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Friday, July 15, 2011

Mets Dropping Ticket Prices for Sunday

I just saw this now and didn't see this a couple of hours ago on the site (but that doesn't mean it wasn't there), but the Mets have dropped ticket prices to $10 for all promenade seats for Sunday's game against the Phillies.  Ticket sales for that game must really be way off.  

I don't have tickets for Sunday, but I'm glad I got a good price for my extra ticket for tomorrow before word of that got around.  Someone may have just decided to go to that game instead.  I was actually surprised that someone paid what they did for my ticket, given that there were other cheaper options out there for comparable single seats, including a walk up at the gate before the game.  I'm not complaining, though.

But Sunday is what is surprising me.  $10 tickets.  This is a premium category game.  Tickets were this game originally started at $28 for the promenade reserved.

Just for S&G's, I checked the website to see where tickets were if I were to try to purchase one at the discounted price and it gave me section 533.  Which means there are 6 sections of the park they've opened for $10 a pop.  Sales are gangbusters, aren't they?

And if you were to order a single $10 ticket online, they'll charge you a $3 ticket fee, a $5 order charge and an additional $2.50 if you want to print the ticket at home.  So a single $10 ticket can cost you $20.50.  Go to the park and walk up.  There will still be tickets.

Watch Sunday's Stubhub prices tank as soon as word of this gets around.  The cheapest tickets for Sunday are currently listed at $23.50 apiece.  The 2nd cheapest is $25.50.  There are only 60 tickets listed for less than $30 - and they're all in the sections that the Mets have just released for $10.

The prices are about to tank.

But think of it - it's Metrocard day.  A lot of people may show up at the park, get a $10 ticket.  I don't know how much the metrocard is for, but maybe $10?  I'm sure there are a few people who don't live in the city that have no use for the metrocard that may hand them to someone who would use it.  Someone can go to the game for $10, which would be the price of the metrocard, then get extra free metrocards.

Not a bad deal.  Somehow I doubt I'll convince my wife it will be worth having me go to another game on Sunday.

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