship.  I'm just trying to do my part.  

The Upcoming Mets 25th Anniversary Promo Hat

Unless the Mets sneak any other cap days in on the schedule this year, the 25th Anniversary Cap giveaway on July 16th will be their last hat giveaway this season.  They've had a good run of them this year.  Each one has been unique, and even the fugly Nathan's hat wasn't as bad as I first thought. 

I'm waiting for a photo of the upcoming one to be posted.  Hopefully, it will look good.

Have We Seen the Last of Nick Evans?

After an unsuccessful 0 for 12 effort in very limited action this year at the major league level, have we seen the last of Nick Evans? 

In parts of 4 seasons from 2008-2011,  he's appeared in 108 games, made 222 plate appearances, has 54 hits, hit 4 homers, driven in 21 and has a career batting average of .243 with a .298 on base percentage.

At 25 years old, he's reaching the point where he's going from prospect to "this is what he is".

He's not a huge power guy.  Yes, he has hit 105 home runs in the minors with 24 home runs last year (17 AA, 6 AAA, 1 MLB).  He's a .276 hitter for his career in the minor leagues, but has hit .300 in the minors the last two years.

Granted, he's never really gotten a legitimate shot at the major league level.  But when you're a first baseman, you hit righty, there are other guys that play your position in your system that have a whole lot more pop and hit for a higher average, and you're not overly versatile as an outfielder or at other positions, your value goes down.  Way down.

Nick made it to the majors.  He's seen part of 4 seasons in the bigs.  His numbers are in no way, shape or form memorable in any way in the books and his baseball card is regulated to the status of "common player", but he's also had more of a major league career than a ton of guys who came up for a cup of coffee.

I doubt we'll see Nick in any kind of impact way (except for maybe a September call up when the Mets are out of it), but he'll probably be squeezed out of the system next season or the year after.  Maybe he'll catch on with another team.  Maybe he won't.

I wish Nick the best, but I don't think he has a future with the Mets.  His chance with the team, as fleeting as it was, has come and gone.  

Decisions, Decisions

I had a tough decision to make today.  I've been looking forward to the Subway Series games all season.  That I had tickets to yesterday and today's game was no surprise.  But I had to make a choice - either go to today's game and hear complaints or sell my ticket and stay home.

So I sold my ticket. 

The Mets are Almost on the Dead List

They're 7.5 out of the playoff chase.  As of tomorrow, they may officially be on the Dead List, heading off to their west coast trip. 

They should fear the beard.  And if Jose is hurt for a couple of days?  

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Mets Chevy Cap Trade Hats

I like them.  I got to the park about three hours early when my wife booted me at the door, which meant I was there in plenty of time to get my blue stars and stripes logo hat.  I think it looks pretty good.  Not as good as the classic blue with the orange NY that was part of the Geico giveaway on June 18th, but it's the number two hat of the season in my opinion. 

Thankfully, my wife thinks it looks hideous, so hopefully I won't risk losing this one.

I was surprised that the giveaway was being done outside before you even got in the park.  If you didn't even have a ticket, you could have arrived outside early, picked up a hat and left.  If you came and parked, you could have come into the park and not even noticed that the trade area was by the train platforms.

But I have my hat. 

Another one Slipped Away

They've gone from the hottest team this side of the Mississippi to one in the middle of a losing streak.  They're back to being under .500 and they're on the verge of being irrelevant.

When it was announced that Jose Reyes was out of the game in the third inning, my first thought (and the thoughts of other Mets fans in my area) was that he was either traded or he got hurt.

It was a tight hammy.  We'll see if he's playing tomorrow.  

Updating the Dead Team Roll Call

The following teams are hereby categorized as "Dead", meaning they are at least 8 games (more than one full week) out of the playoff chase.

We're currently standing (or in this case, no longer standing) at 9 teams as we're heading toward the all star break.

Blue Jays - 8 wildcard
Twins - 8 central
Dodgers - 10 west
Padres - 10 west
Orioles - 11 wildcard
Royals - 11 central
Marlins- 11.5 - wildcard
Cubs - 11 central
Astros - 16 central

There are several other teams on life support that are greater than 6 games out of the hunt:

Mets - 6.5 wildcard
Nationals - 6.5 wildcard
Rockies - 6.5 west
White Sox - 7 wildcard
A's - 7 west

Back to .500

After losing two straight, the Mets are back to .500 on the season.

I don't think anyone expected them to beat Verlander.  After a disappointing loss last night, a loss today can send them reeling back under send the team into a tailspin.  It's up to Dillon Gee today, who is facing Bartolo Colon (who has apparently recovered from his hot dog intake as chronicled on these pages).  After this weekend, it's off to the west coast.

And yes, A-Rod, Reyes is playing like the best player in the majors.

Hat Days Around the Majors this Weekend

If you're heading to the Tiger game today, you can get a relaxed floppy hat. 

On the 4th, the Nationals are giving away a red cap with a stars and stripes "W" logo.

Also on the 4th, the Pirates are giving away floppy hats with Chuck Tanner's star - photos on the website reflect there are black hats and white hats.  I wonder how they are going to give them out.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mets Fall in the First Game of the Subway Series

Niese got off to a rough start and that did it for the Mets tonight.  Now it's up to Gee to break the streak tomorrow.  I'm wonder how early I will have to get there to make sure I get one of the Stars and Stripes hats.

I sold my extra ticket for tomorrow's game for a profit.  Probably to a Yankee fan.  Unfortunately, my computer was out of whack for a bit before and the ticket sold before I could get onto stubhub to raise the price.  I could have made a nice additional chunk of change.  Hopefully the guy sitting to my left won't be an obnoxious beer swilling guy.

Is it wrong to want capitalism to work in my favor? 


Thursday, June 30, 2011

MLB Has Cancelled the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Bartolo Colon Declared the Winner.

Extra, extra... this breaking news is just in.  Major League Baseball has called off the final two qualifers and the Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating contest out of concerns for the public's safety. 

We've all been wondering what was causing the delay in the qualifers for the American and National League East divisions and with the Fourth of July fast approaching, the rumors were beginning to spread. 

We have just learned, in a Why did my Dad make me a Mets fan exclusive, that Major League Baseball confirmed that while training for the upcoming event, Bartolo Colon not only downed a world record eighty hot dogs and buns in an amazing six minutes, he became so dismayed that there no further dogs to swallow, he took a bite out of his personal trainer.  After biting the trainer, he was apparently so heavily under the infulence of the nitrates that he proceeded to sprint nearly as fast as Ichiro to the nearest deli and devoured another twelve dozen dogs from the deli case before passing out. 

As the incident took place, Bartolo was caught on several cell phone videorecordings attempting to bite and eat everything that came remotely his way, including several stray cats, a great dane, and even a little old lady that was crossing the street before a good samaritan managed to get the woman to safety. 

(Editor's note - video of the events were briefly posted on YouTube and have since been removed due to their graphic and disturbing nature.)

Bartolo Colon awoke several hours later at a local hospital with no memory of the incident.  Doctors have attibuted Bartolo's bizarre behavior to be a result of acute nitrate poisoning that can only be attributed to injesting in a very short period of time an inhuman amount of hotdogs.  Toxicology reports later confirmed the doctor's original diagnosis. 

Bartolo will be issuing a statement shortly, as will Nathan's Famous.  The FDA has decided that they will not place any warning labels on Nathan's hotdogs or any other hot dog products for that matter as they have determined this to be an isolated incident.

However, in the interest of public safety, MLB has decided to cancel the event.  They do not want to run the risk of any further incidents and to have Bartolo withdraw from the event would destroy the integrity of the event.  Bartolo has been declared the winner. 

The Yankees have also announced in a separate release that Bartolo's hamstring has fully healed and he will be removed from the disabled list to make a start against the Mets this weekend.   His sprint to the deli satisfied the Yankee training staff.

Monday, June 27, 2011

On the Dodgers Bankruptcy and Deferred Contracts

It will be interesting to see what will become of the deferred payments left to players such as the $21 million owed to Manny Ramirez, who is an unsecured creditor in the Dodger bankruptcy.   Without knowing all the ins and outs of bankruptcy law - I would think that there is a possibility that as an unsecured creditor, Manny may end up getting less than his full amount owed depending on how the Chapter 11 is structured by the court.

I don't know how everything was structured with the Rangers bankruptcy last year when Alex Rodriguez was among the largest unsecured creditors.  I didn't hear anything about any of the players not getting what they were owed in the settlement, but the Dodger case may be an interesting one.

Let's face it, young ballplayers are not expert businessmen.  They're ballplayers.  A major bank would not float an organization a $20 million loan like Manny did without getting a look at their financials.  Their agent is out to get the player the best deal, but they're agents, not bankers.  Now I'm not feeling sorry for Manny in any way, shape, or form, but were Manny to have had a good banker look at the audited financial statements of the Dodgers - I seriously doubt he would have deferred the dough, or at the very least not have had it secured with some type of collateral.

I'm sure he didn't think of it.  Maybe his agent did, maybe he didn't.  But who would have ever expected the Dodgers to go bankrupt?  Up until now, MLB may have been one of the very few industries (maybe along with the NFL) where the businessman could have said "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today," and never had it questioned.

Essentially, Manny gave them a loan.  The money owed was sitting the Dodger balance sheet as a long term liability that had to be paid.  Now he's going to have to get in line with the other unsecured creditors.

It makes me wonder about other deferred contracts.  Bobby Bonilla should be plenty happy that Einhorn stepped in.  He's owed a lot of deferred money that could have been in serious jeopardy if the Wilpons had to take the team into bankruptcy court.  This also makes me wonder if an agent will be so willing in the future to allow a player to defer some of his contract if there's any question as to the solvency of the organization?

A question for collective bargaining time that will force the owners to open up their books?   Just throwing out the question.  I'm not part of the process and thus, not the one to answer...

Does Rod Balgojevich look like Sean Astin?

Maybe it's just me.  But Blagojevich looks like a Goonie.  He bears a resemblance to Samwise Gamgee.  I want to start chanting, "Rudy!  Rudy!  Rudy!"

Is it just me?  Or is it?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where Do I Think Jose Reyes Will Land?

So where is Jose landing?  Let's take a look at the shortstop landscape around the majors.

There are Six teams with the incumbents either going into free agency or have options for 2012.

Free agency (4) - Braves, Phillies, Astros, Orioles
Club options for 2012 (2) - Pirates, Red Sox

There are Five teams with their shortstops under contract for at least the next two years.

Marlins, Rockies, Yankees, White Sox, Twins

He's not going to the Pirates.  The Astros?  I doubt it.  The Orioles may try to throw money at him, but why would he leave New York for them?  The Red Sox may be maxed out in terms of dollars to spend. Would the Phillies add another big contract?  The Braves may be a dark horse.

Can the Nationals sneak in the race?   The Cubs have Castro so forget them.  The Reds?  Possibly.  Brewers are a shot if they don't go the Fielder route.  Cardinals are saving their money for Pujols.   The Dodgers aren't going to be buyers.  The Giants are a major possibility.  Forget the Padres.  The Rays don't have much committed for next year, but they didn't take a run at Crawford, so forget them.  I don't think Jose's going to Toronto. Tigers?  Peralta's under contract for 2012, but you never know.   Royals and Indians are out.  I don't see anyone in the AL west making a run.

The biggest risk factors for Jose to go besides the Mets lie in their own division.   The Braves, Phillies and Nationals may all make a run at him.   The Giants and Reds may go for him.  In the American League, the only teams I can see making a go would be the Red Sox or the Orioles, but I don't think the American league is likely.

Maybe I'm just being hopeful, but I think the Mets have a shot.  I think it will come down to the Mets, the Giants and the Nationals.  

Incumbent Shortshops

Braves - Alex Gonzalez - free agent - $62MM committed
Marlins - Hanley Ramirez - signed through 2014 - $45MM committed
Phillies - Jimmie Rollins - free agent - $116MM committed
Nationals - Ian Desmond - not arbitration eligible - $44MM committed

Cubs - Starlin Castro - not arbitration eligible - $72MM committed
Reds - Paul Janish - first year arbitration eligible - $52MM committed
Astros - Clint Barmes - free agent - $47MM committed
Brewers - Yuniesky Betancourt - 2012 club option - $57MM committed
Pirates - Ronny Cedeno - 2012 club option - $10MM committed
Cardinals - Ryan Theriot - third year arbitration eligible - $49MM committed

Dodgers - Dee Gordon - not arbitration eligible - $46MM committed
Giants - Brandon Crawford - not arbitration eligible - $73MM committed
Rockies - Troy Tulowitzki - signed through 2020 - $65M committed
Padres - Jason Bartlett - signed through 2012 - $13MM committed
Diamondbacks - Stephen Drew - signed through 2012 - $29MM committed

Yankees - Derek Jeter - signed through 2013 - $153MM committed
Red Sox - Marco Scutaro - 2012 option $101MM committed
Rays - Elliot Johnson - not arbitration eligible - $16MM committed
Orioles - J.J. Hardy - free agent - $36MM committed
Blue Jays - Yunel Escobar - 2nd year of arbitration - $31MM committed

Twins - Tsuyoshi Nishioka - under contract through 2013 - $65MM committed
Tigers - Jhonny Peralta - under contract through 2012 - $73MM committed
White Sox - Alexei Ramirez - under contract through 2015 - $94MM committed
Royals - Alcides Escobar - not arbitration eligible - $11MM committed
Indians - Asdrubal Cabrera - 2nd year of arbitration - $13MM committed

Mariners - Brendan Ryan - under contract through 2012 - $59MM committed
Angels - Erick Aybar - going into 3rd year of arbitration - $80MM committed
Athletics - Cliff Pennington - not arbitration eligible - $17MM committed
Rangers - Elvis Andrus - first year arbitration eligible - $63MM committed

Demise of the Newark Bears?

I can't see how things are looking good for the Newark Bears.

This year, they moved from the Atlantic League and their 140-game season to the Can-Am League and their 94 game schedule.

Through 18 home dates, they have drawn 14,779 fans - an average of 821 per game (the 2nd lowest in the league).

The team may be managed by Tim Raines with coaches Ron Karkovice and Jim Leyritz with general manager Mike Torrez, but that's not getting people in the park.

The former ownership filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after the 2008 season, owing creditors more than $4.6 million.   Ozzie Smith's ownership group took control of the franchise in 2009 and assumed in the ballpark of $1 million in debt.

The team changed ownership again prior to the 2010 season with Frank Boulton (who also owns other Atlantic League franchises) taking control of the franchise.

Prior to this season and the league switch, Frank Boulton sold his majority ownership stake to minority owner Thomas Cetnar.

Drawing 821 a game isn't going to pay down that debt when you have current expenses to pay.  Attendance may be up during the summer months, but that's still far short of the 1,872 per game the club averaged last season.

I'd be surprised if the Bears are operating next year.

Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey

While looking at the promotional schedules throughout the minor leagues, it looks like Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey preforms a lot at minor league games.  This is a monkey that rides a border collie dressed up as a cowboy.

Gotta love the minor leagues.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tom Verducci and the Worst Managing Jobs

According to Tom Verducci at Sports Illustrated, the Mets job is the 4th worst managing job in the majors. The only teams that rank lower are the Marlins, Dodgers and A's.

Trade Jose Reyes, and the job may get worse.

Kicked Some Texas Ass

The Mets kicked the Ranger's butts today.

6 players had multi-hit games.
6 players had an RBI.

The only Met to not have a hit today was Angel Pagan, and that was only because he was robbed of a triple by an outstanding catch by Gentry.

Now they're back to one under .500 - tease land.

Duda is Having a Big Day

Just missed a grand slam.  3rd double of the day.

Davey Johnson - Nationals Manager?

It's looking like Davey is going to be the new Nationals manager.

Observations on Giveaway Hats

I must say this, the Yankees have quality giveaway hats.  The one that they sent me it actually of pretty good quality, looks good, and is a hat that is a very wearable everyday hat.   A lot of giveaway promo hats look pretty cheap.  But the Yankee one is a good one and gets a thumbs up.

The Mets also do well with their promo hats.  The blue hat last weekend from Geico is also a quality giveaway item and looks really sharp.  It is now the #1 hat in my rotation.  The Nathan's blue and orange hat that I also originally thought of as being really fugly is also of quality.  The Seinfeld black hats from last month aren't bad, but the quality of that hat isn't the same as the Nathan's and Geico hats.

But overall, the Mets and Yankee giveaway hats are really good.  They're also two teams that are right at the top of overall hat giveaway days as mentioned in an earlier post.

I also contacted a few of the other major league clubs and thusfar, two teams have sent me leftover promotional giveaway hats, which was really cool of both of them.  I won't name the teams - they did something that they didn't have to do and they were very accommodating.  I can also say that the New York teams are definitely heads and shoulders above the other clubs in terms of the quality of their giveaway hats.

Way to go New York!

Upcoming Hat Promos Around The Minors...

For all you hat lovers out there, here are some upcoming hat promotions in the affiliated minor leagues...

Pawtucket Red Sox - July 21st
Las Vegas 51s - July 2, July 22
Reno Aces - Sept 3
Tucson Padres - July 29
Erie Seawolves - June 30
Harrisburg Senators - June 26 (bucket hat)
Corpus Christi Hooks - June 25, July 7, July 21, Aug 31
Northwest Arkansas Naturals - Aug 17
Tennessee Smokies - Jul 23, Aug 13
Princeton Rays - July 14
Inland Empire 66ers - July 29, Aug 21
Lake Elsinore Storm - Aug 13
Frederick Keys - July 23
Myrtle Beach Pelicans - Aug 19
Potomac Nationals - July 15
Wilmington Blue Rocks - July 30, Aug 10 (knit cap), Sept 1
Bowling Green Hot Rods - July 21
Peoria Chief - July 15, Aug 26 (winter cap)
Quad Cities River Bandits - Aug 10
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers - Jul 8, Aug 30
Auburn Doubledays - July 29
Brooklyn Cyclones - Sept 2 (ski cap)
Lowell Spinners - June 28
Mahoning Valley Scrappers - Aug 6
Spokane Indians - July 19
Vancouver Canadians - Aug 18
Billings Mustangs - July 29
Helena Brewers - Aug 5
Missoula Osprey - July 9
Augusta Greenjackets - Sept 2
Charleston Riverdogs - July 9
Hagerstown Suns - July 23
Lexington Legends - Sept 2

The Yankees Came Through

Yes, I am a Mets fan.  That does not mean I am a Yankee hater.

I know that sounds odd.

I had tickets for the June 11th game against the Indians - hat day.  We know how I love giveaway hats.

I wasn't able to go.  I put the tickets on stubhub, but the weather was crappy that day and two tickets weren't sold.  I sold the other two and broke even, so it was no big deal.  But I didn't get the Yankee giveaway hat (sponsored by Hess).

So I called the Yankees and they sent me the promo hats.

That was pretty cool.

What's With Managers Resigning?

Jim Riggleman called it quits this week.  I can't remember the last time (or any time for that face) that a manager resigned in the middle of the season.  Now it's happened twice in one week.


The Beginning of the End

Yesterday was where it all starts.  The Mets have begun the stretch that will bury them.  From yesterday to the July 31st trade deadline, the Mets play only 10 games at home - against the Yankees, Phillies, Cardinals and one makeup game against the Marlins.

They will soon be entering the Dead Zone.

Speaking of the Dead Zone, we now have eight members of the club.

Baltimore Orioles
Minnesota Twins
Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Dodgers
Florida Marlins
San Diego Padres
Houston Astros
Chicago Cubs

Friday, June 24, 2011

R.A. Dickey Bobblehead Night

R.A. Dickey is getting his own bobblehead.  It won't be at Citifield.  It's on August 12th for the St. Lucie Mets game.

Oh, and it's sponsored by a urologist.

Oh, and they're playing against the Stone Crabs.

Too funny.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dead Team Roll Call!!!

Now there are seven.

Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles
Kansas City Royals
Florida Marlins
San Diego Padres
Chicago Cubs
Houston Astros

The Twins and Dodgers have made their way off the Dead List and have been replaced by the Blue Jays, Orioles and Marlins.

I Think I Have to Hide My Hats

I finally got a Mets hat last month.  I had to tell my wife to not wear it.  I got a blue Mets hat at the game last week.  I really, really had to tell my wife not to wear it because I really, really liked that one.  I did not want it to go missing the way my authentic batting practice hat went last year, never to be seen again.

I got home the other night and saw she took my blue Mets hat.  I found it under the couch.  I hid it.  I got home tonight and found that my black Mets hat was gone.  I couldn't find it and finally found it buried.

That did it.  I confiscated my hats and have now put them where she can't get them.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Love Hat Giveaways

The Mets had a great hat giveaway this weekend.  Who else is giving away hats the rest of the season?

Baltimore Orioles - sorry kids, their lone hat day came and went on June 12th.
Boston Red Sox - no hat days all season.  Boo.
New York Yankees - July 7 (visor), Aug 10, Aug 12 - and they had three earlier ones.
Tampa Bay Rays - no hat days all season.  Boo
Toronto Blue Jays - no hat days all season.

The American League East is lacking, but the Yankees did a good job.

Atlanta Braves - If you went on May 14th, you got an Atlanta Black Crackers cap
Florida Marlins - Aug 6
Philadelphia Phillies - Sept 16 (knit hat).  They had two cap giveways one each in May and June.
Washington Nationals - today June 19, July 4, July 8. Also one earlier hat giveway.

The National League East doesn't top the Mets, but the Nationals also do a good job.

Chicago White Sox - Sept 9, Sept 25 (knit hat) - 1 earlier hat day
Cleveland Indians - no hat days.
Detroit Tigers - June 28, July 2, July 16, Sept 3.
Kansas City Royals - July 23 (ladies cap), Sept 17 - 1 earlier hat day
Minnesota Twins - today June 19, July 23, Sept 27 (knit cap) - 1 earlier cap day

With the exception of the Indians - the AL Central did well.

Chicago Cubs - Aug 8, Aug 23 - two earlier cap days
Cincinnati Reds - two cap days, both have passed.
Houston Astros - July 20, Sept 23
Milwaukee Brewers - June 26
Pittsburgh Pirates - July 4.  One past cap day.
St. Louis Cardinals - one past cap day

The NL Central was represented, but the only one that stood out was the Cubs.

Los Angeles Angels - July 7, Aug 4.  Two prior hat days (one winter)
Oakland A's - July 4 (visor), Aug 14.  Two prior hat days.
Seattle Mariners - July 3.  One prior hat day (knit cap)
Texas Rangers - Aug 22, Sept 11.  One prior hat day

The AL West gets a passing grade.

Arizona Diamondbacks - July 23, one past hat day
Colorado Rockies - July 17, Aug 6
Los Angeles Dodgers - July 24, Sept 15, Sept 20.  One prior hat day
San Diego Padres - two non-kids hat days, both have passed
San Francisco Giants - July 24 (fedora).  One prior hat day.

The Dodgers take the cake in the NL West.

Mets Pitchers 20 Over/Under

Hockey has a plus/minus - how about the Mets?

Tom Seaver -          198-124           +74
Dwight Gooden -    157-85            +72
David Cone -            81-51            +30
Ron Darling -            99-70            +29
Al Leiter -                 95-67             +28
Rick Reed -               59-36             +23
Sid Fernandez -         98-78             +20

Tracy Stallard -         16-37              -21
Jay Hook -                12-34              -22
Galen Cisco -            18-43              -25
Anthony Young -       5-35               -30
Roger Craig -            15-46              -31
Jack Fisher -              38-73              -35
Al Jackson -              43-80              -37

The Mets Have to Sign Jose

Is Jose going to get major dollars next year?  Yes.

Do the Mets want to shed payroll next year?  Yes.

They can still do that and keep Reyes.

At this point, the Mets are committed to $66.83MM in contracts for the 2013 season

  1. Johan Santana - $24MM
  2. Jason Bay - $18.13MM
  3. David Wright - $15.25MM
  4. R.A. Dickey - $4.25MM
  5. Francisco Rodriguez - $3.5MM minimum if the option doesn't kick in
  6. D.J. Carrasco - $1.2MM
They have five players eligible for arbitration making $9.80MM.  If they keep all these guys, expect this number to go up.  
  1. Mike Pelfrey - currently making $3.92MM
  2. Angel Pagan - making $3.5MM
  3. Ronny Paulino - making  $1.35MM
  4. Taylor Bucholz - making  $600M
  5. Bobby Parnell - making $433M
They have the following contracts coming off the payroll totaling $57MM
  1. Carlos Beltran - $20.07MM
  2. Jose Reyes - $11MM
  3. Ryota Igarashi - $1.75MM
  4. Chris Capuano - $1.5MM
  5. Scott Hairston - $1.1MM
  6. Chris Young - $1.1MM
  7. Tim Byrdak - $900M
  8. Willie Harris - $800M
  9. Jason Isringhausen - (I don't have this salary figure)
  10. Oliver Perez - $12MM
  11. Luis Castillo - $6MM
  12. Gary Matthews, Jr. - $1MM
The rest of the team is making less than $500M, is under team control and is not arbitration eligible - thus keeping salaries low.

The Mets Opening Day payroll was $142.79MM.

If you just take the money that's coming off the payroll next year - we're at almost $86MM.  Bump that figure up for the raises the arbitration guys will get.  The Mets can give Jose a $20MM/year contract and still be in the $110MM payroll range (provided K-Rod's option clause doesn't kick in).  The only other free agent I can at this point even see the Mets having any interest in is Capuano - but with next year's projected rotation of Santana, Dickey, Niese, Pelfrey and Gee already in place and the young arms in the system - they'll be able to afford to let Capuano go. 

Are the Mets losing money?  Yes.  But will they lose more if they don't spend it on Reyes?  

Without having access to the books, I can't make that call.  

Another Marlins Manager Bites the Dust

The Florida Marlins have been in existence since 1993.  This is their 19th season of Major League Baseball.   Edwin Rodriguez was manager number eleven.  They are now in search of manager number twelve.

  1. Renee Lachmann - 1993-1996
  2. John Boles - 1996
  3. Cookie Rojas - 1996
  4. Jim Leyland - 1997-1998
  5. John Boles - 1999-2001
  6. Tony Perez - 2001
  7. Jeff Torborg - 2002-2003
  8. Jack McKeon - 2003-2005
  9. Joe Girardi - 2006
  10. Fredi Gonzalez - 2007-2010
  11. Edwin Rodriguez - 2010-2011
If you want job security, don't manage the Marlins. 

Good Thing There is a 40 Man Roster

The Mets have already used 39 players this year - not even at the all star break.  That's a lot of roster turnover - 19 pitchers, 20 position players.

Back to Six Dead Teams

The Royals are back in the Dead Pool, once again 8 games out of a playoff spot - more than one full week behind in the race for September.  Once again in the Land of the Lost, the 2011 casualties consist of the Royals, Twins, Dodgers, Padres, Cubs and Astros.

Teetering on the brink are the Marlins, Orioles and Athletics - but they're not there yet.

As we approach the end of June, the contenders are starting to separate from the pretenders.  At the moment, the Mets have not decided what category they fit into.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Mets Win and Sharp Looking Geico Blue Hat

Pelf pitched a strong complete game, Beltran hit a 460 foot blast and the Blue Mets Hats that they gave away tonight were really sharp looking - classic blue and by far the best hat giveaway thusfar this year.  One worth wearing, even if it says Geico on the back.

Current Vegas Odds on the 2011 World Series

My name isn't Pete, nor am I a degenerate gambler - but here are the current Vegas favorites and not-so-favorites for this year's World Series

  1. Phillies - 5/2
  2. Red Sox - 4/1
  3. Yankees - 5/1
  4. Giants - 15/1
  5. Cardinals - 15/1
  6. Rangers - 15/1
The Not-So-Favorites
  1. Pirates - 500/1
  2. Astros - 500/1
  3. Royals - 200/1
  4. Mariners - 125/1
  5. Padres - 100/1
  6. Nationals - 100/1
  7. Orioles - 100/1
  8. Mets - 100/1

Even the Twins, currently at 29-39 and one of the "dead" teams is still a bigger favorite than the Mets with 75/1 odds.

Even the 29-40 Cubs also at 75/1 are bigger favorites.

Vegas is saying the Mets need to man up and play better. 

And Then There Were Five

The Royals have made it back into the race (or have they?).  They've within 7 games of the American League Central.  They're no longer at that arbitrary 8 games back mark that make them officially DEE-EE-AH-DEE Dead.

So the Dead Teams Walking now stand at five:


Buy Mets Tickets!!!

This sums up the question I pose - Why did my Dad make me a Mets fan?

I'd Crawl Under a Rock if I Did This - John Wall's first pitch.

John Wall should stick to basketball.

Cyclones Season Has Started

Looking at the roster, the Baby Mets have three players on the roster with the last name of Brown.

Shortshop Brandon Brown
Second Baseman J.B. Brown
Outfielder Dylan Brown

Friday, June 17, 2011

Among the Trade Bait Mentioned Earlier...

From the Dodgers -

  1. Jamie Carroll is hitting .314 with a .382 OBP in 236 at bats. 
  2. Rafael Furcal is making $13MM and is hitting .212 in 66 at bats - currently on the DL 
  3. Hiroki Kuroda has a 3.31 ERA in 89 innings
  4. Jonathon Broxton - 5.68 ERA in 12 innings and on the DL
  5. Rod Barajas - 8 HR and .222 batting average in 180 at bats
  6. Vincente Padilla - 8.2 innings pitched - had neck surgery and could be out for the year
Padres - 
  1. Heath Bell - 2.79 ERA and 18 saves
  2. Ryan Ludwick - .259 BA and 8 HR in 247 at bats
Cubs - 
  1. Fukudome - hitting .296 with a .408 OBP in 189 at bats with 3 HR.
  2. Carlos Pena - batting .218 with 10 HR.  
  3. John Grabow - 5.19 ERA in 29 innings, 29 appearances
Astros - 
  1. Clint Barmes - hitting . 219 in 155 at bats
Twins - 
  1. Jim Thome - on the DL
  2. Michael Cuddyer - .282 with 10 HR
  3. Jason Kubel - .310, 5 HR, 30 RBI
  4. Matt Capps - 4.20 ERA with 10 saves
Royals - 
  1. Jason Kendall - on the DL with a shoulder surgery
  2. Kyle Davies - on the DL but making rehab starts in the minors
  3. Bruce Chen - on the DL and making rehab starts in the minors
  4. Jeff Francis - 4.83 ERA in 91 innings and 15 starts

I could see Jamie Carroll going to someone looking for an extra stick.  Hiroki Kuroda could be that extra arm teams are looking for.  Rod Barajas - eh, we knew what he was with the Mets.  Heath Bell - likely to go.  Ludwig? Who knows.  Fukudome - the batting average is there, but there's no pop.  The Cubs would have to pick up part of the contract for a rental player.  Pena may do better in a change of scenery.    Grabow?  Dime a dozen.   Clint Barmes - good luck getting a taker.  The Twins could be interesting - they got off to such a terrible start, but they're now on a streak and they have parts that other teams could want.  Jeff Francis maybe if a team wants some innings, but he's not going to make a difference in a pennant race. 

Trade Bait Across the Majors?

As of today, there are six teams that are 8 games or more out of a playoff spot, be it division or the wildcard.  There are other teams on the cusp of 8, but using 8 as the cutoff of being out of the race - as of June 17th, there are six teams that could officially be declared "sellers" heading into the last month and a half before the non-waiver trade line.  The dirty half-dozen - the Dodgers, Padres, Cubs, Astros, Twins and Royals.

What players are most likely to be traded?  If the answer to this question is players with larger salaries nearing the end of their contract are set to become free agents - who fits this description among these six?


  1. Rafael Furcal - SS - $13MM in 2011 and free agent after this season
  2. Hiroki Kuroda - P - $12MM in 2011 and free agent after this season
  3. Jonathon Broxton - P - $7MM in 2011 and free agent after this season
  4. Rod Barajas - C - $3.25MM in 2011 and free agent 
  5. Jamey Carroll - INF - $2.3MM in 2011 and free agent
  6. Vicente Padilla - P - $2MM in 2011 and free agent
  1. Heath Bell - P - $7.5MM in 2011 and free agent
  2. Ryan Ludwick - OF - $6.77MM in 2011 and free agent
  1. Kosuke Fukudome - OF - $14.5MM in 2011 and free agent
  2. Carlos Pena - 1B - $10MM in 2011 and free agent
  3. John Grabow - P - $4.8MM in 2011 and free agent
  1. Clint Barmes - 2B - $3.92MM in 2011 and free agent
  1. Michael Cuddyer - OF - $10.5MM in 2011 and free agent
  2. Matt Capps - P - $7.15MM in 2011 and free agent
  3. Jason Kubel - OF - $5.25MM in 2011 and free agent
  4. Jim Thome - DH - $3MM in 2011 and free agent
  1. Jason Kendall - C - $3.75MM in 2011 and free agent
  2. Kyle Davies - P - $3.2MM in 2011 and free agent
  3. Bruce Chen - P - $2MM in 2011 and free agent
  4. Jeff Francis - P - $2MM in 2011 and free agent

Mets Pitchers With The Bat

Here are some of the batting lines of some of our favorite Mets pitchers through the years.

Dwight Gooden -   .197 BA, 730 AB, 59 R, 144 H, 15 2B,  5 3B,  7 HR, 65 RBI

Tom Seaver -         .150 BA, 975 AB, 70 R,  146 H, 17 2B, 5 3B,  6 HR, 60 RBI

Jerry Koosman -    .121 BA, 807 AB,  33 R,    98 H, 12 2B, 1 3B, 2 HR, 39 RBI

Tug McGraw -      .172 BA, 157 AB,  12 R,    27 H,   6 2B,  0 3B, 1 HR, 15 RBI

Jesse Orosco -       .179 BA,   56 AB,    2 R,    10 H,   0 2B,  0 3B,  0 HR,  4 RBI

Roger McDowell - .246 BA,  61 AB,   4 R,    15 H,   5 2B,  0 3B,  0 HR,   6 RBI

Ron Darling -         .145 BA, 519 AB,  39 R,  75 H,   20 2B, 2 3B,  2 HR, 19 RBI

Sid Fernandez -     .190 BA, 495 AB,  27 R,   94 H,  14 2B,  2 3B,  1 HR,  31 RBI

Al Leiter -              .084 BA, 394 AB, 10 R,   33 H,    7 2B,   1 3B,  0 HR,  14 RBI

David Cone -         .155 BA, 399 AB,  26 R,  62 H,    8 2B,   0 3B,  0 HR,  20 RBI

Rick Aguilera -      .203 BA, 138 AB,  12 R,  28 H,   3 2B,   0 3B,   3 HR,  11 RBI

Thursday, June 16, 2011

MLB and Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - Qualifier #4

The fourth qualifier for the MLB and Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest features entrants from the National League Central.  In our largest qualifying heat, we have Tony LaRussa representing the St. Louis Cardinals.  We have the Pirate Parrot representing the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Craig Counsell is the entrant from the Milwaukee Brewers.  Rounding out the field we have Carlos Marmol of the Chicago Cubs and Jeff Fulchino of the Houston Astros.  Mike Leake was the Cincinnati Reds entrant as part of his community service, but was nowhere to be seen.  We were informed he hadn't checked in with his probation officer earlier in the day.  We just hope he wasn't at a J.C. Penny.

It was quite a sight seeing the contestants lined up at the table.  Tony LaRussa was at one end wearing his sunglasses.  The Pirate Parrot was at the far and and was waving to the crowd.  Jeff Fulchino was in the middle and looked like a giant standing next to Craig Counsell.

The contestants were told to start eating and the ten minute gorgefest began.  Jeff Fulchino double fisted two dogs into his mouth at once and within the first thirty seconds, he had downed four.  Tony LaRussa picked up his first dog and studied it.  He examined it from all angles.  He finally took a his first bite nearly a minute in.  Carlos Marmol started munching away, but was nothing compared to Craig Counsell's Joey Chestnut imitation as he started downing the dogs.

The big surprise was the Pirate Parrot.  One by one, hot dogs disappeared into the hole in his mouth.  One went in after another.  The first plate of twenty hot dogs and buns disappeared within the first minute.  A second was placed in front of him and they were completely gone by minute number two.  A third plate was gone by the third minute.  The Parrot was downing them at world record pace.  The bird was seemingly a black hole.

After downing sixty dogs in three minutes, the Parrot stopped and began playing to the crowd.  Sensing imminent victory, the Parrot stopped eating.  It danced around the other contestants and starting waggling its Pirate booty the way only a sports mascot can.

In the meantime, the other contestants continued eating.  Tony LaRussa was working on only his second dog by the halfway point, seeming to savor every bite like a fine wine.  Carlos Marmol was proving to be nowhere up to the task with only four.  The battle for second place was between the men in the middle - Fulchino had slowed, but was working on number eleven.  Counsell had pulled ahead of Fulchino and was on number thirteen.

By the eight minute mark, the battle for second was all but won.  The big man hit the wall and was on fourteen, was chewing very slowly and was holding his stomach.  Counsell was on dog number seventeen.  When time was called, he had downed two more and finished with nineteen.

The Pirate Parrot was dancing around, pointing to himself and wildly celebrating in his dominant victory over the rest of the field.  The Parrot had tripled the second place Counsell and got right in his face, silently making fun of him.  Craig Counsell had a big grin on his face and began shaking the Parrot's leg.  Hot dogs started tumbling out of the bottom of the costume, all uneaten.  The Pirate Parrot was proven a cheater and was disqualified.

Craig Counsell was declared the winner.

Here are the official results of qualifier number four:

1) Craig Counsell - 19 hot dogs
2) Jeff Fulchino - 15 hot dogs
3) Carlos Marmol - 6 hot dogs
4) Tony LaRussa - 3 hot dogs
5) The Pirate Parrot - disqualified

Mike Leake - probation violation.

See you on the fourth, Craig!

All Time Mets - The Error Edition

Bud Harrelson has made the most errors in Mets history with 183.  Not surprising considering he had 6,139 total chances - 5th all time among Mets.  The only four Mets who had more total chances than him should not come as a surprise - Ed Kranepool, Jerry Grote, Keith Hernandez and Mike Piazza.  Two first basemen.  Two catchers.  Guys who get a chance with every groundout to first and with every strikeout.

1)  Bud Harrelson - 183 errors in 6,139 total chances
2)  Howard Johnson - 180 errors in 3.063 total chances
3)  David Wright - 132 errors in 2,836 total chances
4)  Jose Reyes - 107 errors in 4,135 total chances
4)  Wayne Garrett - 105 errors in 2,620 total chances

What does this tell us?  Bud may have made more errors than any Met in history (he only played with them for 13 seasons), but HoJo had an iron glove.

Weird Programming Quirk at MLB

If you were to google "Braves all time stats", the web address you'd be directed to is:

When was Barry ever a member of the Braves?  And why are their all time statistical records linked to him?

Hairston - From Bolivia to Tying the Game

As Mike Tyson would say, he was fading into Bolivia.  He just hit a 3 run jack to tie the game.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They Were On The Mets?

Of the 910 players who have appeared in a game for the Mets - a whole lot of them appeared in less than 20 games.

Who could forget these guys once played for the Mets?

Octavio Dotel - 19 games
Kaz Ishii - 19 games
Bruce Bochy (yes, that Bruce Bochy) - 17 games
Hideo Nomo - 17 games
Pat Tabler - 17 games
Sandy Alomar - 15 games
Larry Bowa - 14 games
Don Zimmer - 14 games
Billy Beane - 13 games
Kenny Rogers - 12 games
Dick Tidrow - 11 games
Sandy Alomar, Jr - 8 games
Yogi Berra - 4 games
John Candelaria - 3 games
Kevin Tapani - 3 games

Highest ERA's Among Mets Pitchers

There have been 428 men who have pitched for the Mets in their history (including Todd Zeile).  Only 33 have thrown at least 500 innings to qualify for this stat.

So who has the worst ERA's among Mets pitchers who have thrown at least 500 innings?  

1)  Oliver Perez - 4.71
2)  Mike Pelfrey - 4.37
3)  Al Jackson - 4.26
4)  John Maine - 4.17
5)  Dave Mlicki - 4.15

You may think these numbers may have been higher, but if you were getting shelled at higher numbers - you wouldn't last long enough in the rotation to get to 500 innings.

But either way you slice it, Ollie P sucked. 

Pitchers that have had at least 250 innings with the Mets that have ERA's that matched or exceeded Mlicki's 4.15

Nino Espinosa - 4.15 in 457.1 innings
Aaron Heilman - 4.24 in 450.1
Tracey Stallard - 4.16 in 380.1
Jay Hook - 5.22 in 376
Glendon Rusch - 4.30 in 370.2
Mike Scott - 4.64 in 364.2
Jason Isringhausen - 4.57 in 356.1
Pete Schourek - 4.65 in 350.2
Masato Yoshii - 4.17 in 345.2
Pete Harnisch - 4.33 in 330.1
Mike Torres - 4.47 in 260

So if  you want to look at it that way, the worst pitcher in Met's history is appropriately named Jay Hook of the 15-34 Hook's.  

Lowest Batting, Slugging and On Base Percentages

There have been 71 Mets who have had at least 1000 plate appearances to qualify for the "all time" stats in these categories.

Who's at the bottom?

Batting Average:

1) Dave Kingman - .219
1a) Duffy Dyer - .219
3) Kevin Elster - .224
4) Roy McMillan - .226
5) Bud Harrelson - .234
    Doug Flynn - .234

On Base Percentage:

1)  Doug Flynn - .264
2)  Ted Martinez - .267
3)  Roy McMillan - .269
4)  Dave Kingman - .287
5)  Kevin Elster - .288

Slugging Percentage:

1)  Roy McMillan . 275
2)  Bud Harrelson - .287
3)  Doug Flynn - .292
4)  Rey Ordonez - .304
5)  Ted Martinez - .309

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jeter to Get 3,000 at Citi?

With Derek heading to the DL, he should be right on target to get number 3,000 at Citifield.  I'm sure there are plenty of Mets fans who don't want that to happen.  I do.  I'd love to see it happen.  Or what I'd really love to see is have him be one or two hits away going into the Saturday game and then get it on Sunday.  I have an extra ticket to each game and if he's close, the price I can get on the re-sell goes up. 

Cha-ching.  I was quite happy when I heard about the DL stint today.

Monday, June 13, 2011

MLB and Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - Qualifier #3

The first two qualifier's for this years inaugural MLB and Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Costest to be held on July 4th proved to be quite a show.  Ichro Suzuki won the first qualifer, beating out Coco Crisp on a turn of Coco's stomach.  In qualifer number two, Brian Wilson narrowly edged out Jason Giambi with a last minute stuffing.  The third qualifier features participants from the American League Central Division.

Representing the Cleveland Indians is Orlando Cabrera.  From the Detroit Tigers, Daniel Schlereth.  The Chicago White Sox representative is A.J. Pierzynski.  From the Kansas City Royals, we have Matt Treanor.  Rounding out the competition is Carl Pavano of the Minnesota Twins.

An ESPN fan poll saw no clear but favorite in this qualifying round.  Orlando Cabrera held the slight edge with 27% of the fan vote, followed by A.J. Pierzynski's 24%.

As they lined up to the table and awaited the word to start eating, a buzz spread through the crowd.  Alyssa Milano appeared, showing off her 6 month pregnant belly in an undersized t-shirt that said "Who's the Boss?"  Carl's jaw dropped as Alyssa made her way to the stage and took her place behind him as his bunnette.  After she gave Carl a little peck on the cheek, she complimented Misty May, who was standing behind her husband Matt Treanor, on her outfit that just happened to be from Alyssa's "Touch" sports clothing line.

Once the commotion settled, the contestants were ready to start.

By the two minute mark, it became apparent that the competition from this heat wasn't nearly as fierce as the previous qualifer.  Orlando and A.J. were each working on their third dog while the other three competitors each had finished two.  By minute four, the entire field was neck and neck with five dogs apiece.

By the six minute mark, it was becoming apparent that this would be by far the weakest group of competitors.  Orlando Cabrera was leading the field with eight.  A.J. was right behind him with seven.  Matt Treanor and Daniel Schlereth had downed six each and Carl Pavano was in last place with six.

The competition looked as if it would end with a whimper as none of the competitors looked all to happy about ingesting any more hot dogs by the eight and a half minute mark.  Orlando Cabrera was sitting on ten and was looking a little green.  Matt Treanor, being cheered on by Misty had worked his way up to eight and a half.  Schlereth was stuck on seven and Carl Pavano had gone on the competitive eating's equivalent of the disabled list a minute earlier.  A.J. Pierzynski had managed to pull into a tie for first with ten.

As the competition rolled to a close, Orlando had stopped eating.  He was trying hard to keep what he had down and managed to hold on just long enough to make it official before vomiting into his bucket.  A.J. choked down one more dog to edge out Orlando and win with an uninspiring total of eleven.

Here's the final results from qualifer number three:

A.J. Pierzynski - 11 Hot Dogs
Orlando Cabrera - 10 Hot Dogs
Matt Treanor - 10 Hot Dogs
Daniel Schlereth - 8 Hot Dogs
Carl Pavano - 6 Hot Dogs

A.J. Pierzynski moves onto the next round and will be competing against Ichiro Suzuki and Brian Wilson on July 4th.  The final three entrants will be determined shortly.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to One Under

Once again, the 2011 Mets are playing the role of That Girl From High School.  With today's 7-0 victory, they've once again teased us into getting within one game of that elusive .500 mark.  They may even achieve it before heading off to the House of Horrors known as Turner Field in Atlanta.

Damn them.

Tejada, Murphy or Turner?

The race for second is getting interesting.  Tejada is showing he has some stick besides just a slick glove.  Is he setting himself up as the front runner for second base once the corners return?  Justin Turner is cooling off after his hot start.  Daniel Murphy is raking well right now, but he's not the fielder Tejada is.  Let's also not forget - Collins seems to really like the kid.

MLB and Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - Qualifier #2

Qualifer number two for the big Fourth of July Hot Dog eating contest featured the National League West. Stepping up to the table today was Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants, Armando Gallaraga of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Jason Giambi of the Colorado Rockies and Kyle Phillips of the San Diego Padres.  The Los Angeles Dodgers were not represented.  Unfortunately, with their financial difficulties, Tom Schieffer would not approve the expense of sending someone to the competition.

Brian Wilson was looking fearsome.  Armando Gallaraga looked gracious.  Jason Giambi was gray and bloated.  Kyle Phillips just looked happy to be there.

The four contestants lined up to the table.  Right before the start, Brian Wilson called out Coco Crisp and his performance in the first qualifer.  "He couldn't close.  I'll show him how it's done.  Fear the Beard!"

Brian Wilson came out of the gate hard, downing four dogs in the first minute.  Giambi was right on his heels with three.  Phillips finished his third moments later and Gallaraga had scarfed two.

Wilson continued setting the pace, finishing his twentieth dog at the six minute mark and letting out a roar as his second plate of twenty dogs and buns was placed in front of him.  Giambi was in hot pursuit, finishing his twentieth a minute later.  Phillips was doing his best to keep up, but was only on dog number fourteen as Giambi downed number twenty.  Gallaraga was showing why he was demoted to AAA as he couldn't keep up with the major leaguers.  By the seventh minute, he was fading into the distance only on dog number six.

Wilson seemed to be running out of steam as they headed into the homestretch and Giambi was gaining ground fast.  Going into the last sixty seconds, the pair was one dog apart - Wilson's thirty two to Giambi's thirty one.  It looked like Giambi was going to overtake Wilson until the final ten seconds when Wilson double fisted two dogs and seemingly swallowed both whole as time expired.

Brian Wilson emerged victorious, earning his own save.

Here are the final results from Qualifer #2

Brian Wilson - 36 Hot Dogs
Jason Giambi - 35 Hot Dogs
Kyle Phillips - 21 Hot Dogs
Armando Galaraga - 10 Hot Dogs