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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marlins to Sell off after 2013?

So I'm looking through Cot's Baseball Contracts at the Marlins.   Could they be looking at another potential selloff after 2013 if their attendance doesn't quite live up to the expectations of the new ballpark?

The team has done it before.  They've even gotten rid of players once the larger salaries kicked in after the contracts started (remember Carlos Delgado?).

What happens after 2013?  The big contract Jose Reyes signed?  The salary jumps from $10 million to $16 million.  Mark Buehrle?  He goes from $7 million this year to $12 million in 2013 up to $19 million.

What also happens after 2013?  Josh Johnson's contract for $13.75 million is up.  Ricky Nolasco for $11.5 million is gone.  Even John Buck for $6.5 million is off the books.

People aren't coming after a two year experiment?   No problem.  You have three large contracts going away.  You have two other salary jumps for players you can potentially dump off to one of the big teams for just taking the contract off the books.  (Let's not forget - Jose Reyes loves New York and Derek Jeter will be age 40 in the 2014 season - who better to take that contract?)

It's not a stretch to say that Jose Reyes may be back in New York as a Yankee.

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