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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Has the Swoon Begun?

After another terrible loss today - any Mets fan worth their salt is asking this question.... is this the beginning of the end?

They're now 6 games back in the division.  While even while they were playing well, the division was never really anything that was realistically in sight.  The thought was really the wonder if this team could be one of the two wildcards.

But now they're beginning to make a slide in the wildcard standings as well.  With today's loss, they're 2.5 out of the 2nd wildcard.  They're tied with St. Louis and still have San Francisco ahead of them.  The surprising Pirates hold one of the spots, and if they lose again to the Braves, they'll be further back of that one as well.

People may start giving away more tickets come the end of next month...

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