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Monday, January 30, 2012

Lions and Tigers and... Bears? Oh my, Oberkfell.

Ken Oberkfell has gone from being the bench coach of the Mets to the Newark Bears.  

I know everybody has to work, but that's quite a fall.  He's in the Can-Am league.  With the Bears.  The Newark Bears.  A team that drew an average of 997 last year (I've seen the Bears before.  I've been in other Can-Am stadiums - I doubt that's actual fannies in the seats.  I've been at games where I could count the actual number of people in the stadium and the announced attendance was much higher, albeit still next to nobody). 

The Bears barely drew in the Atlantic League before changing to the Can-Am last year.  They went through a bankruptcy, and multiple owners.  I was mildly surprised that they didn't fold up for good this year.

Good luck Ken.  

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