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Saturday, May 28, 2011

20th Anniversary of Rodney McCray

Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of Rodney McCray's famous run through the wall when he was playing in AAA.   We've all seen the clips.

Rodney did not have an extensive major league career.  He played in a grand total of 67 games over three seasons - 1990-1991 with the Chicago White Sox and 1992 with the New York Mets.  During these 67 games he had a grand total of 14 at-bats.  That's right.  14 at bats in 67 games.  He did score 13 runs.  He had 3 hits and one walk.  He had 9 stolen bases.  This looks like a profile of someone who was a September call up and because of the expanded rosters, there was the luxury of carrying a speedster to use as a late inning pinch runner.   Looking at his minor league stats, he wasn't much of a hitter, but the guy could run.  He hit .226 in 2648 minor league at bats from 1984-1992.  He didn't have much pop.  Only 9 home runs. 

He had a good eye - despite the .226 batting average, he had an on base percentage of .368 in the minors.  In 1986, he had 108 walks at Class A Charleston with a  .414 on base percentage.  In 1989, he had 96 walks at High A ball Sarasota with a .410 on base percentage. 

The guy was fast.  He stole 81 bases in 1986.  Between 1985 and 1989, he had no less than 44 stolen bases in any given season and finished with 365 steals during his minor league career.

Despite having a career that wasn't memorable, he made it to the show.  He will also always be remembered for that one moment that will be replayed on blooper reels for years.

Here's to you, Rodney.  May your currently position as a minor league coach in the Dodgers organization get you back to the show.  If anything your famous play shows, you have heart, you have hustle, and you give it your all. 


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