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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Fans with last night's game can exchange them for the May 30th game against the Pirates.  Fans who were at one of the lousy weather Colorado games (I forget which one off the top of my head) were able to exchange tickets for any one of the games in the entire four game Pirate series.

This makes me wonder two things:

1) Why is last night's game only exchangeable for the May 30th game?  Of the four games in the series, this is the one on the holiday when people are off work (even if it is a night game).

2) Nobody must want to see the Pirates.

There are a lot of empty seats.  It really shouldn't matter which game it's exchanged for.

And as I learned last month, if you call up the ticket office - they'll hook you up if you're not afraid to ask.

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