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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ranking the Mets Hat Days in 2011

The Mets have had the following Hat Days this season...

April 9th (Ski Hat)
May 7th (Black Hat)
June 4th (Orange and Blue Hat)
June 5th (Batting Helmet)
June 18th (Blue Cap)
July 1-3 (Blue Stars and Stripes Hat)
July 16th (Blue 25th Anniversary 1986 Hat)

I don't personally have the batting helmet, so I won't take that into account in the rankings - but here are my personal rankings for this season among the six I can personally account for:

1)  Blue Cap - June 18th.  The classic Met and the best
2)  Blue Stars & Stripes Hat - Classic with a twist
3)  Blue 25th Anniversary 1986 Hat
4)  Black Hat
5)  Ski Hat
6)  Orange and Blue Hat

I know I said the Orange and Blue hats were originally fugly and that I didn't mind them when I saw it in person, which is true.  But in terms of what hat I'm putting on when I'm going outside or what hat I'm wearing when I'm watching the Mets at home, that one has been the one that has finished in last.  Sorry, Nathans. 

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