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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trading Bad Contracts? Bay for Figgins?

I hate these stupid "how about this trade proposal" talks that will never happen, but how about this one...

The Mets have an albatross of a contract Jason Bay.  He's owed a little over $18 million for next season.

The Mariners have a bust in a contract in Chone Figgins.  He's also in the last year of his contract for next season and is owed $8.5 million.

Jason Bay has stunk up the joint and looks like he's washed up.

Chone Figgins hasn't crossed the Mendoza Line since 2010 and looks like he's washed up.

Why not swap two players who both look like they're washed up and need a change of scenery?  What's the worst that would happen?

Sure, Bay's contract is for $10 million more than Figgins.  How about trading Bay for Figgins with the Mets making up the $10 million difference in the contracts? 

If each team is just going to eat the respective contracts - why not trade bad contract for bad contract and see if one can catch a little lightning in a bottle?  Figgins can play in left, and if he can't - cut him.  

The Mariners aren't getting anything out of anyone in the lineup, so if they get anything out of Bay, it's an upgrade.  It's not like Figgins is even playing right now.  

It's not much of a risk for either team at this point. 

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