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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Women's Champion - Laura Leu

Before the game on Saturday, Nathan's had their qualifer for the hot dog eating contest at Citifield.  This year, they're having a women's division.  There was one woman entrant at Citifield and it was Laura Leu.   She downed 7 hot dogs and will be appearing at Coney Island on the 4th of July on ESPN.

Before I got to the park, I was wondering how they were going to hold the contest - would it be before the game?  Would it be during the seventh inning stretch on the field?  My question was answered as I was heading toward the apple with my eight year old to wait for a friend of mine and his daughter.  Laura Leu walked by and caught my eye.

As a married man, that probably doesn't sound too great.  Don't get me wrong, Ms. Leu is a very attractive woman.  That's not why she caught my eye.  She walked past me and I thought she was an ex-girlfriend of mine.  If she was, I was going to wait on the other side of the apple.

Seven hot dogs may not sound like a lot when you're used to seeing Joey Chestnut and that little Japanese guy whose name is escaping me at the moment, but I can't imagine how the stomach would be turning by the time I got to a fourth.

Kudos Laura.  Good look on the Fourth.

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  1. 7 dogs?Even I can eat more than that & I am the World's Worst Competitive Eater.