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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Eight National League Contenders

While the Mets aren't officially on the Dead List yet, they're toast in 2012.

So who are the contenders remaining in the National League?

There are 8 teams that are competing for the 5 playoff spots.


The Nationals, Reds, and Giants are the division leaders.
The Pirates and the Braves are leading the wildcard chase.

The Dodgers, Cardinals and Diamondbacks are the remaining contenders that are on the outside looking in.

The Dodgers are 1 game back in the West and 1.5 out of the wildcard.
The Cardinals are 6 games back in the Central and 2 out of the wildcard.
The Diamondbacks are 5 games back in the West and 5.5 out of the wildcard.

So there are 8 contenders.  The Diamondbacks are the closest to becoming irrelevant.  Good thing for them they're playing the Mets right now.

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