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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Love Hat Giveaways

The Mets had a great hat giveaway this weekend.  Who else is giving away hats the rest of the season?

Baltimore Orioles - sorry kids, their lone hat day came and went on June 12th.
Boston Red Sox - no hat days all season.  Boo.
New York Yankees - July 7 (visor), Aug 10, Aug 12 - and they had three earlier ones.
Tampa Bay Rays - no hat days all season.  Boo
Toronto Blue Jays - no hat days all season.

The American League East is lacking, but the Yankees did a good job.

Atlanta Braves - If you went on May 14th, you got an Atlanta Black Crackers cap
Florida Marlins - Aug 6
Philadelphia Phillies - Sept 16 (knit hat).  They had two cap giveways one each in May and June.
Washington Nationals - today June 19, July 4, July 8. Also one earlier hat giveway.

The National League East doesn't top the Mets, but the Nationals also do a good job.

Chicago White Sox - Sept 9, Sept 25 (knit hat) - 1 earlier hat day
Cleveland Indians - no hat days.
Detroit Tigers - June 28, July 2, July 16, Sept 3.
Kansas City Royals - July 23 (ladies cap), Sept 17 - 1 earlier hat day
Minnesota Twins - today June 19, July 23, Sept 27 (knit cap) - 1 earlier cap day

With the exception of the Indians - the AL Central did well.

Chicago Cubs - Aug 8, Aug 23 - two earlier cap days
Cincinnati Reds - two cap days, both have passed.
Houston Astros - July 20, Sept 23
Milwaukee Brewers - June 26
Pittsburgh Pirates - July 4.  One past cap day.
St. Louis Cardinals - one past cap day

The NL Central was represented, but the only one that stood out was the Cubs.

Los Angeles Angels - July 7, Aug 4.  Two prior hat days (one winter)
Oakland A's - July 4 (visor), Aug 14.  Two prior hat days.
Seattle Mariners - July 3.  One prior hat day (knit cap)
Texas Rangers - Aug 22, Sept 11.  One prior hat day

The AL West gets a passing grade.

Arizona Diamondbacks - July 23, one past hat day
Colorado Rockies - July 17, Aug 6
Los Angeles Dodgers - July 24, Sept 15, Sept 20.  One prior hat day
San Diego Padres - two non-kids hat days, both have passed
San Francisco Giants - July 24 (fedora).  One prior hat day.

The Dodgers take the cake in the NL West.

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