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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

145 Mets on Third

Before David Wright assumed the position, the revolving door of third basemen had become a running joke - as all of us Mets fans know.  As I was listening to the game on WFAN tonight, it was said that Daniel Murphy became the 145th Third Baseman in the club's history.

But during the Mets 50 seasons - how many men have been the primary occupant of the hot corner?  Let's see, shall we?

1962 - Felix Mantilla - 95 games
1963 - Charlie Neal - 66 games
1964 - Charley Smith - 85 games
1965 - Charley Smith - 131 games
1966 - Ken Boyer - 130 games
1967 - Ed Charles - 89 games
1968 - Ed Charles - 106 games
1969 - Wayne Garrett - 72 games
1970 - Joe Foy - 97 games
1971 - Bob Aspromonte - 97 games
1972 - Jim Fregosi - 86 games
1973 - Wayne Garrett - 129 games
1974 - Wayne Garrett - 144 games
1975 - Wayne Garrett - 94 games
1976 - Roy Staiger - 93 games
1977 - Len Randle - 110 games
1978 - Len Randle - 124 games
1979 - Richie Hebner - 134 games
1980 - Elliott Maddox - 115 games
1981 - Hubie Brooks - 93 games
1982 - Hubie Brooks - 126 games
1983 - Hubie Brooks - 145 games
1984 - Hubie Brooks - 129 games
1985 - Howard Johnson - 113 games
1986 - Ray Knight - 132 games
1987 - Howard Johnson - 140 games
1988 - Howard Johnson - 131 games
1989 - Howard Johnson - 143 games
1990 - Howard Johnson - 92 games
1991 - Howard Johnson - 104 games
1992 - Dave Magadan - 93 games
1993 - Howard Johnson - 67 games
1994 - Bobby Bonilla - 107 games
1995 - Edgardo Alfonzo - 58 games
1996 - Jeff Kent - 89 games
1997 - Edgardo Alfonzo - 143 games
1998 - Edgardo Alfonzo - 144 games
1999 - Robin Ventura - 160 games
2000 - Robin Ventura - 137 games
2001 - Robin Ventura - 139 games
2002 - Edgardo Alfonzo - 134 games
2003 - Ty Wigginton - 155 games
2004 - David Wright - 69 games
2005 - David Wright - 160 games
2006 - David Wright - 153 games
2007 - David Wright - 159 games
2008 - David Wright - 159 games
2009 - David Wright - 142 games
2010 - David Wright - 155 games
2011 - David Wright - games TBD

So we can see by this exercise that the Mets have had 23 different primary third basemen (based solely on games played at that particular position during the season) during their 50 seasons.

David Wright has held onto the position longest - provided he comes off the disabled list and stays healthy, this will his 8th season as the man.

Only five other players laid claim to three seasons on the corner.

Howard Johnson - 7 years - 1985, 1987-1991, 1993
Wayne Garrett - 4 years - 1969, 1973-1975
Hubie Brooks - 4 years - 1981-1984
Edgardo Alfonzo - 4 years - 1995, 1997-1998, 2002
Robin Ventura - 3 years - 1999-2001

This exercise demonstrates why I drive my wife nuts.

They Tease.

The Mets are like that girl you really liked in high school.  Just when you think you have a chance, they shoo you away, let you think that it's all over, then just when you start to heal - she summons you back and shows you just enough to give you hope.  Then she shoos you away all over again.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Turner Stays Hot. Murphy Playing Well.

Things may get interesting when Ike and David get back.  You can't take Turner out of the lineup.  Now Murphy is playing well.  Which will be the odd man out when the corners come back?  Do you go to a platoon - which will end up sitting your hottest bat against righties?

Random Former Met - Ron Hodges

Now this guy isn't as random.  Ron spent his entire 12 year major league career with the Mets, playing from 1973-1984.  Primarily a backup, he served as an understudy to Jerry Grote and Duffy Dyer in 1973-1974 (playing 40 and 44 games behind the dish those years as the third most used catcher).  By 1975, he was still #3 catching only 69 innings behind Jerry Grote and the new #2 John Stearns. It wasn't until 1976 that he established himself as the #2 catching 52 games as Jerry Grote's relief with Stearns serving as the third stringer.

By 1977, he was back to being #3, this time with John Stearns as the #1 and Grote as #2.  By 1978, Grote was gone and Ron served once again as the main backup - albeit only catching 30 games as John Stearns carried a heavy workload.    Once again, in 1979, Hodges was back to #3 as Alex Trevino came up as a young 21 year old.  In 1980, Ron continued as a third stringer as Alex Trevino became the #1, Stearns was the #2 and Ron saw only 9 games and 47 innings of action after separating his shoulder in July and missing the rest of the season.   In strike shortened 1981, Ron saw even less action - 7 games caught for 23 innings as Stearns and Trevino swapped #1 and #2.

By the time 1982 came around, in his 10th season with the team, Ron finally became the #2 option for only the second time, this time appearing in 74 games and 362 innings as Stearns backup.  With Trevino gone, he saw more action that year than he had in the previous 4 years combined.

After a decade of always being the bridesmaid, he finally got his crack of being the primary catcher in 1983.  He was the number one and caught 96 games with the young Junior Ortiz as his understudy.   It was in 1984, he set career highs in games played (110), at bats (250), hits (65), tied his high in doubles (12), walks (49), and on base percentage (.383).  He also hit .260 with 0 HR and 21 RBI.

1984 was his last year in the bigs.  Turning 35 in mid-season, he hit only .208 in 106 at bats with 1 HR and 11 RBI as Mike Fitzgerald's primary backup.

From 1980-1984, Ron and teammate Craig Swan were the longest tenured members of the club.

He spent the majority of his career as the Mets third string catcher.  For his career, he appeared in 666 games - 445 behind the plate.  For his career, Ron Hodges hit .240 with 19 home runs and 147 RBI's.  in 1426 plate appearances, he had 342 hits.  He scored 119 times.  He hit 56 doubles and 2 triples.  He stole 10 based, walked 224 times and had a career on base percentage of .342.    He was on the playoff roster for the 1973 Mets and made one postseason appearance with no official at-bats and one walk.

So Jose Bautista Slammed the Bat. Big Deal.

A-Rod did the same thing on the play when Castillo dropped the pop up.  Then again, A-Rod's antics have been called into question before.

Why Is Tonight a Night Game?

It's Memorial Day. The fact that today's a night game is just stupid.  People had the day off work.  Kids had the day off school.  By having a 7pm game, it's just like any other night game on a school night/work night.   Sure, there's the argument that teams are coming off a travel day - but unless you're the Reds or the Braves, you didn't have a night game the day before, so you're not going into a day game after a night game on travel.  Or here's another simple solution - have Memorial Day weekend be one of the occasional 4 game wraparound Friday-Monday series so that the afternoon holiday game is also the natural getaway game.

But there is no reason for there to be a night game tonight.  It's a beautiful night - it was also a beautiful day.

Better Late than Never

I was wrong in my earlier statement that I thought that Hairston would be the one to go one Pagan came off of the disabled list.  I had entirely forgotten that Fernando Martinez was languishing at the end of the bench.  It made perfect sense for him to be the one to go.  If Beltran is gone come the trade deadline, he's most likely the one to slide in for the rest of the season (provided he's not on the disabled list).  Why sit a 22 year old on the bench when you don't know if he can even play a long stretch of time?  Let him play in Buffalo and prove he can stay healthy - then give him his shot in New York and see if he's a viable option for next season.

Random Former Met - Charlie Puleo

We're going old school here.  Charlie Puleo pitched eight seasons in the bigs from 1981-1984, 1986-1989, playing for the Mets, the Reds and the Braves. In 180 games (76 starts), he recorded a record of 29-39 with a 4.25 ERA in 630 innings.  Of his two career saves, one came with the Mets.  For his career, he struck out 387 batters.

Two of those years were as a Met.  He made his Major League Debut in 1981 with the Mets, pitching in 4 games (1 start) and posted an ERA of 0.00 in 13.1 innings with a 0-0 record.  His only full season on the Mets roster was 1982 where Charlie posted a record of 9-9 with an ERA of 4.47.  He pitched in 36 games (24 starts), recorded one shutout and one save and in 171 innings struck out 98 and walked 90.

He was also part of the trade (along with Lloyd McClendon and Jason Felice) to bring back Tom Seaver from the Reds on December 12, 1982.  He also once surrendered a Home Run to Nolan Ryan in 1987 while a member of the Atlanta Braves.

Einhorn - Majority Owner in Three Years?

I heard this during the radio broadcast on WFAN during yesterday's game.  If I heard this correctly, and if this information they reported turns out to be accurate - it sounds like Einhorn made himself quite a good deal.

The deal requires the Mets to be solvent in the next three years.  If the Mets are not solvent, Einhorn has the right of first refusal to buy a controlling stake in the team.  If they are solvent, the Wilpons will pay him back his $200MM and Einhorn retains his minority ownership stake.

If this is correct, to translate into oversimplified terms - Einhorn is floating the Wilpons a $200MM loan.  Instead of charging interest on the loan, he's repaid by getting a stake in the team.  One of the covenants of the deal is that the team is solvent.  If they're not solvent - the "default" is that he has the first right to take over control.

It's a winning situation for Einhorn.  If the Mets turn things around financially in three years, he gets his $200MM back and he's got a stake in a profitable enterprise.  If the Wilpons don't get their act together, he gets to take over the team and run it the way he wants to.

Another Cap Night Just Announced!!!

This one I really like.  I'm all about hat days.  The July 16th game against the Phillies is the 1986 25th Anniversary Cap night.

Let's belt out the "Let's Go Mets!" song and "The Curly Shuffle".

Now that the Phillies are Gone...

The Mets salvaged the final game of the series instead of getting the sweep.  Both games were in their grasp until the bullpen snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  So instead of standing at .500 and a record of 26-26 heading into the Pirates series, they're 4 games under at 24-28 and 6.5 out of the wildcard.

Treading water and splitting the 4 games with Pittsburgh isn't going to cut it.  They'll need to take at least 3 of 4 and get them back to two games under to give them a shot of getting within one game of that elusive mediocre mark if they can take the weekend series against Atlanta.  After that, they'll be hitting the road for a 10 game road trip.  Lose three out of four to the Pirates, they'll be 25-31 and they'll need to sweep Atlanta just to get back to three under before heading on the road.   I seriously doubt they'll sweep a four game series, so we can forget about having any chance of seeing .500 by the end of the homestand.

The season ends now.   Beltran to San Francisco?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why Are There So Many Opposing Fans at Citifield?

The game was overrun by Phillies fans.  The last game I went to was overrun with Dodger fans.  Before that, it was Giant fans.  There better not be a ton of Pirates and Braves fans next week.

Another Humiliating Loss

They were cruising until Collins took Pelf out with two out in the 8th.  Yeah, he had given up a single.  Yeah, his pitch count was getting up there.  Yeah, it cost them the game.

So now they're 9.5 games behind the Phillies and 7 out of the wildcard  at the moment, give or take another half game depending on the outcome of the Marlins/Dodgers game tonight.

This season is slipping away fast. 

Random Former Met - Bob Bailor

Bob Bailor was a Met from 1981-1983, logging his best season at Shea in 1982, when at the age of 30 played in 110 games and hit .277 with 0 HR and 31 RBI.  He had 376 at bats, scored 44 runs and had 104 hits. The one stat that I found particularly cool that year as a kid was that he stole 20 bases.  I always loved the stolen base (being a big Mookie fan as a kid) and that year Bob was 2nd on the team in steals behind Mookie (and just ahead of John Stearns who had 17 and I also thought was cool because he was a catcher that could steal).   In 1982, Bob was the team's utility infielder who, despite not having a regular position on the team that year, he was 6th on the team in total at-bats.  He was their 2nd most used shortstop (playing in 60 games at short, backing up Ron Gardenhire - now manager of the Twins who played in 135 games at short).  He played 56 games at second (backing up Wally Backman who played 88).  He played 21 games at third (backing up Hubie Brooks who played 126).   Bailor even played 4 games in the outfield that year.

Bailor played 11 seasons in the majors from 1975-1985 with the Orioles, Blue Jays, Mets and Dodgers.   For his career, he played in 955 games with 775 hits in 2937 at bats.  He had a career batting average of .264 with 9 home runs, 222 RBI and scored 339 runs.  He also stole 90 bases. 

Looking Back on the 1992 Mets

In 1992, the Mets finished in 5th place in the National League East with a record of 72-90.  The pitching wasn't too bad if you look at the individual stats.  The staff had an ERA of 3.68, which these days doesn't sound too bad - but the Mets that year were 16th out of 26 teams in terms of runs allowed.   Sid Fernandez and David Cone had seasons that we'd sign up for in a heartbeat - El Sid made 32 starts, threw 214 innings and had an ERA of 2.73.  David Cone made 27 starts, threw 196 innings and had an ERA of 2.88.  Even Doc made 31 starts to the tune of 206 innings and had an ERA of 3.67, which was still respectable for 19 years ago.  Those three combined for a record of 37-31.   Pete Schourek recorded 21 starts, Anthony Young (of the 2-14 Youngs) recorded 13 starts.  Bret Saberhagen started 15 and Wally Whitehurst (remember him?) started 11 games. 

The offense, however, really blew monkey chunks.  The Mets were dead last in batting average, with a major league low .235.  They were 23rd out of 26 in on base percentage with .310.  They scored only 599 runs all season (tied for 21st), struck out the 8th most in the majors, and were 24th out of 26 in slugging at .342 - just a fraction above the Angels .338 for dead last.    The most often used lineup in terms of games played by position consisted of C- Todd Hundley, 1B - Eddie Murray, 2B - Willie Randolph, SS- Dick Schofield, 3B - Dave Magadan, OF - Bobby Bonilla, Howard Johnson, Daryl Boston.  

Some of those names aren't too bad - except let's put batting averages next to those names, shall we?  Hundley - .209.  Murray - .261.  Randolph - .252.  Schofield - .205.  Magadan - .283.  Bonilla - .249.  Johnson - .223.  Boston - .249.

When that's your starting lineup and your third best position player's average is .252 - you're going to suck.  And they did that year. 

20th Anniversary of Rodney McCray

Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of Rodney McCray's famous run through the wall when he was playing in AAA.   We've all seen the clips.

Rodney did not have an extensive major league career.  He played in a grand total of 67 games over three seasons - 1990-1991 with the Chicago White Sox and 1992 with the New York Mets.  During these 67 games he had a grand total of 14 at-bats.  That's right.  14 at bats in 67 games.  He did score 13 runs.  He had 3 hits and one walk.  He had 9 stolen bases.  This looks like a profile of someone who was a September call up and because of the expanded rosters, there was the luxury of carrying a speedster to use as a late inning pinch runner.   Looking at his minor league stats, he wasn't much of a hitter, but the guy could run.  He hit .226 in 2648 minor league at bats from 1984-1992.  He didn't have much pop.  Only 9 home runs. 

He had a good eye - despite the .226 batting average, he had an on base percentage of .368 in the minors.  In 1986, he had 108 walks at Class A Charleston with a  .414 on base percentage.  In 1989, he had 96 walks at High A ball Sarasota with a .410 on base percentage. 

The guy was fast.  He stole 81 bases in 1986.  Between 1985 and 1989, he had no less than 44 stolen bases in any given season and finished with 365 steals during his minor league career.

Despite having a career that wasn't memorable, he made it to the show.  He will also always be remembered for that one moment that will be replayed on blooper reels for years.

Here's to you, Rodney.  May your currently position as a minor league coach in the Dodgers organization get you back to the show.  If anything your famous play shows, you have heart, you have hustle, and you give it your all. 


Mets Phillies Tonight

I'm flying solo to tonight's game and I'm looking forward to it.  Sure, my Mets are sucking up the joint and they'll probably get their asses kicked by the Phillies - but tonight should be heaven.  The weather is great.  It's a three day weekend.  My stepdaughter is with her father this weekend.  I sold my other ticket on Stubhub.  Which means that I get to sit back, relax, cheer, boo and I can have a few hours of not having to answer to anyone, to not have anyone talking to me, to not have to deal with another human soul.

Now I just need to convince my wife I need to get of the apartment early enough to get to batting practice and maybe snag a ball.

I'm in heaven...

Friday, May 27, 2011

One More Loss...

And the ship slips a little more below the waves with this loss to the Phillies.

Great At Bat Tejada

Worked out a walk after a 16 pitch at bat.   Good job, kid.

Turner Keeps on Hitting

He's now 4 for 4 on the evening.  He's fighting for that starting job once Ike comes back.

Get Well Soon Gary

Back in the 80s, the Expos were my 2nd favorite team.  A lot of it was because of Gary Carter.  Then he became a Met and let us to the promised land.

Get well soon Gary.  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

R.A. Dickey and Mount Kilimanjaro

Oh Dickey, you're so fine.  You're so fine you're gonna climb
Mount Kil-Jo!  Mount Kil-Jo!

Not so fast.  With the way the heel went today, who knows if that will be scrapped. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mets 50th Season

In case anyone's forgotten, because the Mets seem to have, this is the Mets 50th season.  They made a big deal in 1986 for the 25th season.  They haven't completed 50 yet, but this is season 5-0.  This is the 25th anniversary of the 1986 team.  Why isn't anyone paying attention?

Seasons 1962-1971 - 10 years
Seasons 1972-1981 - 20 years
Seasons 1982-1991 - 30 years
Seasons 1992-2001 - 40 years
Seasons 2001-2011 - 50 years

Has anyone even remembered?  No.  They're too busy reading the New Yorker.

Quade was PIssed

He didn't look too happy when the umps called for a rain delay in the middle of the inning.   I guess he wanted a chance to bat in the bottom of the inning before the game got called.   I don't think I'll be staying up to see if the game resumes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back to Normal. The Mets Suck.

After getting to the .500 mark on Friday, the Mets have proved that elusive mark was just a fluke.  They've since lost two in a row to the Yankees and the Cubbies are kicking their ass.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sean Burroughs is Back

I noticed that Sean Burroughs was called up this week by the Diamondbacks when Melvin Mora was placed on the bereavement list.  My first thought was, "This guy is still playing?"  I thought he had washed out years ago.  He did.  But he's back, but maybe not for long.

The former Padres first round pick and son of former MVP Jeff Burroughs was a can't miss prospect who missed.   Actually, looking back at his major league numbers - he really wasn't that bad.  He just didn't have any power which can spell for a short career as a third baseman.    In 2003, in his first season as an everyday player as a 23 year old - he hit .286 with an on base percentage of .352, 27 doubles, 7 homers and 58 RBI's.  In 2004, he hit .298 with 23 doubles,  2 homers, 47 RBI's and had an on base percentage of .348.  The next year he split between AAA and the Padres and by 2006, he was in Tampa Bay and had a grand total of 21 MLB at bats.  IN 2007, he had 12 AAA at bats in the Seattle organization and then he was gone.

I checked out to see if he had been floating around in indy ball or in the minors the last couple of years - but there is no record of it.  So who knows what he's been up to - but he's been playing in Reno for the D-Backs AAA team and made it back.   At least for now.  As of today, he's had two at-bats and has gone 0-2.  Where he goes next, who knows?

Friday, May 20, 2011

If the Mets Win Tonight...

They will be at .500 - the world just may be coming to an end tomorrow, after all.


If he keeps playing like this, Daniel Murphy will be riding the bench.

Fugly Nathan Hot Dog Hats

The pictures for the hat giveaway on June 4th and they're pretty fugly. Orange bill and back with a Blue front and an Orange NY.  I don't who designed it, but they should be lined up against a wall and be shot.

Just kidding.  I don't advocate violence.  But the hat is ugly.  I think they were going for the old school look and failed.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brandon Inge!!!

Can't let the day end without wishing everybody's favorite multi-purpose player a happy birthday.  I hope he gets his wish to remain above the Mendoza Line.

Who likes Inge?


Fans with last night's game can exchange them for the May 30th game against the Pirates.  Fans who were at one of the lousy weather Colorado games (I forget which one off the top of my head) were able to exchange tickets for any one of the games in the entire four game Pirate series.

This makes me wonder two things:

1) Why is last night's game only exchangeable for the May 30th game?  Of the four games in the series, this is the one on the holiday when people are off work (even if it is a night game).

2) Nobody must want to see the Pirates.

There are a lot of empty seats.  It really shouldn't matter which game it's exchanged for.

And as I learned last month, if you call up the ticket office - they'll hook you up if you're not afraid to ask.

Two Shutouts in a Row

After the soggy night last night, Gee pitched a gem and shut the Nats out.  Now they're just one game under and with a series win against the Yankees, they'll be at .500.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Area 51 Theory

I just read that the latest theory is that the Roswell Aliens were actually genetically mutated children that were put in a Soviet plane to crash land the the states, meant to spread panic in the USA, a-la War of the Worlds.

Uh huh.

I'll ponder this over and ask everyone at the Rapture Party this weekend.  

No Brian Harper and the other Jose Reyes.

I was listening to the FAN when it was announced on the radio that Brian Harper will not be seen in the majors in 2011.  It was repeated three times before the end of the inning, and I believe it was Ed Coleman who corrected himself when the next half inning started up.  He mixed Bryce's name with Brian's.  He said he was mixing the name up with the former catcher (who played in the majors from 1979-1995 with the Angels, Pirates, Cardinals, Tigers, A's, Twins and Brewers).   Then he said there's only one Jose Reyes.

Actually, the other Jose Reyes was a Met in 2007.  Specifically, a Binghamton Met who had a cup of coffee in the majors with the Cubs in 2006.

Mets Tote Bag and Batting Helmet

The Mets have posted pictures online of the Tote Bag they're giving away on the 28th and the Batting Helmet on June 5th.   I'll give the tote bag to my wife if she wants it.  The batting helmet looks pretty cool.  I'd actually want one.  Not that I'd have anything to do with it.  I'd look pretty silly walking around with it like it was a regular cap, but it's blue with the air vents.  Pretty sharp looking - at least in the picture.  In person, it may look more like Carvel helmet food.  But it's still pretty cool.

Soggy Night

And Cowbell Man is there.  I have the game on and can hear him faithfully there.  I'm really surprised they got the game in tonight.  And it's looking like a good thing, unless I just jinxed it. 

I'm glad to see Nick Evans back up.  Twenty years from now, no one will probably remember him.  But he earned his spot on the roster this spring.  He just didn't make the cut for reasons beyond his performance. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking Like Spring Training Again...

Now with David heading to the DL, it's beginning to look like Spring Training again, with only a handful of the regulars taking the field.  At 1B - Murphy/Evans.  2B - Tejada.  3B - Turner.  CF - Pridie.  Now that's a group that will sell a lot of tickets.

As as for Hu - The only first Hu's on today was the first Greyhound back to Buffalo.

Pridie's been earning his keep thusfar.  My bet is on Hairston getting cut when Pagan comes back.  Hairston isn't hitting and has an iron glove.  Pridie's been doing the opposite.  Harris isn't doing much either, but he can field and can be the emergency infielder (he was a second baseman coming up in the minors).

We may see Hu yet again this year - if Tejada doesn't steal the starting 2nd base job, he may be back just so Tejada can get regular playing time in the minors.  Or he'll be back if the Mets trade Reyes and he'll serve as Tejada's backup.  

Screwing the Marlins

Sure, the Mets could have played tonight.   They called it early.  It's pretty obvious why they did it.  Nolasco was on the mound tonight.  Davis and Wright are banged up.  They hadn't thrown in the towel on the season yet.  Philly is going to get the division, so if they're going to be going after anything this year, it will be the wildcard.  So who are they going to have to chase down?  It's looking like the Marlins.  So let's screw them.

There is a mutual off day on July 18th.  It's during a homestand where the Mets have a day off between series, so they don't have to travel... but why not make things a little difficult to wear down the team they're chasing?  On July 17th, the Marlins are finishing up a road trip in Chicago and were set to have a day off before heading back to Miami.  Not so fast.  Play game at Wrigley.  Hop a flight to New York.  Play the Mets.  Get back on plane and fly home to play again.  Three cities in three days.  Yes, it's right after the all-star break, but why not make things a little harder for the Fish? 

So screw the Marlins. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Whatever Happened to Debra Winger?

This header has nothing to do with anything.  But for some reason, it was in the cache when I was about to post, so I kept it.

So the old Met Black Magic stuck again.  David Wright has a stress fracture in his back.  I wonder what Willie Harris' VORP is?  

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Games Under

They're going to flirt with us this way until the all star break.  They'll creep towards the .500 mark, let us think there's a glimmer of hope, then they'll get smacked back down to Earth.

They're two under.  The glimmer is there.  Now we're thinking, "Maybe... just maybe."  Then reality will sink in.  Johnson and Nolasco.  Then it's back to four under and we're thinking it's a total disaster.

Why did my Dad make me a Mets fan?

Chad Uno Y Medio

So much for eight seconds.  He lasted a second and a half.  The guy has balls, though.  He got on the bull.  I wouldn't have.

Jorge Posada

Now this isn't a knock on the guy.  I think he's a borderline HOF'er.  But the talk of the "Core Four" with Posada's stature in the five Yankee championships isn't quite as high as people like to think.

In the first ring in 1996, Posada wasn't part of the core.  Joe Girardi was the starting catcher.  Jim Leyritz was the backup catcher.  Posada only played 4 games behind the plate that year, appeared in 8 games and had 14 at bats with only 1 hit.

In 1997, when the Yankees were knocked out in the first round, Posada was the backup.

In 1998, when the Yankees beat the Padres in the World Series, in his first season as the most used catcher, playing in 111 games, 99 of them behind the plate.  Joe Girardi played 78 games behind the dish.   In the postseason, he had 22 at-bats, compared to Girardi's 21.

He was the starting catcher for the 1999 and 2000 World Series winning teams.

None of this is no slouch and isn't discounting his career by any stretch of the imagination.  But he really can't be considered a 5 ring guy.    He's a 4 ringer - 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2009.

It Could Get Ugly Quick

They're just three games under .500 again with yesterday's loss.  They better take the rubber game today because the next two games are against Johnson and Nolasco.  It could turn into a 4 game losing streak really quickly and 6 games under.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Right after I posted this, I pulled Judd Nelson's wikipage.  He actually was a guest star on Two and a Half Men.

Judd Nelson - Two and a Half Men

I never watched the show - but Ashton Kutcher isn't the guy to replace Charlie Sheen.  They need a brat-packer who's edgy, but has been out of the spotlight.   Judd Nelson should have been the choice.

Dickey Doesn't Have It Today

Getting knocked around in the first inning.  Knuckleball ain't knuckling.  Pat Misch is already warming up in the first inning.

We're going to need a bigger boat.

May 21st, Judgment Day?

So according to the religious nuts, Judgment Day is next Saturday.  All the dead will rise out of the ground and the rest of us heathens will be tormented for 5 months until the world blows up on October 21st.

And maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt.

More Mets Hats Coming

Now that the Seinfeld Hat has come and gone - there are other hat days on the calendar.  Nathans is having a hat day and hot dog eating contest on June 4th (photo of which has not yet been released).  On June 18th, they're giving away blue hats.  Then there's the hat trade during the subway series (for if it's like years past will probably be god-awful truckers type hats).

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wow. A Comeback.

Whadda you know?  Frankie better not blow this one.  Or I'll have to sic his baby-momma's daddy on him.

I Finally Have a Mets Hat Again.

My Black Seinfeld Mets hat has lasted a week.  My wife has a habit of taking my hats, then losing them.  It drives me insane.  I had a batting practice hat last season that I kept on asking her to not wear it, to not wear it, to not wear it.  She kept on ignoring me and kept on putting it on and I'd find it all over the apartment.  In the bathroom.  Behind the couch.  Under the table.  Next to the bed.  It was driving me nuts. Then one day, I couldn't find it.  I've been looking for it for it since the last month of last baseball season.  I think it's gone for good.

Then I got the Seinfeld hat at the game last week.  It has the Seinfeld logo on the back.  It's not an authentic one.  It doesn't look like an authentic hat one bit - but it's a Mets hat and it's mine.

So I asked my wife to not wear my hat, not wear my hat, not wear my hat.

So I came home the other day to find she took my hat again.  This time she left it next to the bathtub.  Where it got soaked with water.

I had to explain to her again to not wear my hat.  To not wear my hat.  To not wear my hat.  I went as far as to put a big note in my hat that she would have to physically remove before putting it on that asked her to put my hat down and not wear it.

So my Mets hat is still there.  For now.

Tonight, I came home and found my other hat tucked between the cushions of the couch.  This was another favorite hat of mine that I recently found while I was on another fruitless search for my missing Mets hat.  One that had been missing for a year.

I love my wife, but she drives me insane.

Back to George Bay

I had just typed the header.  Then Jason Bay hit the monster shot.  Is he going to be the George Foster of the Reds or the George Foster of the Mets?

Within 3 of Mediocrity

It's not looking too promising tonight.  They got within 3 games of .500 last night.  If they swept the Astros over the weekend, they'd be at .500.  The way today is going, it's not looking like that will happen.

Chad Ochoseconds?

Chad Ochocinco is getting on a bull tomorrow on the PBR circuit.  Supposedly.

If he makes it for the full eight seconds... is he going to change his name to Chad Ochoseconds?

Nice Play Murphy

Just made the nice grab, won the footrace to the bag, then threw out Bill Hall at the plate by a mile.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snow in May

A mix of rain and snow in May.  What the hell?  That's Colorado for you.  It still amazes me why Colorado doesn't have a dome.  One of these years, the Rockies are going to make to the World Series.  They'll probably end up playing the Twins and we'll have blizzards delaying the series until spring training.

I'll admit, I didn't see the game last night, but when I was listening to the FAN this morning while driving to work, I heard that both Ike Davis and David Wright got hurt on an infield popup.  David was scheduled to sit out with a bad back and Ike was in a walking boot.  So if the game was not snowed out, rained out or whatever the hell they feel like calling it - was it going to look like a spring training lineup?  What were we going to see - Murphy at Third, Turner at First and Hu at Second?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

34 Mets Thusfar

On the heels of my last post, one month into the regular season and the Mets have already used 17 players this year.  17 position players, 17 pitchers.  

Not counting players on the DL (such as Pagan & Young), the following players have played a game in a Mets uniform that are not currently on the roster:

Brad Eamus
Lucas Duda
Mike Nickeas
DJ Carrasco
Blaine Boyer

Toss in the guys on the DL (like Parnell, who I've almost forgotten about now that his straight fastball isn't being hit all over the place) and that's a lot of roster turnover.

Year of the Pitcher and a 25 Man Roster

We've seen no-hitters aplenty in this latest renaissance of pitching.  What's to account for it?  Is it the crackdown on steroids?  I'm sure that's a factor.  Is it the testing for amphetamines?  I think that's a factor as well.  But I think there may be one other factor coming into play that amplifies the effect of the testing.  The 25 man roster.

As there has been an increased scrutiny on pitch counts as well as the increased focus on on-base percentage, batters have been taking more pitches and going deeper into counts.  This results in starting pitchers not going as deep into games, bullpens being used more and subsequently a larger bullpen.  Twenty-five years ago, teams would carry ten pitchers.  Today, you usually see a staff of twelve.  This left fifteen position players a generation ago which has been reduced to thirteen today.

In the national league, this leaves 5 replacement players on any given day (provided everyone is healthy and does not have any day-to-day ailments that would keep a player inactive, but would not furnish a trip to the disable list), which has also given rise to the value of a super-utility player.  The backup catcher usually isn't a masher and teams are reluctant to spend this extra guy in case of an emergency.  Among the four remaining players, who are the pinch hitting options when the pitchers spot comes up?  There's the fourth outfielder, the backup corner infielder, the backup middle infielder (speaking in generalities - none of these would usually big a big bench threat - if they were, they'd have cracked the starting lineup).  That leaves one extra player on a national league roster.  One extra threat.  With the limited bench options, most teams don't have the luxury of carrying a power threat off the bench such as a Matt Stairs who knows his job description is generally limited to one chance a game to make the best of it.  By and large, with the larger bullpens - the regular bench is severely weakened.

When the regular bench is weakened, that leaves to options - play your starters just about every day (which may lead to more injuries or just a wearing down that will result in less production over the course of the season - remember, no more greenies or steroids).  If you rest your starters, you create holes in your lineup that can be exploited by pitching around the threats and moving the lineup to the easier outs.  Get to the pitchers spot in a close game and you're not seeing the pinch hitting threat you would have years ago.

Back in 1986, the Mets could pinch hit Kevin Mitchell, Howard Johnson, Lee Mazzilli, Tim Teufel/Wally Backman (depending on who was platooning that day) and Danny Heep.  That's a pretty good mix before you'd even have to get down to Ed Hearn or Kevin Elster.  

Today (and granted the 2011 Mets are not the 1986 team by any stretch), if you have the starting lineup in the game, you'd have the options of Willie Harris, Jerry Hairston, Justin Turner, Ronnie Paulino and Chin-lung Hu.  Give any starter a day off and you've made your lineup shorter for a good pitcher to exploit.

You're always going to have the ham and eggers - but the bigger bullpens weakens the bench.  Weaken the bench, you'll create more opportunities for the really good pitchers such as Halliday, Lincecum, Lee, etc to exploit the weaknesses and dominate the game.

I'm no saying this is a bad thing.  I'm no saying this is a good thing.  I'm just saying this may very well be a contributing factor.

What happened to Ollie P?

The last I saw, he was signed by the Nationals in March and assigned to the AAA Syracuse Chiefs.  I was looking to see what his stats looked like, but he hasn't played for them either this season.  He's not on their AA team.  I'm not seeing that he was released - it he on the DL or in extended spring training?

Seinfest at Citi

Tonight was the most enjoyable game at Citi this season.  The Mets won, and in a clutch fashion with a pinch hit double in the bottom of 8th with the score tied - props to Justin Turner for the hit, but it was already the most enjoyable game before that.  

First of all, I didn't freeze my ass off.  Night games in early May still require jackets, but I wasn't shivering and it didn't feel like a football game in December, either.  The Seinfeld atmosphere made it fun throughout the entire evening, from Keith Hernandez throwing out the first pitch, to Seinfeld trivia throughout the game, to the Soup Nazi handing out prizes for the trivia contests on the big screen, to Jerry Stiller singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame, to even having the wave make its way around the stadium 5 straight times (there was actually a crowd big enough to do that).

Jose Reyes made a couple really boneheaded base running plays - getting picked off first by the catcher while his back was turned and he was standing off base and he later got caught trying to go to third on a ground ball to short.

But it was a good time had by all.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Jason Pridie

He came up big tonight.

Now I'm not taking a knock at the guy, I'm sure he's very nice and I can see from the interview they're doing with him on SNY that this next statement isn't the case...

But if I were him, I'd ask them to put a different picture of me on the scoreboard at Citi.  The one they're using makes him look like Sloth from the Goonies.

Seinfeld is Coming

And it's not to the WB 11, or whatever they're calling it these days.  I still remember those PIX games when I was a kid with the cheesy Atari graphics and you had to send a postcard to the station, hoping they'd call you up during the post-school / pre-dinner TV shows so you could yell "Pix! Pix! Pix!"

But I digress.  It's black hat night tomorrow at Citi.

May the Solvent Team Win.

It's the battle of the hostile takeovers.  The Debt Filled Dodgers vs. Madoff's Minions.  May the solvent team win.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

F-F-F-Freezing at Citi Tonight

It was effing cold at Citi tonight.  It was pretty much empty, except for all the Giants fans.  The Lets Go Giants cheers drowned out the Mets cheers and in the 9th, "Hear the Beard!" was the heard chant.

Oh, and they lost again.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On to Extra Innings.

Dammit!  Thole hit it to the pitcher for a 1-2-3 double play to send it to extra innings.

Back to the Mets Game.

They're walking Willie Harris to load the bases for Josh Thole.  A lefty is in.  Paulino to pinch hit?

No hitter.

Liriano got Adam Dunn to line out to short to end the game.  No hitter.  Nice job, kiddo.

Little Looper

Two outs for Liriano.  Little loop out to short.  One more to go.

Liriano going for the no-no.

Now I'm flipping between SNY and the MLB network.  K-Rod just got the popout with the bases loaded to end the inning and send it to the bottom of the 9th.  Francisco Liriano has a no hitter going in the 9th vs. the White Sox.

6-6 in the 7th.

I wish I was in Citifield tonight.  I'd love to be able to feel the atmosphere in the crowd.  I will be there tomorrow.  Hopefully the Mets can handle Lincecum.

The Mets Seinfeld Hats are Coming!!!

Shannon at the Mets Police is thrilled that the black hats are coming this Saturday.  No doubt he'll be the first in line.

If you are reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about - check out  No, I'm not affiliated with it, but it has become one of my favorite sites to regularly check out.

And the coffee is really good at that unnamed donut chain.

A Non-Baseball Note.

I was watching the Mets/Phillies game on Sunday night when I heard the news.  My wife was sitting on the couch and I told her to hush because I wasn't sure if I misheard what I thought I just heard.  We got bin Laden.  The crowd started to chant USA!  USA!

Sorry, Mets.  I grabbed the remote and turned on CNN.

I don't think anyone will forget where they were on September 11th, 2001.  I remember the look on my colleague's face when the first tower fell.   Minutes earlier, she was speaking to one of her relatives that was still in the building and she didn't know if he had gotten out in time.  I was living in Jersey at the time, right across the river and all night I heard the military helicopters in the air and the air smelled different.  My wife was in the city.  She heard the second plane scream overhead and fly into the tower.  She watched the towers fall.  We are the lucky ones.  No one we knew was lost.  But both of us know many who did.

Hearing the news that an evil man had been killed brought no joy.  I am glad he's gone.  Bin Laden did not deserve to be breathing any longer.  I am glad he was killed and shown swift and immediate justice as he was awakened in the middle of the night and taken out with the same lack of mercy, for those who show no mercy deserve none.  But as I said to my wife as we were trying to describe what we were feeling, there is that innate knowing that is within all of us that have a conscience, that have a soul, that are not sociopaths that taking the life of someone and that killing is wrong.  Obama did what had to be done.  He made an incredibly tough decision.  I applaud him for it.  I'm proud that the man is our President.  But there is still that inner gnawing that is within all of us, that feeling that we can't quite put our finger on, that is happy this bastard is dead and that he got what he deserved - but we know that it still feels wrong to celebrate a calculated killing.

The bastard is gone.  If there is a hell, I hope he's burning in it.  It won't bring back those we lost.  It won't fill the void in the hearts of those who lost their loved ones.