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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hat Days Around the Majors

It's that time again..

Early Hat Days announced around MLB.  Teams often announce additional promos once the season gets underway.

Orioles - July 15th, July 27th (floppy hat)
Yankees - May 19th, June 25th, July 13th, Aug 4th
Blue Jays - Aug 12th
Braves - June 11th
Mets - May 25th, June 2nd (visor), June 3rd, June 22nd, June 23rd, June 24th
Phillies - May 14th, June 3rd, Sept 7th (knit hat)
Nationals - April 12th, May 19th, Aug 17th
White Sox - April 14th (knit hat), Sept 7th
Tigers - July 2nd (floppy hat), July 4th
Royals - June 2nd, Sept 15th
Twins - May 12th, July 15th, Sept 14th
Cubs - April 9th (winter hat), June 12th, July 14th, Aug 14th, Aug 24th,
Reds - Aug 18th
Astros - April 10th, May 5th, June 20th,
Brewers - July 26th
Pirates - June 23rd,
Cardinals - April 28th, May 26th
Angels - April 21st, July 24th,
A's - July 4th, July 8th,
Rangers - May 12th,
Diamondbacks - July 21st
Rockies - June 8th
Dodgers - July 3rd, August 5th,
Padres - April 21st,
Giants - April 27th (knit hat), June 10th,

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