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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taking on Water

Put a fork in it, Mets fans...  another loss and it's three games below sea level with Strasburg coming up tomorrow and the brutal 11 game west coast trip coming up.

They're 10.5 out of first place in the East.  The East is officially out of reach.  OBI Kenobi, their only hope is the wildcard... and they're 6 games out on that end.  Slide another two, and they're officially on the DEAD LIST.

But who are we kidding - they're toast.

Sure, Ike is playing.  Murphy is on a hot streak.  Tejada is proving he's a player.  David is being David plus one.

But then there's the outfield.  We have Bay in Left.  He of the Slider Bat Speed.  We have the platoon in center.  We have the platoon in right.  These days with the 7 to 8 man bullpens, a platoon is just another way of saying "We don't have one guy who's good enough for the full time job." Oh... and the platoons are better than the lone full-time guy.

The rotation is falling apart.

And let's not forget the brightest of bright spots... the bullpen.  Why is it a bright spot?  When you pour gasoline on a fire, it burns pretty bright...

All that being said, I'm still going to head back to the park multiple times this season - enough to drive my wife nuts....

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