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Monday, April 25, 2011


I contacted my guy at the Mets ticket office.  Like I said, I went to the game on Saturday and sat through the rain delay and had a chilly, but good time.  My friend and his daughter, however, missed the game.  So I got a hold of my guy and asked him if there was anything he can do for him.

There is.  We're getting hooked up with 4 tickets for another game this season.

We're looking to go to the Saturday, June 5th game against the Braves.  It's batting helmet day.  The girls should have a good time. I think there's a Mr. Met Dash afterwards on the field.  Now we just have to hope that ESPN doesn't screw up the plans and change that to a night game.  We're not going to keep a couple of 8 year olds up on a school night until after midnight for a ball game.

Just goes to show, it never hurts to ask.  What's the worst that they'll say?  No?

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