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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Have We Seen the Last of Nick Evans?

After an unsuccessful 0 for 12 effort in very limited action this year at the major league level, have we seen the last of Nick Evans? 

In parts of 4 seasons from 2008-2011,  he's appeared in 108 games, made 222 plate appearances, has 54 hits, hit 4 homers, driven in 21 and has a career batting average of .243 with a .298 on base percentage.

At 25 years old, he's reaching the point where he's going from prospect to "this is what he is".

He's not a huge power guy.  Yes, he has hit 105 home runs in the minors with 24 home runs last year (17 AA, 6 AAA, 1 MLB).  He's a .276 hitter for his career in the minor leagues, but has hit .300 in the minors the last two years.

Granted, he's never really gotten a legitimate shot at the major league level.  But when you're a first baseman, you hit righty, there are other guys that play your position in your system that have a whole lot more pop and hit for a higher average, and you're not overly versatile as an outfielder or at other positions, your value goes down.  Way down.

Nick made it to the majors.  He's seen part of 4 seasons in the bigs.  His numbers are in no way, shape or form memorable in any way in the books and his baseball card is regulated to the status of "common player", but he's also had more of a major league career than a ton of guys who came up for a cup of coffee.

I doubt we'll see Nick in any kind of impact way (except for maybe a September call up when the Mets are out of it), but he'll probably be squeezed out of the system next season or the year after.  Maybe he'll catch on with another team.  Maybe he won't.

I wish Nick the best, but I don't think he has a future with the Mets.  His chance with the team, as fleeting as it was, has come and gone.  

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