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Sunday, June 12, 2011

MLB and Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - Qualifier #2

Qualifer number two for the big Fourth of July Hot Dog eating contest featured the National League West. Stepping up to the table today was Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants, Armando Gallaraga of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Jason Giambi of the Colorado Rockies and Kyle Phillips of the San Diego Padres.  The Los Angeles Dodgers were not represented.  Unfortunately, with their financial difficulties, Tom Schieffer would not approve the expense of sending someone to the competition.

Brian Wilson was looking fearsome.  Armando Gallaraga looked gracious.  Jason Giambi was gray and bloated.  Kyle Phillips just looked happy to be there.

The four contestants lined up to the table.  Right before the start, Brian Wilson called out Coco Crisp and his performance in the first qualifer.  "He couldn't close.  I'll show him how it's done.  Fear the Beard!"

Brian Wilson came out of the gate hard, downing four dogs in the first minute.  Giambi was right on his heels with three.  Phillips finished his third moments later and Gallaraga had scarfed two.

Wilson continued setting the pace, finishing his twentieth dog at the six minute mark and letting out a roar as his second plate of twenty dogs and buns was placed in front of him.  Giambi was in hot pursuit, finishing his twentieth a minute later.  Phillips was doing his best to keep up, but was only on dog number fourteen as Giambi downed number twenty.  Gallaraga was showing why he was demoted to AAA as he couldn't keep up with the major leaguers.  By the seventh minute, he was fading into the distance only on dog number six.

Wilson seemed to be running out of steam as they headed into the homestretch and Giambi was gaining ground fast.  Going into the last sixty seconds, the pair was one dog apart - Wilson's thirty two to Giambi's thirty one.  It looked like Giambi was going to overtake Wilson until the final ten seconds when Wilson double fisted two dogs and seemingly swallowed both whole as time expired.

Brian Wilson emerged victorious, earning his own save.

Here are the final results from Qualifer #2

Brian Wilson - 36 Hot Dogs
Jason Giambi - 35 Hot Dogs
Kyle Phillips - 21 Hot Dogs
Armando Galaraga - 10 Hot Dogs

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