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Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Is Tonight a Night Game?

It's Memorial Day. The fact that today's a night game is just stupid.  People had the day off work.  Kids had the day off school.  By having a 7pm game, it's just like any other night game on a school night/work night.   Sure, there's the argument that teams are coming off a travel day - but unless you're the Reds or the Braves, you didn't have a night game the day before, so you're not going into a day game after a night game on travel.  Or here's another simple solution - have Memorial Day weekend be one of the occasional 4 game wraparound Friday-Monday series so that the afternoon holiday game is also the natural getaway game.

But there is no reason for there to be a night game tonight.  It's a beautiful night - it was also a beautiful day.

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