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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Johan No-Hitter Reprint Replica Tickets

The Mets are doing a bad job by re-selling no-hitter reprint tickets.  What it really should be is a promotional giveaway for next June 1st on the anniversary of the game (provided the Mets are home that game next year).  Other teams have given replica tickets away as part of a promotion.  The Mets should, too.

They'll make more money from people buying tickets to the game to get a reprint ticket than they will from selling reprints themselves.  Would you buy a replica for $50/pop?  I wouldn't.  Would you buy a $50 ticket to a game so you can get that same replica ticket?  I bet there are more people that would do that instead.  And you get people in the park to buy other things along with it.

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