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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I've Discovered Jack Vale

Along with about a million other people, give or take.

Yeah, yeah... I'm a middle aged guy.  But fart jokes still rock.

Check him out on youtube.

Manny to the A's?

It looks like it's getting close - Manny may be signing with the A's for just over the MLB minimum.

How's that for Manny being Manny?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The New Mets Packs

I said it on here yesterday - the Mets just put on their site that new 6-packs go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mets Will be Offering 6-Packs

They haven't announced it on yet, but the Mets will be offering 6 pack ticket plans.  The plans will consist of 1 Marquee game and 5 other games of your choice.

The price range will depend on what games you pick.  If you pick value games, it will cost less.  If you want to go on weekends, it's going to cost you more.

You already know my feelings on that.  The Mets need to do their pricing that is more on par with the Yankees.

The Problem with Mets Pricing - Perception is Reality

There's something that is majorly broken with the Mets pricing structure for tickets.  It's called the Yankees.

Yes, Yankee Stadium has a greater seating capacity than Citifield - but when it comes to the public, perception is reality.   If you were to get a 16 day weekend plan (consisting of 13 weekend dates + 3 other non-weekend dates), ticket prices start at $320/seat plus fees.  That's $20/ticket.  Advance purchase prices for tickets are $22.  Game day tickets (if there are any left) start at $23 for non-obstructed view seats ($15 for obstructed view).

Let's compare that to the Mets, who have different price structures for their games.  Yeah, yeah - they're doing the "dynamic pricing" where ticket prices either go up or down depending on demand (which tells you something right there).  Starting game day prices range anywhere from $12 to $36, depending on the "category" - Marquee, Premium, Classic & Value.

So on the surface, you have some games that are less than what the Yankees would charge, some that are more.

But let's look at this further...

When are the highest in-demand games?  The weekend.

How much do the Yankees charge for low end, non-obstructed view tickets on the weekends? $20-23.  That includes the Red Sox, the Mets, Opening Day, and Old Timer's Day.  Those are the Marquee games.   How much are the Mets charging for their Marquee games?  $36.  All the other weekend games are either Premium or Classic games.  That's $28/ticket for a Saturday or Sunday game except for the April and the first series in May when it's $20/ticket.

In other words, it's cheaper to see the Yankees (which frankly is the better product) than it is to see the Mets if you want to take your kids on the weekend.

Okay, Okay... so they Mets have those $12 value game tickets.   When are they?  Mid-week before schools get out and after schools are back in.  That's less than the Yankees, right?  Uh.... the Yankees also have ticket specials for games (they haven't announced those dates yet) for $5 for some mid-week games.  So yet again, the Yankees give you the better value for the better product.

And if you want to get a weekend ticket plan to the Mets?  It's going to cost you more than a weekend plan for the Yankees.

In other words, you have the Yankees, who have put a winning tradition on the field for nearly 20 straight seasons, lets you see their product live for a better value (which will in turn solidify your fan base for future revenues) than the Mets do.  The Mets are struggling on the field, struggling on the balance sheet, and struggling to get fans into the ballpark.

With the product on the field, the Yankees could afford to do a pricing structure the way the Mets do, but they don't.  The Mets can't afford but to do a pricing structure the way the Yankees do, but they don't.

If I weren't already a Mets fan, I'd be more apt to take my kid to a Yankee game.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Verlander wins the Super Sage Award

He picked the Super Bowl winner and the correct score.  Now he has something in common with the San Diego Chicken and Penn and Teller.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update on Banner Packs Flying Like Hotcakes...

Since yesterday, it looks like the Mets have sold 4 tickets in the Upper Deck for the Banner Day pack.  When I checked a couple of times yesterday - you could purchase seats 8 & 9 in row 12 of section 531.  Now you'd get seats 12 & 13.  My math says that 8, 9, 10, & 11 aren't available - meaning they've sold 4 tickets in this grouping.  

Down to $1,274!!!

It's looking like the stock market in 2008...

$1,295 and falling!!!

They're doing the limbo!  How low will it go?

$1,343 and falling....

I'm thinking a few people are regretting they overpriced them earlier...

The Prices are Dropping Like Stones

As we're eight and a half hours to kickoff, prices have dropped to $1,373 on Stub Hub.  People looking to sell them are going to have to sell them fast.  Ticket holders are urged to arrive hours before kickoff - so the regular 2 hour cutoff of selling tickets on Stub Hub is almost moot.  Time is running out.  I wonder if you'll be able to get them near face value as we approach noon?

And they fall, and they fall, and they fall....

Super Bowl tickets are down to $1,440 on Stub Hub.

Batchagaloop Jones would be proud.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

$1,465 for Super Bowl Tickets!

They keep on getting cheaper.

Dropping More!!

Super Bowl Tickets for $1,500!

The Sky is Falling!

In the last 20 minutes, Super Bowl tickets continue to drop - snatch 'em up for $1,592!!!

The fans of the Giants and Patriots have likely already traveled out there and have tickets in hand.  If you're still selling tickets for the game, your market is likely the locals.  If Indy was in the game, I'm sure the prices would be higher - but you're no longer going to get a major premium from the people who are in the market to be buying.

Manny fielding offers?

It's being reported online that the A's, Orioles and Blue Jays are interested in Manny...

Where should he go?  At 40 and facing a ban for life if he tests positive again, why should anyone even take a chance?

First of all - he should come cheap.  He'll have to go on the team's terms - if Manny doesn't like it, he can go away.  Baseball survived last year without him.  

He's going to be sitting out 50 games.  The A's and the Orioles aren't going anywhere this year.  By the time 50 games are over, they'll be out of the race.  Why would they have any interest in him and why would Manny even consider either one?  Because they'll be out of the race.  Both teams will be looking to put some butts in the seats, so why not have Manny as an attraction.  If Manny also wants to have any chance of playing on a contender, he'll need to put in his at-bats with one of those two teams and hope he gets traded at the deadline.

The Blue Jays will be the best team this year of the three.  Which is reason to not sign with either one.  They'll be just good enough where Manny man not get as many plate appearances as he wants.  If a second wild card gets added, the Jays may think they'd have a very, very outside chance - hense the desire to sign him, but if they're in any kind of contention, he may be regulated to the bench at a hint of struggle where the Orioles and A's may let him play through.

My guess - he'll end up in Oakland or Baltimore and if he shows any signs of anything, he'll get traded to a contender such as the Yankees for a mid-level prospect at the deadline.

Or I may be entirely wrong.

Super Bowl Tickets Dropping More!

With the household being sick today, I'm cooped up, playing caretaker today and obviously have a lot of time on my hands today.

Super Bowl tickets on Stub Hub continue to plummet!  A pair can now be had for $1,650!!!

I'm Starved for Baseball

I have no idea what they're saying as I don't speak Spanish - but I'm watching the Caribbean World Series on ESPN Deportes.

Super Bowl Prices Continue to Drop!

In the last hour, the cheapest ticket prices on Stub Hub have dipped to $1,697

Mets Banner Day Packs Going Like Hotcakes!

Yeah, right.

Just for the heck of it, I did a mock purchase off the website just to see how the tickets are moving.  The exact same seats that I was able to get hours ago were the exact same seats I was able to just get.

Which tells me that they're not selling.

Not even for banner day.

Super Bowl ticket prices dropping

Last week, you couldn't get a pair for less than two grand.  You can now get them on Stub Hub starting for $1,702 per ticket.

Still expensive, but they're dropping.  What will they be before gametime?  Stub Hub cuts off selling 2 hours before kickoff - but it will take longer than that to get into the game.

I wonder if someone would be able to score seats for next to nothing?

Batchagaloop Jones denies Kim Kardashian Mark Sanchez Threesome

This also just in - after getting caught committing a lewd act with a giant rubber chicken, New York Giants offensive lineman Batchagaloop Jones denies the circulating rumors that he was involved in a threesome with Kim Kardashian and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

"I've had a rough and embarrassing night.  I wan't to put Chickengate behind me.  The rumor of my involvement with Kim and Mark is absolutely not true.  My heart belongs to Camilla.  Kim, I'll tweet you later."

Batchagaloop Jones Caught in Obscene Act With Rubber Chicken

This just in.  Batchagaloop Jones was caught late last night in Indianapolis committing a lewd act at 4am with a giant rubber chicken.  When police responded to the call of a large man moaning, "Camilla!  Camilla!" and making strange rooster noises, the large lineman was found with his pants down, wearing a makeshift set of wings, and a feather pillow on his head.

When asked for comment this morning, Tom Coughlin said, "The stress of a Super Bowl gets to different players in different ways.  At least it wasn't a real chicken."

No word yet if KFC will cancel their pending endorsement deal.

Does the Susan Koeman Foundation like the Mets?

Just asking.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Even SI is saying Damon is a best fit for the Mets

From the article today - Damon had to wait before finding one-year deals the past two off-seasons -- in 2010 he didn't become a Tiger until Feb. 22 -- and this year will be no different. It's partially a result of the fact that Damon's significant defensive shortcomings have come to severely limit the number of clubs with a spot for him. But the Mets should have one, for a number reasons. One, he can still provide offense, as his numbers from last year demonstrate, to a club that will likely be starved for the stuff. And two, his consistently sunny demeanor and range of experience would be valuable in a young clubhouse in which things might, this season, be consistently bleak.

Read more:

Sign him, Mets.  You just got some people to infuse some cash today. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Johnny Damon is still out of work

Damon is still looking for work.

Now I know that this isn't going to happen, but I happen to like the guy.  Why don't the Mets sign him, put him in right field - shift Bay to center and put Duda in right?

Yeah, I know.  You're looking at a lot of balls falling for hits.

But seeing Damon in the pursuit of 3,000 hits is more interesting that seeing Sheffield go for 500 home runs.   If it sells a few tickets, why not?   The Mets will finish in dead last either way.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not only is the Tradition Back

The Mets no longer have the 9 different anniversary packs up on their website - the only 5 pack they have up now is the "Banner Day Pack" - previously known as the Center Field pack.

Banner Day - Sunday the 27th

The mystery surrounding which day is going to be Banner Day has been revealed.  It will be against the Padres on Sunday, May 27th.

The tradition is back.