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Sunday, March 11, 2012

David Wright's Ribs

I didn't think much of it when it was first announced that David Wright was going to miss the intrasquad games last week with rib soreness.  It's early spring.  A star will be kept out of the game if he didn't get a good night's sleep.

Then David missed a few more games.  Okay.....

Now he's going back to New York and is going to miss the next week...

Do we have a problem, Houston?

And didn't we hear something similar with Ike last year?

Then again, we are talking about the Mets and their medical staff.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mets Dynamic Pricing is Stupid

The Mets are going to shoot themselves in the foot with this dynamic pricing.  Isn't the idea to GET people to the ballgames?  Prices will fluctuate depending on market conditions, including the weather.  Which means that they're going to gouge you if it's a nice summer weekend - aka the perfect day to get to the ballpark.  if the weather sucks, ticket prices will drop.  
You'll have fans that will pay in advance for a weekend game in the summer that will end up paying more now because they want to lock in that game and not try to "time" the market  Then they'll get really pissed off if the weather is so-so, but not bad enough to call the game.  That ticket they paid $40 for in advance (like the price you'll have to pay for now at banner day in the promenade reserved) you may be able to get for $12 in the promenade outfield (because you can get a full season ticket in that section for that amount) and just move to a different section.   
This is not the time to alienate the fan base.  Note to the Wilpons - you're not the Yankees.  This is coming across like you're trying to squeeze every nickel you can get.  Don't make buying tickets to your favorite team a hassle where you feel resentment that you're getting cheated.  They'll stop coming.  It's been happening the last few years at Citi.  Let's not forget the past ghost towns at Shea.  The airlines use dynamic pricing, but that's also a mode of transportation to GET from point A to point B when your only other option is to get there slower. 
The Yankees keep their ticket prices steady.  Unless it's one of their discount ticket nights (which frankly, they offer at lower prices than the Mets do for their "value" games), you're paying the same for games against the Sox as you will against the Mariners.  So what happens?  The fans will buy tickets to two or three games instead of just that one you're gouging them for.  They'll buy Yankees hats.  Their kids will grow up Yankees fans and where will your fan base go then?  We've already lost a generation of young Mets fans in this what will be the 17th Full Year of the Jeter Era.  
Set the ticket prices.  Price them fairly.  Take the guessing game out of it.  Stop treating the ticket market like the stock market (leave that to the secondary market).  Stop pissing off the fan base - because that's what you're doing.