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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Manny fielding offers?

It's being reported online that the A's, Orioles and Blue Jays are interested in Manny...

Where should he go?  At 40 and facing a ban for life if he tests positive again, why should anyone even take a chance?

First of all - he should come cheap.  He'll have to go on the team's terms - if Manny doesn't like it, he can go away.  Baseball survived last year without him.  

He's going to be sitting out 50 games.  The A's and the Orioles aren't going anywhere this year.  By the time 50 games are over, they'll be out of the race.  Why would they have any interest in him and why would Manny even consider either one?  Because they'll be out of the race.  Both teams will be looking to put some butts in the seats, so why not have Manny as an attraction.  If Manny also wants to have any chance of playing on a contender, he'll need to put in his at-bats with one of those two teams and hope he gets traded at the deadline.

The Blue Jays will be the best team this year of the three.  Which is reason to not sign with either one.  They'll be just good enough where Manny man not get as many plate appearances as he wants.  If a second wild card gets added, the Jays may think they'd have a very, very outside chance - hense the desire to sign him, but if they're in any kind of contention, he may be regulated to the bench at a hint of struggle where the Orioles and A's may let him play through.

My guess - he'll end up in Oakland or Baltimore and if he shows any signs of anything, he'll get traded to a contender such as the Yankees for a mid-level prospect at the deadline.

Or I may be entirely wrong.

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