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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Three in a Row.

The rain stopped and after nearly an hour and a half rain delay, the game was on and there were no further interruptions.  It was an enjoyable game, even though it was a bit chilly.  I'm surprised that the Mets didn't do the same thing for the fans that they did for the Astros game earlier in the week and that they Yankees did twice sofar this year - that is, letting the fans who had tickets for this game attend another one.  From a selfish standpoint, I certainly wouldn't have turned down a freebie game.  I was at the game, caught all nine innings and got my money's worth.  I also live in the city and taking public transportation to and from the game is no big deal for me.  I was meeting a buddy of mine that lives in Jersey at the game and because of the weather, he and his daughter did not not end up coming.  Shlepping in from Jersey, crossing bridges, paying tolls, paying for parking, etc. becomes a factor if the weather looks bad.  If I was on the Jersey side, I probably would have stayed home expecting a rainout and ended up eating the tickets.  My friend obviously wasn't alone from the number of empty seats in the stands.  Even if they didn't allow those who attended the game to (like me) to get tickets for another game, at least let those who didn't attend to exchange them for another game.  It creates goodwill and gets a few more butts in the seats that will spend money at the stadium.  It's not like they're banging down the doors to get in this year.

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