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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking Like Spring Training Again...

Now with David heading to the DL, it's beginning to look like Spring Training again, with only a handful of the regulars taking the field.  At 1B - Murphy/Evans.  2B - Tejada.  3B - Turner.  CF - Pridie.  Now that's a group that will sell a lot of tickets.

As as for Hu - The only first Hu's on today was the first Greyhound back to Buffalo.

Pridie's been earning his keep thusfar.  My bet is on Hairston getting cut when Pagan comes back.  Hairston isn't hitting and has an iron glove.  Pridie's been doing the opposite.  Harris isn't doing much either, but he can field and can be the emergency infielder (he was a second baseman coming up in the minors).

We may see Hu yet again this year - if Tejada doesn't steal the starting 2nd base job, he may be back just so Tejada can get regular playing time in the minors.  Or he'll be back if the Mets trade Reyes and he'll serve as Tejada's backup.  

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