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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Observations on Giveaway Hats

I must say this, the Yankees have quality giveaway hats.  The one that they sent me it actually of pretty good quality, looks good, and is a hat that is a very wearable everyday hat.   A lot of giveaway promo hats look pretty cheap.  But the Yankee one is a good one and gets a thumbs up.

The Mets also do well with their promo hats.  The blue hat last weekend from Geico is also a quality giveaway item and looks really sharp.  It is now the #1 hat in my rotation.  The Nathan's blue and orange hat that I also originally thought of as being really fugly is also of quality.  The Seinfeld black hats from last month aren't bad, but the quality of that hat isn't the same as the Nathan's and Geico hats.

But overall, the Mets and Yankee giveaway hats are really good.  They're also two teams that are right at the top of overall hat giveaway days as mentioned in an earlier post.

I also contacted a few of the other major league clubs and thusfar, two teams have sent me leftover promotional giveaway hats, which was really cool of both of them.  I won't name the teams - they did something that they didn't have to do and they were very accommodating.  I can also say that the New York teams are definitely heads and shoulders above the other clubs in terms of the quality of their giveaway hats.

Way to go New York!

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