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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The "Other" Mets.

We all know Jose Reyes.  We all know David Wright.  But who are the other people out there who share the names of our favorite Mets that have absolutely nothing to do with baseball?  

If you were to go down the Mets 40-man roster, you'd see some other famous (or semi-famous) individuals share the same names of our beloved Metsies.

Manny Alvarez - not only is he on the 40 man roster pitching in the minors, he's also a senior medical contributor for the Fox News channel and author of "The Hot Latin Diet:  The Fast-Track Plan to a Bombshell Body". 

Robert Dickey (known to us as knuckleballer R.A) was one of the Fathers of the Canadian Confederation.

Michael O'Connor is also an Oscar winning costume designer - having won the Oscar for Best Achievement in Costume Design for "The Dutchess" (2008).  He was also the costume designer for "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" and "The Last King of Scotland".     

Chris Young is a grammy nominated country music recording artist for RCA, signed to the label after winning the TV show "Nashville Star" in 2006.  He has had three singles reach #1 on the country singles chart.  His self titled debut album hit #3 on the US country charts in 2006 and his latest full length album "Neon" will be released July 12, 2011.  Way to go, Chris!  Glad to see you're keeping busy while you're on the DL.

Nick Evans can help out his teammates if he doesn't feel like riding the Buffalo shuttle any longer.  He's also an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports injuries as well as a fitness author of such titles as "Men's Body Sculpting" and "Bodybuilding Anatomy".  

Nick Evans certainly manages to get around.  He's also the author of "The Horse Whisperer" which was later made into the Robert Redford film. 

David Wright is also an artist and painter of the American Frontier.  In addition to this artistic work, Mr. Wright has appeared on television as a historian of the American Frontier.  If you ever go to Cumberland Gap National Historic Park - you'll find his commissioned work "Gateway to the West" there.   Nice work, David.  I didn't know you had it in you.  

William Harris was also the past President of Columbia University from 1811-1829.  You've aged well, Willie.  

So the next time you see Nick Evans, ask him how his next novel is coming along.   If you see Chris Young on a rehab assignment, ask him to belt out a few bars.  When you see David, ask him to paint his autograph on a ball for you.  When you see Mike O'Connor, ask him if he can work on your next Halloween costume for you. 

They're multi-talented, after all. 

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