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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reyes Survived the Trade Deadline

Jose is staying put.  So is Irsinghausen.

And a couple of clutch moments by Hairston went by the wayside today. 

Yankees Tickets for $7.99 on Stubhub

It's not as hot as it was last weekend, so Yankee tickets aren't as cheap as they were last weekend - but you can still get a pair of upper deck seats for $7.99 for today's game - that's less than half of face value. 

Woman Kicked out of Wal-Mart for Wearing a String Bikini

I don't know if you saw the article about the woman that was kicked out of a Wal-Mart for shopping in a string bikini.  But if you didn't, she shouldn't have been wearing one.  It was not an attractive sight.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hat Days in August and September

I'm still waiting on my Astros hat.  They said they'd send me one, but it hasn't arrived yet.

Yankees - Aug 10th, Aug 12th
White Sox - Sept 9th, Sept 25th (knit hat)
Tigers - Sept 3rd
Royals - Sept 17th
Twins - Sept 27th (knit hat)
Angels - Aug 4th
Athletics - Aug 14th
Rangers - Aug 22nd, Sept 11th
Marlins - Aug 6th
Phillies - Sept 16th (knit hat)
Cubs - Aug 8th, Aug 23rd, Sept 7th, Sept 20th (floppy hat)
Astros - Sept 23rd
Rockies - Aug 6th
Dodgers - Sept 15th, Sept 20th

Will They Tempt Us Again?

They're 6.5 back.  Officially off the Dead List on a temporary basis.  Now if they can somehow gain a game and a half before next Friday, they'll be 5 games behind the Braves heading into the weekend series.  Will they be that Girl From High School again?

I don't expect it.  Even with this 5 game winning streak they're on, I don't expect it or believe they'll make a run.

But that's okay.  They're a fun team to watch.  Unlike the last couple of years, when they've been out of it, they've been unwatchable.  This year, they're a scrappy, fun bunch.

Attack of the Bad Subway Poetry

I was on the train this morning and this guy with hobbit feet was writing some really bad poetry.

The first time that I saw you (that I can recall)
You were brushing your hair
I was hungover
You were wearing white leggings
Your eyes seemed to glow.

It was too funny. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Add the Rays to the Dead List

They're now 8 out of the chase.  Chalk them up to Dead.  Or chalk up that outline.  The AL wildcard is a two team race between the Yankees and the Angels. 

Extra Extra - Mets Sweep Reds

With the four game sweep of the Reds, the Mets are now 3 games over .500 and at the moment, 7 games behind the Braves in the Wildcard chase.  So technically, they've gotten off the Dead List.  But let's not fool ourselves.  They're still dead.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Who is Zack Wheeler?

He's in his 2nd year of pro ball, after being the Giants first round pick and #6 overall in the 2009 draft.

Last year in A ball - he had a record of 3-3 with a 3.99 ERA in 21 games (13 starts) striking out 70, walking 38 in 58.2 innings.

This year, for the San Jose Giants (high A) he's gone 7-5 with a 3.99 ERA in 16 games (16 starts) striking out 98 and walking 47 in 88 innings.

He was the number two prospect in the Giant organization, right behind Brandon Belt.  He was also the 33rd ranked MLB prospect, according to

I'm glad the Mets are making the trade.  They're out of it.  Give Beltran another shot at the postseason.  Call him whatever you want, but he's been nothing but a good citizen in New York.  If they let him walk, they weren't going to get anything for him.  Now you've got a top pitching prospect that will either pan out or won't. 

Kids Go Free Promo

Wow.... the Mets are dying to get people to the park next week.  First the $5 tickets for August 1-3.  Now it's the kids go free tickets for Aug 1-7.  Buy one ticket, get three free for kids 12 and under.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Will the Mets Giveaway be on August 20th?

It's the only weekend game yet without a giveaway.   It's against the Brewers.  A Francisco Rodriguez boxing glove perhaps?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summing up the Mets in Haiku

Under .500
Hopes of the season are gone
Where will Beltran land?

Stanton Crushed One into the Empty Seats

Where are all the Marlins fans?  Do they even exist?

MLB's Rookie Leaders

100 games into the season - who are the top rookies? 

The Mets have two rookies who have had an impact on the team this year - Dillon Gee and Justin Turner.  How do they shape up?  And why isn't Justin Turner on's top rookie tracker?  He's a rookie.  He won rookie of the month this year.  So MLB - what gives?

Jason Pridie is on the rookie tracker list.

So the glaring Justin Turner omission notwithstanding - top rookies by major categories:

Runs scored:

1) Danny Espinosa - Nationals - 48
2) Freddy Freeman - Braves - 45
3) Darwin Barney - Cubs - 42
4) Mark Trumbo - Angels - 38
5) J.P. Arencebia - Blue Jays - 32

 Justin Turner - Mets - 30


1) Freddy Freeman - 98
2) Darwin Barney - 95
3) Danny Espinosa - 86
4) Mark Trumbo - 83
5) Eric Hosmer - Royals - 76

Justin Turner - 73

Home Runs:

1) Mark Trumbo - 18
2) Danny Espinosa - 17
3) J.P. Arencebia - 15
3) Freddy Freeman - 15
5) Eric Hosmer - 9
5) Wilson Ramos - 9


1) Danny Espinosa - 55
2) Freddy Freeman - 51
3) Mark Trumbo - 44
4) J.P. Arencebia - 42
5) Eric Hosmer - 40

Justin Turner - 37

Batting Average:

1) Darwin Barney - .297
2) Freddy Freeman - .279
3) Eric Hosmer - .277
4) Justin Turner - .274
5) Daniel Descalso - .266


1) Jeremy Hellickson - Rays - 9
1) Dillon Gee - Mets - 9
3) Ivan Nova - Yankees - 8
3) Michael Pineda - Mariners - 8
5) Zach Britton - Orioles - 6

ERA (among starters)

1) Jeremy Hellickson - 3.17
2) Michael Pineda - 3.24
3) Dillon Gee - 3.67
4) Tyler Chatwood - Angels - 3.71
5) Brandon Beachy - Braves - 3.75

Games pitched:

1) Craig Kimbrel - Braves - 51
2) Tim Collins - Royals - 43
3) Jordan Walden - Angels - 42
4) Vinnie Pestano - Indians - 41
5) Aaron Crow - Royals - 40


1) Craig Kimbrel - 31
2) Jordan Walden - 23

Craig Kimbrel will probably get the NL rookie of the year.  AL ROY looks to be between Jordan Walden and Jeremy Hellickson at this point.

Two Fools Bought the $80 Hot Dog

I can think of a few better things than spending $80 on a hot dog.  The Brockton Rox sold two of them last night.  Louis Glanz, I hope you enjoyed your fish egged topped dog. 

Now the big question - did he eat it or did he just buy it to get into the Guiness Book?

Tickets from $1.98

Yankee tickets can now be had for as low as $1.98 with a bunch of seats for less than $2.50.

Yankees tickets for $2.49

If I wanted to, I could get a pair of Yankees tickets for this afternoon's game for $2.49 each on stubhub.  Toss in fees, a pair could be had for less than $20.


Updating the Dead Team Roll Call

Who's Dead by Division?

AL East -
   Blue Jays - 9.5  from WC
   Orioles - 17.5 from WC

AL Central -
   Royals - 11 from division

AL West -
   Athletics - 13.5 from division
   Mariners - 14.5 from division

NL East -
   Mets - 8.5 from WC
   Nationals - 9.5 from WC
   Marlins - 11 from WC

NL Central -
   Cubs - 12.5 from division
   Astros - 20 from division

NL West -
   Rockies - 10 from division
   Dodgers - 13.5 from division
   Padres - 14 from division

We are still at 13 dead teams

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brockton Rox Hot Dogs

The Brockton Rox are selling hot dogs for $80 tonight, complete with caviar and fresh roe. 

That really doesn't sound too appealing. 

The Rox are averaging 1,557 fans per game.  Attendance was over 3,000 because it was fireworks night.  Tonight, they were giving away vouchers for a free hot dog (not the $80 eech-gourmet dogs) to the first 1,000 fans. 

How many of those dogs do you really think they're going to sell?  One to some plant pretending to be a fan?

I like hot dogs - but I really don't want to eat one after you squeezed a fish over it. 

Gaby Sanchez Crushed One

There was no doubt when that one was hit.  The Fish now have the lead.

David Comes Through Yet Again

Big hit to drive in two.  Another big hit in his comeback.

Sweltering at the Stadium

Months ago, I was pondering getting tickets to today's Yankee game.  The Mets were on the road, so why not, right?  But I looked at the calendar, looked at the time of the game, and thought it would be miserable to sit in the bleachers today.

I would have been right.

As of this morning, tickets for today's Yankee game could have been had for $4.  That's right.  Four bucks.  There were a lot of other people who must have been thinking the same thing.   It's just too damn hot to be at a day game today. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

David Came Through Again

In a back and forth game, David Wright just came up with another big hit and drove in a run with a double to take re-take the lead.

David Wright is Back

Which puts Daniel Murphy back at first base and maybe the big Duda on the bench.  Nick Evans is back in the minors and Jose Reyes still doesn't have a backup at shortshop.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank You Colorado Rockies

The Rockies were the latest team to come through.  They had a cap day this past Sunday against the Brewers.  I am now wearing my Colorado Rockies hat.

This is a good hat, too.  It may not have the embroidery work of the Brewers hat, but the Rockies hat (along with the Yankee hat) is damn comfortable and certainly worthy in my eyes of being a regular wear hat.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Will the Rockies Trade Ubaldo?

If they did, it would make for an awkward promotional date on August 19th - It's Ubaldo t-shirt night. 

Where Will Carlos Go?

Reports have the Phillies as the favorite.  I say trade him.  If we can get Domonic Brown in the trade, do it.  Brown hasn't proven himself at the major league level, but I like the idea of giving him first crack at the full time job over Duda or F-Mart.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Top 10 Teams in the Majors

So who are the top 10? 

1) Philadelphia Phillies - 58-35 - .624 winning percentage - NL East Leader
2) Boston Red Sox - 56-36 - .609 percentage - AL East Leader
3) New York Yankees - 54-37 - .593 percentage - AL Wildcard Leader
4) Atlanta Braves - 55-39 - .585 percentage - NL Wildcard Leader
5) Texas Rangers - 54-41 - .568 percentage - AL West Leader
5) San Francisco Giants - 54-41 - .568 percentage - NL West Leader
7) Tampa Bay Rays - 50-42 - .543 percentage
8) Los Angeles Angels - 51-44 - .537 percentage
9) Cleveland Indians - 49-43 - .533 percentage - AL Central Leader
10) St. Louis Cardinals - 50-44 - .532 percentage - NL Central Leader
10) Arizona Diamondbacks - 50-44 - .532 percentage

All the playoff teams are 10 ten teams in the majors.  But the top 8 teams aren't in the playoffs.   Only three of the top 8 are in National League - and they're the three teams with pitching staffs to fear.

So does being a top 10 team translate into top 10 attendance?

1) Phillies - #1 in attendance
2) Red Sox - #7 in attendance
3) Yankees - #2 in attendance
4) Braves - #15 in attendance
5) Rangers - #8 in attendance
5) Giants - #5 in attendance
7) Rays - #28 in attendance
8) Angels - #5 in attendance
9) Indians - #26 in attendance
10) Cardinals - #6 in attendance
10) Diamondbacks - #20 in attendance

Looks like the Braves, Rays, Indians and Diamondbacks fans need to step it up. 

10 Worst Teams in the Majors

There are 30 teams in the Majors.  Divided in thirds, you have the Top Ten, the Muddling Middle and Bottom Feeders.

The worst 10 teams in the majors:

1) Houston Astros - 31-63 - .330 winning percentage.  DEAD LIST
2) Chicago Cubs - 38-57 - .404 percentage.  DEAD LIST
3) Kansas City Royals - 38-56 - .404 percentage.  DEAD LIST
4) Baltimore Orioles - 37-54 - .407 percentage.  DEAD LIST
5) Oakland Athletics - 41-54 - .432 percentage.  DEAD LIST
5) San Diego Padres - 41-54 - .432 percentage.  DEAD LIST
7) Los Angeles Dodgers - 42-52 - .447 percentage.  DEAD LIST
8) Seattle Mariners - 43-51 - .457 percentage.  DEAD LIST
9) Minnesota Twins - 43-49 - .467 percentage.
10) Florida Marlins - 45-49 - .479 percentage.  DEAD LIST
10) Colorado Rockies - 45-49 - .479 percentage. DEAD LIST

Okay... so there are 11 teams because of a tie at #10.  But the only team in the bottom tier that's not on the dead list is the Twins.  And they were on the list earlier this week.

So does being a Bottom Feeder translate to empty stadiums?

1) Astros - #17 in attendance
2) Cubs - #9 in attendance
3) Royals - #27 in attendance
4) Orioles - #25 in attendance
5) Athletics - #29 in attendance
5) Padres - #18 in attendance
7) Dodgers - #10 in attendance
8) Mariners - #23 in attendance
9) Twins - #4 in attendance
10) Marlins - #30 in attendance
10) Rockies - #11 in attendance

Fans in Chicago, Los Angeles, Minnesota and Colorado are supporting bad teams more than they deserve.  Fans in Houston and San Diego are as well, but to a lesser extent.

Manufacturers Hanover Batting Helmet

At the game yesterday, I saw a guy in my section wearing a white Manufacturers Hanover batting helmet with "Mets" in script on the front as the logo.

Now that's going old school.  I don't know what year that helmet was from, but Manufacturers Hanover ceased to exist in 1991. 

Ranking the Mets Hat Days in 2011

The Mets have had the following Hat Days this season...

April 9th (Ski Hat)
May 7th (Black Hat)
June 4th (Orange and Blue Hat)
June 5th (Batting Helmet)
June 18th (Blue Cap)
July 1-3 (Blue Stars and Stripes Hat)
July 16th (Blue 25th Anniversary 1986 Hat)

I don't personally have the batting helmet, so I won't take that into account in the rankings - but here are my personal rankings for this season among the six I can personally account for:

1)  Blue Cap - June 18th.  The classic Met and the best
2)  Blue Stars & Stripes Hat - Classic with a twist
3)  Blue 25th Anniversary 1986 Hat
4)  Black Hat
5)  Ski Hat
6)  Orange and Blue Hat

I know I said the Orange and Blue hats were originally fugly and that I didn't mind them when I saw it in person, which is true.  But in terms of what hat I'm putting on when I'm going outside or what hat I'm wearing when I'm watching the Mets at home, that one has been the one that has finished in last.  Sorry, Nathans. 

They Kicked Philly Ass - Now What?

They blew out Philly yesterday 11-2 in a laugher that kept them in the margins of the race and brought them to 7.5 out of the wildcard, and thus removed them from the Dead Team Roll Call for the time being. 

There were a lot of Philly fans at yesterday's game, which should come as no surprise.  There were busloads of people that came in.  There was one obnoxious Philly fan in particular in my section that was stomping and spitting on the giveaway Mets hat that I'm surprised wasn't thrown out of the stadium after he slapped a Mets hat off the head of another fan, which in turn sent the guy's glasses flying three rows down.  

These rivalry games are fun, but there are a lot of yo-yos in the stands. 

But on the bright side, I really liked the 25th Anniversary Hats.  They looked better in person than they did on the website.  Personally, I do think they may have looked a little better in grey (maybe just because the last two hat giveaways - the classic blue and the stars and stripes blue - were both blue hats), but it was a good giveaway hat and a keeper.

So where do the Mets go from here?  They're still relevant, which is all we can ask for.  I'm not expecting the playoffs.  I never have.  But they're entertaining and fun to watch.  Especially since you've got a bunch of scrappy guys who are giving it their all because they know they're fighting for their Major League lives.  I'll take young and scrappy and playing hard any day of the week as opposed to middling veterans who aren't going to improve.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Latest Dead Team Roll Call

In no particular order...  the list has grown to 13 teams

Blue Jays

That's 8 in the National League and 5 in the American League.  Half of the National League has been eliminated.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mets Dropping Ticket Prices for Sunday

I just saw this now and didn't see this a couple of hours ago on the site (but that doesn't mean it wasn't there), but the Mets have dropped ticket prices to $10 for all promenade seats for Sunday's game against the Phillies.  Ticket sales for that game must really be way off.  

I don't have tickets for Sunday, but I'm glad I got a good price for my extra ticket for tomorrow before word of that got around.  Someone may have just decided to go to that game instead.  I was actually surprised that someone paid what they did for my ticket, given that there were other cheaper options out there for comparable single seats, including a walk up at the gate before the game.  I'm not complaining, though.

But Sunday is what is surprising me.  $10 tickets.  This is a premium category game.  Tickets were this game originally started at $28 for the promenade reserved.

Just for S&G's, I checked the website to see where tickets were if I were to try to purchase one at the discounted price and it gave me section 533.  Which means there are 6 sections of the park they've opened for $10 a pop.  Sales are gangbusters, aren't they?

And if you were to order a single $10 ticket online, they'll charge you a $3 ticket fee, a $5 order charge and an additional $2.50 if you want to print the ticket at home.  So a single $10 ticket can cost you $20.50.  Go to the park and walk up.  There will still be tickets.

Watch Sunday's Stubhub prices tank as soon as word of this gets around.  The cheapest tickets for Sunday are currently listed at $23.50 apiece.  The 2nd cheapest is $25.50.  There are only 60 tickets listed for less than $30 - and they're all in the sections that the Mets have just released for $10.

The prices are about to tank.

But think of it - it's Metrocard day.  A lot of people may show up at the park, get a $10 ticket.  I don't know how much the metrocard is for, but maybe $10?  I'm sure there are a few people who don't live in the city that have no use for the metrocard that may hand them to someone who would use it.  Someone can go to the game for $10, which would be the price of the metrocard, then get extra free metrocards.

Not a bad deal.  Somehow I doubt I'll convince my wife it will be worth having me go to another game on Sunday.

The Mets are on the Dead List

They lost tonight to the Phillies.  Atlanta is up 11-1 in the bottom of the 8th.

Barring a miracle by Washington to rally for 10 in the top of the 9th, the Mets will in a few minutes be 8.5 games out of the wildcard and thus officially on the Dead List.

The Carlos Countdown is on.

Mets Hat Tomorrow

It's been a very long week.  I'm looking very forward to heading off the the ballpark tomorrow, catching the Mets and getting my hands on that 25th Anniversary Hat.

Woo Hoo!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back from the All Star Break

The Mets open up their second half tomorrow night against the Phillies.  The season is running short as it's looking like the Braves belong among the top squads.

But on the bright side, dumping K-Rod to the Brewers gives us a better shot at keeping Reyes.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

They Played in the Futures Game

The Futures Game has been played since 1999.  Who are some notable alumni who have participated in those first two games?

Rick Ankiel, Lance Berkman, Russell Branyan, A.J. Burnett, Francisco Cordero, Rafael Furcal, Nick Johnson, Adam Kennedy, Mark Mulder, Tomo Ohka, Corey Patterson, Brad Penny, Aramis Ramirez, Alex Rios, J.C. Romero and Vernon Wells.

Danys Baez, Josh Beckett, Mark Buehrle, Ramon Castro, Josh Hamilton, Brandon Inge, Miguel Olivio, Carlos Pena, CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets, Carlos Silva, Brad Wilkerson and Barry Zito.

Broken Bat Home Run

Caught this clip online.  Minor league 410 foot home run.  With a broken bat.

Glad the Mets will be Back on the East Coast

I haven't caught much Mets baseball this week.  With the games starting late on the west coast, I'm toast by the time the games have been starting - even on the weekends.  But starting this Friday against the Phillies after the all star break, I can catch the Mets instead of settling for the Yankees.

Tonight's game is on ESPN and starts at 8.  With the game likely ending after 11, that's pushing it for me these days.

The Wife isn't Digging my Brewers Hat

She doesn't like that it's a camo baseball hat.  That's ok.  I like it.

I think this one I don't have to worry about her taking.

Upcoming Hat Days in August around the Majors

Teams may be adding more dates - just like we've seen with the Cubs - but here are the scheduled hat days coming up in August.

Yankees - Aug 10, Aug 12
Marlins - Aug 6
Cubs - Aug 8, Aug 23
Angels - Aug 4 (plaid skater hat)
Rangers - Aug 22
Rockies - Aug 6
A's - Aug 14

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saddam Hussein got a Key to the City of Detroit?

Mike Illitch, owner of the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Red Wings and Little Caesars once got a key to the City of Detroit.  Apparently, this has only happened to five individuals - according to Illitch's Wikipedia page.  Saddam Hussein was another.  I verified this online through the Associated Press.

Strange, huh?

Mets are the Number Two Attendance Draw

Now this is a surprise...

The Yankees are the top drawing road team in the majors.  Their average road game has seen 35,131 people come through the gates this year.

The Mets are the second highest drawing road team this season.  They're ahead of #3 Cincinnati (which is also a surprise), #4 Boston and #5 San Francisco.

Now Back to the Mets

They have to face Lincecum tonight.

This also means that there is the distasteful choice of having to root for the Phillies over the Braves.   That's like kissing your sister.

Craig Biggio is 20th on the Career Hit List.

Jeter made it to the 3,000 hit club today.  It's not unreasonable to say he'll make it into the top 20 all time by the end of this year.  He's standing at 3,003 hits.  57 more hits will tie him with Biggio for 20th all time with 3,060.  58 hits will put him into the top 20 all by himself.  

By the end of next year, he could pass Cal Ripken, Jr. for 14th all time. 

Prices on Stubhub have tanked for Tomorrow

When I checked a couple of days ago, the cheapest tickets available for Sunday's game on Stubhub were $65.

Now that Jeter has hit number 3,000 - tickets can be had for as little as $11.

Christian Lopez Gave the Ball Back

The guy who caught the ball, Christian Lopez, gave the ball back to Derek Jeter and didn't ask for anything.  The Yankees gave him primo seats for the rest of the season, which was a nice gesture.

I'll be honest, I would have sold the ball.  

I Almost Had Tickets For Today

Many months ago, I almost bought tickets to today's Yankee game.  I had two bleacher seats in the checkout cart on and decided to let them go.  I was thinking I'd take my stepdaughter to see the Yankees today.  Then I thought about it being July.  Then I thought about being in the direct sun for three plus hours.  There weren't any upper deck tickets where I could get some shade.  I looked at the schedule and figured that Jeter would have long had his 3,000th by then.

So I released the tickets and didn't think anything else of it.  Until this week.  And especially today.  

Will Johnny Damon make it to 3,000?

A-Rod will make it to 3,000.  But will Johnny Damon?  And if he does, will that make him a hall of famer?

Damon's a nice player.  If you were to go through all the major leaguers that have ever come and gone he's in the top 1% that has ever played the game.  But is he really a hall of famer?  Does he pass the sniff test?

I don't think so.

Now saying that Damon's not a hall of famer, that's not a knock against him at all.  A hall of famer is elite air.  Damon's an elite player, but not a hall of famer.

This is his 17th year in the bigs.  Coming into today's play, he's compiled 2,662 hits.  He's hit at a .287 career clip.  He's hit 224 home runs.  He's driven in 1,088 runs.  He's scored 1,605 times.  He's stolen 392 bases.  He's been a repeat World Series Champion.  He's made over $100 million dollars in his career.

There isn't a ballplayer alive that would turn that career down.

That doesn't make him a hall of famer.

But if he hangs around long enough to get another 338 hits?  Does an aging player sticking around past his prime to compile a few more hits when he's not a hall of famer make him one?

Probably.  Then again, 338 hits is more of a major league career than a lot of guys who ever made it to the bigs.

That doesn't make them hall of famers either.

Jeter Launched Number 3,000

Number 3,000 was a shot.  No doubt about it when it was hit.  Grown men scrambled to get the ball and the guy who caught it just got himself a nice chunk of change.

Good job Jeet.

The Mets are Still Alive

I can't believe they've hung in this long.  This stretch was supposed to be their death knell.  They played well on the road against the Rangers and Tigers.  They took 3 of 4 from the Dodgers out west.  Now they've won the first against the Giants.

They're now standing at three games over .500 and are assured of a winning record at the All Star Break.

They're still 6.5 out of the wildcard, but they're still in the hunt... for now.

The Brew Crew Came Through

What happened on June 26th in Wisconsin?  The Milwaukee Brewers were hosting the Minnesota Twins in interleague play.  The Brewers won that day by the score of 6-2.  Chris Narveson won to even his record to 5-5.  Carl Pavano took the loss to drop to 5-6.

Why do I care?  I wasn't there.

It was hat day for the Brewers.

I now have, courtesy of the Milwaukee Brewers, a leftover promotional hat from that game.  It's a camo Brewers hat with the "M" logo on the front and the Miller High Life logo on the back.   It's a high quality promo hat and it was totally cool of the club to send one to me.

Thank you Brewers.  You've joined the ranks of the Yankees, Reds and Phillies.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Cubs Have Added Additional Hat Days

Is attendance lagging at Wrigley?

They've added hat days for July 16, July 19.  They also have hat days on Aug 8, Aug 23 and added Sept 7 and a floppy had on Sept 20.

Other teams have added additional hat days - here are other hat days around the majors coming up for the remainder of July.

Orioles - July 22 (floppy hat)
Mets - July 16
Tigers - July 16
Royals - July 23 (ladies cap)
Twins - July 23
Astros - July 20
Diamondbacks - July 23
Rockies - July 17
Dodgers - July 24
Giants - July 24 (fedora)

The Dead Team Roll Call Grows

As we're getting deeper into July, the Dead Team Roll Call has increased to 12 teams as of the end of last night's play.  The Mets aren't quite on the list yet - but at 7.5 games out of the wildcard chase, they're on life support and are getting pretty close to being team number 13 on the list.

The Roll Call - beginning with the Most Dead and Buried at the top:

Astros - 17
Orioles - 14.5
Marlins - 12.5
Royals - 12
Dodgers - 12
Cubs - 11
Blue Jays - 10.5
Padres - 10
Athletics - 9
Rockies - 8.5
Twins - 8
Nationals - 8

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nick Evans is Back

I guess we haven't seen the last of Nick Evans.  He's back on board with Jose Reyes landing on the disabled list.

The question I'm wondering is... who will be the backup shortstop?  Turner?  Murphy?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 25th Anniversary Mets Cap Has Been Revealed now has a picture of the promo cap for the July 16th giveaway. 

This one is looking a little bit cheesy.  It's blue.  That's cool.  But it almost looks TOO blue.  It has a patch on it very much like the 25th anniversary logo used during the 1986 season except the years are 1986 and 2011 on the sides.

I'll render my final verdict when I get my hands on one, but I think it may have looked a little better in grey with the logo on it, which would have really made the logo stand out.   Instead, it's looking like a hat that's screaming "LOOK AT MY BLUE HAT!!!" that has a patch on it that you have to look closely to see what it is.

Again, I reserve final judgment for the 16th. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pujols Coming Back Already?

Albert Pujols broke his wrist on June 19th.   Now there's talk he may be coming off the DL on Tuesday?

If that happens, that dude is tough. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Real Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - Tomorrow, July 4th

Since Bartolo Colon won't be participating, everyone will need to show up to Coney Island to determine this year's winner.

In the qualifiers, Tim Janus at 45 dogs as the top dog.  He did it right out of Queens, in front of me at Citifield.

On the ladies side, Juliet Lee ate 28 dogs to take the top women's spot.  I think NYC's own Laura Leu may have a little bit of a hard time keeping up with her and the other three women qualifiers that downed more than 20 dogs.  Laura may have to get Boba Fett to put down his accordion and collect a bounty to come home with the mustard belt.

I'm Rooting for the Pirates... Aargh!!!

That is, if the Mets fall out of the race for good.  The team has been so futile for so long, it'd be good to see the once proud franchise stop being a joke. 

And they're giving away floppy Chuck Tanner hats tomorrow.  I'll have to see if I can get my hands on one of those.

Now the Royals, they're still a joke.  

A Comeback against the Mighty Rivera

With Jason Bay's clutch hit with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 10th, the Mets get a walk off win go get back to .500 before heading off to the west coast before the all star break.

I will continue to be a Mets fan.  This is why they will collapse on this trip.  

I'll Have to Use Reverse Psychology

The Mets lost while I wore a Mets hat while watching the game on Friday. 
The Mets lost while I wore a Mets hat while at the game yesterday.

So I'm going to put on the promo Yankee hat they sent in the mail while watching the game today to try to help out Dickey and the Mets.

I'm not jumping ship.  I'm just trying to do my part.  

The Upcoming Mets 25th Anniversary Promo Hat

Unless the Mets sneak any other cap days in on the schedule this year, the 25th Anniversary Cap giveaway on July 16th will be their last hat giveaway this season.  They've had a good run of them this year.  Each one has been unique, and even the fugly Nathan's hat wasn't as bad as I first thought. 

I'm waiting for a photo of the upcoming one to be posted.  Hopefully, it will look good.

Have We Seen the Last of Nick Evans?

After an unsuccessful 0 for 12 effort in very limited action this year at the major league level, have we seen the last of Nick Evans? 

In parts of 4 seasons from 2008-2011,  he's appeared in 108 games, made 222 plate appearances, has 54 hits, hit 4 homers, driven in 21 and has a career batting average of .243 with a .298 on base percentage.

At 25 years old, he's reaching the point where he's going from prospect to "this is what he is".

He's not a huge power guy.  Yes, he has hit 105 home runs in the minors with 24 home runs last year (17 AA, 6 AAA, 1 MLB).  He's a .276 hitter for his career in the minor leagues, but has hit .300 in the minors the last two years.

Granted, he's never really gotten a legitimate shot at the major league level.  But when you're a first baseman, you hit righty, there are other guys that play your position in your system that have a whole lot more pop and hit for a higher average, and you're not overly versatile as an outfielder or at other positions, your value goes down.  Way down.

Nick made it to the majors.  He's seen part of 4 seasons in the bigs.  His numbers are in no way, shape or form memorable in any way in the books and his baseball card is regulated to the status of "common player", but he's also had more of a major league career than a ton of guys who came up for a cup of coffee.

I doubt we'll see Nick in any kind of impact way (except for maybe a September call up when the Mets are out of it), but he'll probably be squeezed out of the system next season or the year after.  Maybe he'll catch on with another team.  Maybe he won't.

I wish Nick the best, but I don't think he has a future with the Mets.  His chance with the team, as fleeting as it was, has come and gone.  

Decisions, Decisions

I had a tough decision to make today.  I've been looking forward to the Subway Series games all season.  That I had tickets to yesterday and today's game was no surprise.  But I had to make a choice - either go to today's game and hear complaints or sell my ticket and stay home.

So I sold my ticket. 

The Mets are Almost on the Dead List

They're 7.5 out of the playoff chase.  As of tomorrow, they may officially be on the Dead List, heading off to their west coast trip. 

They should fear the beard.  And if Jose is hurt for a couple of days?  

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Mets Chevy Cap Trade Hats

I like them.  I got to the park about three hours early when my wife booted me at the door, which meant I was there in plenty of time to get my blue stars and stripes logo hat.  I think it looks pretty good.  Not as good as the classic blue with the orange NY that was part of the Geico giveaway on June 18th, but it's the number two hat of the season in my opinion. 

Thankfully, my wife thinks it looks hideous, so hopefully I won't risk losing this one.

I was surprised that the giveaway was being done outside before you even got in the park.  If you didn't even have a ticket, you could have arrived outside early, picked up a hat and left.  If you came and parked, you could have come into the park and not even noticed that the trade area was by the train platforms.

But I have my hat. 

Another one Slipped Away

They've gone from the hottest team this side of the Mississippi to one in the middle of a losing streak.  They're back to being under .500 and they're on the verge of being irrelevant.

When it was announced that Jose Reyes was out of the game in the third inning, my first thought (and the thoughts of other Mets fans in my area) was that he was either traded or he got hurt.

It was a tight hammy.  We'll see if he's playing tomorrow.  

Updating the Dead Team Roll Call

The following teams are hereby categorized as "Dead", meaning they are at least 8 games (more than one full week) out of the playoff chase.

We're currently standing (or in this case, no longer standing) at 9 teams as we're heading toward the all star break.

Blue Jays - 8 wildcard
Twins - 8 central
Dodgers - 10 west
Padres - 10 west
Orioles - 11 wildcard
Royals - 11 central
Marlins- 11.5 - wildcard
Cubs - 11 central
Astros - 16 central

There are several other teams on life support that are greater than 6 games out of the hunt:

Mets - 6.5 wildcard
Nationals - 6.5 wildcard
Rockies - 6.5 west
White Sox - 7 wildcard
A's - 7 west

Back to .500

After losing two straight, the Mets are back to .500 on the season.

I don't think anyone expected them to beat Verlander.  After a disappointing loss last night, a loss today can send them reeling back under send the team into a tailspin.  It's up to Dillon Gee today, who is facing Bartolo Colon (who has apparently recovered from his hot dog intake as chronicled on these pages).  After this weekend, it's off to the west coast.

And yes, A-Rod, Reyes is playing like the best player in the majors.

Hat Days Around the Majors this Weekend

If you're heading to the Tiger game today, you can get a relaxed floppy hat. 

On the 4th, the Nationals are giving away a red cap with a stars and stripes "W" logo.

Also on the 4th, the Pirates are giving away floppy hats with Chuck Tanner's star - photos on the website reflect there are black hats and white hats.  I wonder how they are going to give them out.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mets Fall in the First Game of the Subway Series

Niese got off to a rough start and that did it for the Mets tonight.  Now it's up to Gee to break the streak tomorrow.  I'm wonder how early I will have to get there to make sure I get one of the Stars and Stripes hats.

I sold my extra ticket for tomorrow's game for a profit.  Probably to a Yankee fan.  Unfortunately, my computer was out of whack for a bit before and the ticket sold before I could get onto stubhub to raise the price.  I could have made a nice additional chunk of change.  Hopefully the guy sitting to my left won't be an obnoxious beer swilling guy.

Is it wrong to want capitalism to work in my favor?